Written by Digger

27 Jan 2018

A few years ago my wife Liz, and I ran a landscaping business with good success. We had diplomas and were conversant with best practice and we were always keen to ensure our customers were happy with our services. We had begun a large job for a young couple who had moved into a new house on an estate a few miles away. It was summer and in the hotter weather we always wore light gear such as shorts and tee shirts while maintaining steel capped boots for protection. Into the third day of our project we were awaiting the builders merchants to deliver hard landscaping materials as our footings were in and the area pegged out and ready for the transformation. I left the site to collect some new gloves and a spirit level as a friend had borrowed our longest one and not returned it. I was away for around an hour and when i got back, Liz was grinning at me as I grabbed a cup of tea courtesy of the householder.

I soon learned why she was so obviously happy, she told me the wife had taken the new baby away for a few days to show off to her mum and get away from the dust we were going to create as well as the noise from the mixer. The husband was around thirty years old and quite fit, so ticked boxes for Liz. She also informed me he was keeping an eye on her in her shorts which were very tight fitting, a camel toe being easily seen when she stood up and even more when she bent over, displaying her bum in the very revealing denim. The materials arrived just as lunchtime came up. I took over directions for the driver and he dropped the gear out of the way on the side of the front lawn. I sat down for lunch and realised we needed some more bits before we could start, so suggested I would go off again and pick up the missing bits.

As I finished my sandwich, Liz said maybe I should keep an eye on my mobile with a grin. I knew she was planning something and nodded my understanding before disappearing again. I knew she loved to have fun and we were happy if she enjoyed a spare cock if it presented itself. I had a hard on all the way to the yard and as I set off again, got a message from her. 'Got a date tonight, have my top off as it is hot and he has rubbed suncream into my tits' I was now in heaven and sent back my reply. 'Do you want me to delay coming back for an hour or so?' 'Please' was the reply.

I left it until almost finishing time that day before i got back and she was in the back garden with all our gear made up ready to leave. She jumped in the pick up and gave me a kiss. As we drove home I asked what had happened. 'I sucked him off in the kitchen about half an hour ago, got a lovely mouthful. I am meeting him tonight and he is going to fuck me rigid apparently'. I smiled and touched her thigh, finding a damp patch on her shorts, 'Oh yes and he has fingered me as well' 'Did he have your panties off then?' 'Yes he had me naked and he is going to again tonight' I was in a lovely state of euphoria all the way home and fucked her slowly before she took a shower and I cooked her a meal while she sat around in a dressing gown and did some manicuring and titivating for her date.

I saw her off around an hour later just as the sun was going down, she drove away in her summer dress with a few lovely buttons just begging to be released and her body revealed for her man of the moment. It was after midnight before she came home with a cunt full of his spunk, she had been naked with him in his big bed and had been screwed twice in the bedroom. He was very keen to fuck her as often as he could while we were working there and she said that maybe I could watch as we had no secrets and I knew where she was and what she was doing that evening with him. He had agreed, but wanted a couple of visits from her first before he took the plunge and allowed me to be present. That will be explained in the next day or so because these were some very intense meetings.