Written by Andy

15 Apr 2016

Reading a post a few days ago from a husband who wanted advice about showing pictures of his lovely wife to an older friend it inspired me to write about the situation we have been in for the last 12 months

We are a couple in our 50's and have been married for 30 years and the relationship is very strong. My wife Helen has kept herself in great shape she is a petite hazel eyed blonde and looks a lot younger, she is a UK size 10, she has a lot of male admirers but has never(as far as I am aware strayed) and like many a hubby I do have a fantasy to see her being fucked by someone else, she is aware but says it doesn't interest her.I would probably in all honesty be too jealous to go through with it,in a recent works do the younger men were all chatting her up and even though it excited me I was angry too.

To cut a long story short one of our long standing friends Gary who is now 61 got divorced about 3 years ago his wife had left him for a younger man, he had been involved in an accident that left him slightly disabled and due to this he became pretty reclusive and lost all confidence he put on weight and lost many of his friends .

We kept in touch and it had been obvious for many years he had a crush on Helen. After going to see him one evening to watch some footy at his place he had been drinking heavily before I got there, his laptop was still on and there was a picture of a middle aged woman wearing black lingerie sucking on a large cock...we had talked about sex before and as most men I suppose we both liked sexy lingerie/stockings etc, he stated it was the only way he was going to have sex now was to look at porn like this, as the night went on he let slip he was so frustrated that he was going to get an escort to dress up for him and he was nervous to have sex with her, but wouldn't be able to afford it on a regular basis, he as stated earlier has lost all confidence and did not want to find a partner this was in his own words the only option to see a sexy woman in stockings in real life.

When back home I mentioned this to Helen who was very sorry for him and didn't want him to do this as he might catch something. I agreed but said what else is he going to do, who is going to want a relationship, especially a sexual one in his current state .....thus the seed unknown to me was sown.