Written by ivor_cumcannon

31 Jan 2015

The ad said 'experienced guy wants face splattered with cum!' That was it. He was from out of town. I hadn't shot my load for 10 days and was looking for someone to empty onto and here he was.

I replied with my number and suggested he ring. Within 10 minutes we were talking and arranging him to pop round to the flat I was staying at.

I've been on SH for 8 years and I've become known for a nice juicy cock and a nice heavy load, he hadn't heard of me.

I bathed and shaved my balls and douched and slipped into my cockring and lycra shorts and a black vest.

He was soon ringing the door bell.

I smiled and welcomed him in, he was very excited by my bulge in the shorts and followed mi into the lounge feeling my bum.

he stripped off, 40 something, a bit chubby, nice uncut cock.

we sat on the sofa, his hands cupped my bulge and massaged my balls as we chatted.

after fifteen minutes i turned round and knelt on the sofa and bent over the back.

i felt him move behind me and then slid my shorts down

he quickly parted my butts and licked around my hole, i moaned and then he inserted his tongue, must have been a couple of inches, he whisked his tongue around inside.

it was delactable and i was soon pushing my arse into his face as he wanked my cock and squeezed my balls

after an age i stood up and stepped out of my shorts and lay back to give him full access to my cock

he sucked intently and lovingly occasionally sucking my balls or licking behind them

after an hour or so i stood up, lay him down, head protruding and sat back on his face so he could tongue my arse as i wanked myself to my climax

i was slow, such was the pleasure but eventually felt myself reaching orgasm

i stood and turned and wanked over his face, his eyes shut i moaned and started to shoot

i sometimes count my squirts and did here

i reached 11 the grey fluid still spurting in jets over his face as he opened his eyes

i carried on squeezing my balls and targeting his face which was now a completely covered mess

it died away but i kept on and another climax came and more squirted out

'fucking hell' he shouted

he went to look in the mirror and was shocked, he walked back toward me with a hard on his face dripping with my semen

i turned and knelt on the sofa

'wank yourself off between my butts'

i felt him apply some baby oil to my crack and then his cock between them

he humped hard as the cum dripped off his chin between my shoulder blades

i felt the hot cum shoot up my back as he moaned n groaned

it was superb

my load was awesome, even though i say it myself!