Written by palmertigg

3 Oct 2009

Hi my names Pat and i'm 58, plumpish figure, 40DD and have been married for 38 years. I have been reasonably faithful during this time except for a couple of months fucking a friend when my husband was in the army.

Anyway, the gas central heating was serviced yesterday by a nice young man Steve. It was when he was stood on the ladder looking into the loft that I got interested as my face was level with his groin and what I saw was the shape of a large cock bulging in his trousers.

Anyway he finished what he was doing and then made an appointment to come back on Monday to fit a carbon monoxide alarm as he didn't have one on his van, despite one being ordered.

Well, he came this morning instead, my husband had gotten up early as he always does and was out walking the 2 dogs we have, and I was having a lie in when he rang the bell. I slipped my robe around me and went down to let him in.

He came in and started to fit the alarm, and I asked if he wanted a drink or anything, I let my robe fall open slightly. My nightie is short and comes just about level with my cunt. He looked down at me and could see my tits, and then stepped down off the ladder. He looked at me and then without speaking put his hand out a took one of my tits in his hand. It felt wonderful as he was rubbing my nipple, then let his other hand find its way down my side across my belly and then reach my cunt.

His touch was like electric, he rubbed his finger up and down my slit, my cunt was getting nice and wet and his finger was doing lovely things to me, and my clit got very hard as his finger rubbed it. I felt for the front of his trousers and I could feel his cock getting hard to my touch. I undid his belt and his trousers and as they slipped to his knees, I did too. In front of me was a lovely uncut cock, It was larger than my husbands about 8 inches but was 4 inches around. I don't suck cock but this was too good to not try. I opened my mouth and first licked the head, I could taste the pre cum it was nice. I then took the head into my mouth and as I did, steve pushed his hips toward me so that his cock went to the back of my throat. Steve then began thrusting, fucking my mouth. After a couple of thrusts I was gagging so I pulled away and stood up. I then took his hand and pulled him into the bedroom.

I didn't think about my husband at all, as I laid back on the bed and pulled Steve over me. Steve pushed up my nightie and sucked on my tits as his hand was again playing with my clitty. I could feel his fingers, then I was opened up by 4 fingers working up me. I pulled my knees up and opened my legs wider and with me very wet, Steve pushed his whole hand inside me. Fuck it felt good, my first fisting at 58. Why didn't I do this years ago.

I yelled out fuck,fuck I'm cumming as my first orgasm hit me. Steve pulled out his hand and as his hand was replaced by his cock, Steve gave me his hand so that I could lick off my juices. Steve began to fuck me with an easy rythym, I was cumming and cumming and didn't seem to stop cumming whilst this lovely cock was pounding in and out of my very wet cunt.

All too soon Steve began quickening his pace, fuck it was good and then he pushed his cock in hard and I felt his cum pumping into me. He was pumping what seemed like gallons of cum into me. We lay for a minute or two as Steves cock wilted, I could feel the cum run out. Steve got up and pulled his trousers up. He looked down at me and blew me a kiss and was gone.

I lay with my legs together and a lovely throb between my legs as I heard Steve drive away. It was at that point that reality hit me, here I was lying in bed after having the fuck of my life, my cunt full of a young mans cum and my old man just arrived back with the dogs. He called up that he was bringing a coffee up and as he brought it in, he said he saw the gas man just leaving and he looked happy. I told him that Steve had just fitted the alarm. He said pity you didn't give him a tip, nice young fit man - might have a big cock. Hubby has always fantasized me getting fucked by someone after finding out about my previous fucks some year ago. I then run my hand down to my cunt and opened my legs a little, I probed my cunt and when I pulled it out, it was covered in white creamy cum. I held my finger out to hubby who licked it off and his face lit up. He dived down and began licking my cunt, he then turned over and told me to get my cunt over his mouth. I straddled his mouth as the cum started dripping into his mouth. I then went down pushing my cunt over his face yelling to him to lick all Steves cum out of me and that Steves cock was a lot bigger than his. As I was getting licked I cum again like a fucking whore. Hubby then fucked me and I allowed him to lick his and Steves cum out of me again. Maybe this is my late start I loved it and am really looking to another encounter with maybe more than one good sized cock next time. I hear that black men have very big cocks - anyone know one?