Written by pantypaul

2 Jun 2011

I had to wait in the other morning as the gas boiler had been booked in at noon to be serviced. I woke at about nine with the usual hard on, wife had gone to work so I had about three hours to spare. I found a nice pair of silky french panties, tan coloured hold ups and a short skirt. I felt horny and was rubbing my cock in to the panties whilst reading stories from this site. I kept stroking my legs and teasing the tip of my cock through the silky panties. Some of the stories were getting me very close to cumming, there was a precum stain now visible.

Then the phone rang, should I carry on or leave it ? I answered it, "Hi its the service engineer, my last job was cancelled is it ok to call now,I am sat in my van across the road from your house now" "Yes thats fine, give me a minute to answer the door" I quickly pulled on my trackie pants and trainers. I opened the door and asked him in. I showed him the boiler and asked did he want a drink. "Tea please, was'nt disturbing you, calling so early did I" "No was just keeping my self busy" "looks like you didnt finish it" he said looking at my still semi erect cock. "Show me what you were doing to yourself" "Go on show me"

I returned to the chair in front of the computer pulled my trackies down and started to touch my self again, he came over beside me and stroked my clad leg. When he reached the top of my stockings he touched my flesh then cupped my panty covered cock and balls.I was now rock hard and he was wanking my cock in to the pantys.Then he pulled at the waistband, releasing my erect cock, he moved my leg round and knelt down in between my legs. His mouth, took all my cock deep in to his throat. Taking it all out then taking it all the way in , this was too much for me and I shot about four big jets of cum in to his mouth. They just seemed to slide down his throat with ease.

He put my soft cock back in to my panties and stood up."I will be back tomorrow and you can service me"

He went off in to the kitchen and did his job, on completion he said "dont forget I will be back tomorrow and we can carry on what we started earlier. Cant wait for tomorrow............