Written by Steve

28 Feb 2012

I'm just a Mr average, 50 years old, been married to Ali for 10 years and work 6 days a week. Alison is 35, size 10 very attractive with short brown hair.

Prior to us getting together she was in a very controlling relationship and her confidence was low.

We must of looked an odd couple to outsiders, an pretty younger woman and a Mr average (on a Sunday) and a tired looking, pale skinned older guy the rest of the week, but for some reason it seemed to work for us and we forged a strong and loving bond together.

In a bid to enjoy and relax more on a sunday we treated ourselves to a digital slr each for xmass and joined the local camera club. We actually got some good shots during the recent snowy period and entered 1 or 2 into our club competition. Didnt come close to winning, but we gained a lot from the various comments.

It was whilst talking to Paul, one of the club members that we learnt he was into reproducing scenes from those once found on rude Victorian postcards. Both Ali and i found him interesting to talk to and on the way home we spoke about the appeal of doing Victorian type shots. From rummaging in charity shops for suitable clothes to cut about to looking in antique shops for the odd ornament and what have you, doing that style of photo would give us endless hours of pleasure, so we emailed paul that evening to ask a few more questions. The outcome of our email exchange was we could visit him on sunday last, and discuss things further, he also said for us to bring our cameras, as he was setting up for a shoot that evening.

He greeted us, made us a cuppa tea and we spoke about the style of photo's he liked to reproduce. Ali loved looking through a selection of clothes he'd collected and fell in love with props such as the Chinese screen and the chaise-longue.

As we drank our tea he invited us to look through an album of prints he'd taken. I was quite shocked at some of the more graphic scenes, and expected Ali to put the barriers up before making an excuse to leave, but instead she was happy to comment on the various photos and actually saw them as an art form.

I did comment on how hard it must of been for the models to pose for such shots with him sticking a camera in places they weren't intended for, but he said No "They just act the scene and forget about the camera". Ali took the exchange of views in her stride and agreed that there's a difference between smut, porn, top shelf magazines and the style of thing we were looking at, "basically, this is art, depicting sexual acts and the other stuff is tasteless porn she concluded.

Paul asked if we'd like to use the scene to do a few of or own pictures whilst we were there? That we wouldn't be in the way as he had a few jobs to do on his pc.

Ali jumped at the chance and Paul invited her to pick some clothes from a rail, whilst he showed me the lighting and suggested camera settings.

Rather than go for the hats, full skirts and tapered jackets, Ali had opted for a loose fitting camisole beneath a bodice type of petticoat.

I thought she looked stunning but paul said it was up to us, but her black bra was just visible in places beneath the thin cotton material and would be even more visible on a photo.She Ali returned to the changing room saying she'd prefer them to look good.

I posed her this way and that, plus she had a good few poses of her own. i took some with lots of leg showing and the bodice undone revealing her small pert breasts, but they lacked the story line that paul's had.

I called him over to have a look at what i'd taken and it seemed quite natural for me to be showing another guy revealing photos of my wife.

He pointed out a few errors, but the main difference was his photos had 2 or 3 models in them, so could tell a story, whereas mine were of a posed model.

I asked if he'd mind just posing with Ali whilst i took one or two pictures? Rather than take ages getting dressed he pulled his shirt off and slipped on an old artists smock.Moved a trestle to one side of the lounger type satee, placed on it an unfinished print and took hold of a artists pallet.

Right Ali you lay on the lounger and pose whilst i pretend to paint you he told her.

She laid down and adjusted her petticoat so it was showing a lot of leg and slipped the bodice strap half way down her shoulder.

With the scene set i began to snap away.

Paul asked how we wanted the shoot to look? posed or story line?

A bit like yours was the outcome of my artistic thoughts.

Ok he said, if its ok with you Ali, i shall adjust your clothing as i go along and we'll try to tell a story of a model's encounter with an artist.

She agreed, saying that would look more natural plus she felt awkward just posed there.

Holding his paint tray with a thumb hole Paul began to paint over the print, he'd obviously used this print before as it was great apart from the bottom left corner which has many layers of dried paint already on it.

Part two tomorrow