Written by Joex

2 Aug 2012

A little true experience for you all, at the time I was 46 and I took a holiday to Gambia, hired a little house with garden, on day two I thought, today I will find the local beach that I was told was close by somewhere.

Got myself on the right direction and had to go over an overgrown quarry then the beach, the beach a bit like desert island stuff with a few beach bars here and there.

It wasn’t long before I decided to have a beer or three, and a joint that they all sell, when in Rome they say, the waiter who was serving me in this quiet bar was quite tall, nice looking, slim, 20 years old, a few beers later he came to me and said sorry we have to close, i looked at my watch it was 3-30pm, `why?` I said `run out of beer` he replied laughing and locking up.

Fucking hell I thought, great start! I got up to go and the waiter who I found out was called smiley said he would walk back my way to the main road, it was about 20 minutes walk to the house, half way there he asked me to stop for a second he wanted a piss, I sat on the log whist he pissed 10 foot away with his back to me, then he turned to the side in mid piss, what a monster cock he had I thought, like a thick hose.

As we continued to walk he said ` you liked what you see? ` ` hhm I said nice` nothing much was said until I got to the gate of my house, `you have beer in there?` he said, I nodded, he followed me in, I cracked a couple of cans he went again to us the bath room which was accessed through my bedroom, 5 mins passed I thought what the fuck is he doing , just as I burst into my bedroom there he was on my bed stark bollock naked wanking his huge black dick, he looked at me and tapped the bed with his hand, I was drawn over like a magnet, I think I just looked at his monster cock for a minute before wrapping my hand around his shaft and rubbing it up and down, he closed his eyes and lay flat, tried my best to get the cock head in my mouth but it was too large, I sucked his balls and flicked his legs back so I could see his ass hole, it looked damp and tight, I tested it with my tongue inching the tip in and out, he started to pull at my shorts levering my throbbing cock out.

In one movement I was on top of him, it was he who was guiding my dick into his hole, I push I could feel it going in, tight warm, steamy, fuck it felt good, his long arms meant that he could reach and touch my ass, I felt a finger slid into me whist I was fucking him deep, all my pleasure nerves were on total edge, sensations were coming from everywhere, I think that was the effects of the joint earlier, I looked down all I could see has his cock dripping with pre cum and twitching, he started to pull at his cock pulling his thick forskin back as far as it would go, using his pre cum as lubricating oil, it was big black and shinny such a turn on, all of a sudden I felt the cum urge, I erupted inside him he got hotter hotter and wetter then tighter, Smilley started to shoot first over his shoulder then his chest then his belly, finally dribbling down this long shaft onto his balls.

I got off and licked the cum off his balls, then dribbled his cum onto his lips, his tongue went from left to right almost savouring his own cum.

Phew that was that, saw him a few more times great fun!