Written by pau lthe gas

26 Mar 2008

Hi This is true story that happened to me about 12 years ago. I was 28 working as a service engineer for the largest gas services company in the UK ( guess who )

I had a call at a warden controlled block of flats in a very nice part of Birmingham.

As requested I reported to the warden who informed me the lady at flat 34 a Mrs Smith ( real mame ) was in a foul mood as she had been without Heating for 3 days

I knocked on the door of 34 ready for a earbashing ,it was opened by quite a slim attractive well dressed lady in her 60\\\\\\\'s

She showed me in to the kitchen where the boiler was informing me that countless engineers had called out over a period of time.I quickly etablished that it was a pump problem + asked Mrs Smirh where the airing cupbord was

The A/C was in a very small bathroom + when I opened the door the first thing to stike me was some items of very nice black lingerie .L Quickly found the fault was a loose pump connection + called Mrs Smith to explain.

As she squeezed past me I felt her breasts brush my arm, I explaind the problem + added that the boiler required a service ( comission time !!) \\\\\\\"Just like me she replied I could do with a good srvice\\\\\\\" .I.ve allways had a thing about older woman = said \\\\\\\"I,m sure an atractive lady like you has plenty of admirers\\\\\\\"

Without warning she lent forward + kissed me on the lips but then pulled back + said I\\\\\\\'m so sorry.Its ok I said I quite enjoyed it

She then did it again but this time I pulled her close,she was\\\\\\\'nt a great kisser but my cock was allready getting hard

.I squeezed her breast ,she obviously had felt my hardening cock through my trouser and started to rub the area where the bulge was.I quicky unzipped and released my nice thick 7incher \\\\\\\"mmmm she murmured its been so long,\\\\\\\"I nuzzled her neck pulling her skirt up and feeling the dampness through her pants a tights .Stop she said _ stepped back and in one movement pulled her marks + sparks jumper over her head revealing a bog standard white bra but a nice pair of breasts.I soon had the bra off + was going to town on her breasts with my mouth this drove her wild , I Hoisted her skirt + got my hands in her panties + found a kovely smooth pussy working her clit she was moaning telling me I was a naughty boy.I then pulled her tights a panties doen a bit and put my rock hard cock between her legs + against her pussy she was rubbing her clit up + dowm my shaft \\\\\\\"bend over the sink\\\\\\\" I oredered she duly did I rubbed my bell end up + down her pussy lips then slowly eased it in \\\\\\\"is that o.k\\\\\\\" I asked \\\\\\\"Fantastic yes fantastic\\\\\\\" came the reply.I was pumping her slowly and reaching around rubbed her clit Gathering speed + Going harder \\\\\\\" yes yes \\\\\\\" she moaned \\\\\\\" do me do Gladys fill me up with your young cock \\\\\\\".I looked down at this old dear with her tights halfaway down her thighs me still fully dressed pumping into her .suddenly she had a huge orgasm + shoting \\\\\\\" oh my god oh my god \\\\\\\"I then held her hips tight slammed my cock into her finally filling her up with a good few spurts

Just as quick we untangled tidied ourselves up + had a cup of tea i went back a few times But more of tat at a later date