Written by SPA

11 Apr 2009

Tracey was a neighbour, we had got to know her through our kids. She was a bit of a flirt and had the most amazing pair of tits. They were huge and I would often fantasise about playing with them. I had got to hear through teh grapevine that Tracey was enjoying some extra marital fun, so thought I would try it on and see how far I got. This particular night we were all at a party and when she was on her own, I mentioned that I would'nt mind spending sometime with her alone. To my amazement she agrred and said that it would have to be the following Sunday. That statement gave me an immediate hardon and we left it at that. Sunday came along and so did Tracey with a nice loose fitting white blouse taht you could see her bra underneath. We sat for a while holding small talk, then she turnd the talk to why she was there. That was it we started kissing and I unbuttoned her blouse and lifted the bra over those big tits and just fondled tehm whilst kissing her. I was hard as hell and she was definetely up for more fun. I got her to lay on the sofa so that I could see her tits in their full glory, nipples nice and hard. She took my hard cock out and started wanking it when I said lets go further. She said she couldnt (it wasnt the right time of the month). I could feel my cock starting to wilt in rejection. She got me to sit on the sofa and knelt in front of me and sucked my cock. It was by far the best BJ I had had, loads of licking and sucking. Being the gentleman, I signalled her that I was cumming, she just sucked even harder until I shot my load in her mouth, she swallowed only letting a little of my cum slip out of her mouth. She continued to lick my cock until it was clean. After we had finished, she said she would be back for more fun in the week, which she did and this time we both got completely naked and fucked, enjoying each others bodies and me enjoying watching her big tits wobble as I was giving her my full length until we both cum within seconds of each other.

This was our only time and we lost touch when she moved away but she has left me with some wonderful memories.