Written by Digger

29 Jan 2018

As promised, another installment of my sexy wife and one of our customers. Our job at Dave's house went well, the weather treated us right and I made a point of being scarce a couple of times and Liz also made a point of wearing her sexier gardening outfits. As it is inherently a dirty job with cement and sand flying around plus the dust from stone cutting, she had to change into something clean each morning whilst I kept the same grubby shorts on until all the dusty jobs were done.

Dave was treated to a couple of skirts which were exceptionally short, one which had a wrapover style, mid thigh and exposing everything if she bent down, which when laying patios, is a very regular necessity, hence his normal position being that of staring longingly through the patio doors as she flashed her panties shamelessly and I grinned at the sight, knowing she was being merciless in her teasing. While we worked closely, I would feed her some sexy suggestions such as her slipping her panties off and leaving them on the patio table when I had to go for some more bags of cement, which she did just after I had set off for the builders merchants. She sent a text to that effect and said her skirt was also on the table and Dave had his cock out in the lounge as he watched her. She stripped naked in the late morning sun and went in through the doors as Dave undressed and stroked an engorged cock, ready to please her. I was away for almost an hour and got a text that she was satisfied and I was free to return, and she had some spunk running down her thigh. I got back to the job and all was serene as if it was a vicarage tea party. Her skirt was back on but her panties were still on the table. She said a little later that Dave was going to take her out that night and could she stay the night. I said only if she wore her stockings and suspenders for him and sent me some photographs because I was getting close to wanting to watch them fucking together, after all he had now fucked her four or five times and I had missed out on all the action except for her stories of the encounters.

She promised she would make the date for the threesome and we went back to work after I had felt the sticky mess between her thighs, she shut her eyes and said she would be wanting more when we were home. We finished early and got back with me in a state of desperation for my cock to slip inside her as she kept saying how Dave was going to fuck her again tonight. It was dark when Dave stopped outside our house and waited for Liz to join him, she wore the sexy basque I always like and her matching thong, with black stockings attached to the basque., red high heels completing the look. Her skirt was a very thin material and quite floaty so it lifted easily in the breeze, allowing the hem to drift effortlessly up as she got in his car and flashed her thighs and stocking tops. I watched them drive away, knowing i would meet her on site next morning, I had her work clothes with me and she said she would remain naked until then. Now that alone was enough for me to look forward to, the sight of my wife with a lover in his house where she will have been fucking for the past twelve hours or so.

I got some lovely pics from Dave's phone, one in the reataurant with her looking devillishly sexy, then one with her sitting in the passenger seat with her stockings on full show, her thong looking very vulnerable and a damp patch showing on the bit of material disappearing between her thighs. One of her naked in his bedroom and a final shot of a trickle of cum dribbling, frozen in time, but so alluring. At that moment I was very proud of my sexy wife for turning him on so easily and doubtless getting a lovely orgasm or two as they fucked the night away and I wanked several times at my end as I dreamed I was there.

Next morning I was up early and saw a text again with a 'Thank you' message and a selfie of her naked in his bathroom. I wanked again and then had breakfast, put her work things in a bag, skirt, bikini top, socks and boots but no panties. Perfect, I am sure all three of us were going to have some relaxed fun, especially now it was obvious what was about to occur.

I left home twenty minutes later than normal and arrived to see the bedroom curtains still shut. I went round the back and saw the kitchen door ajar, I pushed it open and listened. 'Up here' came her voice. I removed my shoes and got to the staircase and ascended, the bedroom door was ajar and I stood in the doorway, Dave was smiling at me in a slightly sheepish way, but I grinned and said hello. Liz was laid beneath him and sucking his cock which looked quite raw, the bedding was on the floor as were their clothes lain together as if discarded in a frenzy of undressing. I could see her cunt and it looked well used, puffy and loose. 'Join us' she said, her mouth momentarily empty, then resumed her sucking. Dave saw me undressing quickly, my boots were a pain but soon came free, socks off and naked as well. I suggested I ran down and shut the kitchen door and bounded down the stairs did the deed, locking it for extra safety, then ran up again with my cock bounding about ready for action. Liz was now open legged and taking his cock inside, Dave easing it gently up her and a wicked grin on her face as she beckoned me to come to have my cock sucked. I knew I would not last all that long despite shooting my load earlier.

Luckily I lasted as long as Dave, his effort of coming triggered mine and I shot into her mouth and almost passed out with relief as I heard that unmistakable gasp of release as he came in her beautiful trimmed cunt. We relaxed and chatted in an oddly normal way as we discussed the garden project. He said his wife was due back on the Sunday with her mother so we were losing our source of entertainment but he said he would like us to do some maintenance on the garden and return to give them some tips and ideas on a regular basis. Liz said they had been discussing it and it should work well, me doing the work, while they shagged if the wife was out with friends showing off the baby.

We finished the job two days later and the family were delighted with the finished article as was Liz having a nice cock to satisfy her on a casual basis until he got promoted and moved town around two years later, his job took them to Edinburgh and we never saw or heard from them after that, but it was very good while it lasted and our discretion worked, his lovely wife was never any the wiser, maybe they had an arrangement like liz and I, we never asked