Written by Buidlerbob

1 Jun 2009

This started about 3 years ago but only developed this week end so probably the longest intro in history.

I had moved into a house with a very overgrown garden my wife loved the privacy of the high hedges and fence and the fact that we only have a neighbour on one side.

Anyhow the wife was at work and I finally decided to tackle a very over grown apple tree. I climbed up and had a view directly into the neighbours garden now Susan ( not her real name)was fit forty something lady who visited the gym at least 5 times a week and ran everynight night and had a very athletic figure. For my part I am mid thirties a labourer who gym a couple of times a week but swims every morning so I am quite toned.

As i looked into the garden I suddenly froze as I spotted Susan laying totally naked with nothing but a hat and pair of sunglasses and boy did she look fit not only that but she was totally shaven. Now I know there are loads of women that do that but she was the first I had seen in the flesh as it were.

As I looked on trying not to move or make a sound I saw that she had her hands between her legs and was playing with herself. Her garden is also totally unoverlooked ( unless of course you climb into a tree) so she was in blissfull ignorance of my presence.

As I watched she opened her legs wider and used both hands one to push fingers inside herself the other to frig her clitoris for all she was worth. After no more than about two minutes she clamped her thighs together and writhed on the sunbed. I sat there not knowing what to do but as horny as hell. After a while she got up and walked casually into her house giving me a fantastic view of an almost perfect behind.

And that was it until Saturday. Three years had passed and I had often fantasised about Sue but would never dare to pursue it.

This Saturday however I was home alone the wife had gone to visit her mother and Mike\' Sues husband had gone to wembley.

I was in the garden enjoying the sun laying naked when I started to think about what had gone on previously and started to get horny. After a while with a raging hard on and no one around I started to play with myself. I was just getting to the vinegar strokes when I heard Sue shout over the fence \" do you fancy a cold beer\" It brought me to my senses pretty quickly and still with a raging horn answered that would be lovely, secretly still stroking ny cock. I;ll pop round, its ok she sadi I have it here and as she said it she stepped out from behind a conifer.

I nearly died with embarrasment and quickly grabbed my shorts to place over my now quickly deflating cock. Oh dont do that on my account she said and besides you have the benefit of seeing me all the way to the end. But how did you get in I asked, and she explained about a loose fence panel from winter and the fact that if she looks through a couple of very small gaps in the fence she can see in.

What do you mean by seeing you to the end I asked knowing full well what she meant and blushing like a plum. I knew you were in the tree the whole time which is why I opened my legs so wide so you could get a proper look. At this my cock started to re engage.

Now lets do this properly was her next comment but no fucking under any circumstance she said. Fine by me what have you in mind. She lay on the sunbed and made me the end. She had removed the very loose dress and was lying underneath me with the most magnificent wet smooth pussy.

Finger me she said which I promptly did sliding two fingers straight into her now wank yourself she instructed . I knelt at the entrance to her pussy frigging her and wanking at the same time looking at her wetness and listening to her squelching. Tell me when you are going to come she said, I am pretty close now I replied. Not yet she said as she moved my hand away and promptly used her left hand to frig her G spot and her right to rub her clit so fast that I couldnt actually focus on her fingers. Now she said and almost on command I gave a couple more rubs and squirted the longest biggest line of spunk I had ever released. I swear it hit her hair her face her breasts in one long line the second and third squirts didnt have the range but certainly had the density and coated her pussy lips and then it happened she yelped and as she did so she took her hand out of her pussy and used her fingers to flick her lips and clitoris violently. I thought she was pissing herself as she was gushing fluid from her cunt. I later learnt she was a squirter again something I had never actuall seen before in real life. Her body twitched for a while and we stood there not knowing what to do next.

This is the only time she said and left.

3 years in the making and a one off I can only hope!!!