Written by ken

8 Dec 2011

I thought I would go to Birminghasm one day and visit a Gay sauna club. I wasn't sure what would be going on there. I entered stripped off in their locker room. Wrapped a towel around muself and entered. The first thing I did was take the towel off and enter the whirlpool. There was three other men in the pool. After a while I stepped out and had a look around the place.

One area had dark corridors with cubicles leading off. I did notice that lots of men were walking around looking in these cublicles. But nobody seemed to be talking. After a while I went into a cubicle put my towel on the bed and lay on it face down.After a couple of minutes another man entered and asked if I was waiting for someone, I replied no but you can come in. I then felt his hands massaging my shoulders he moved down my body around my arse I raised my body and his hands moved around feeling my balls and cock.

He asked me what I wanted to do. I have never had a cock up my arse and would love to try it. We faced each other and felt each others cocks. He was really hard, while of average length, girth wise it was a bit on the large side. I wondered whether or not I could take it. I got into the doggy position he fingered my arse hole and then tried to enter me. I had to stop him as it proved to be painful. He stuck a finger inside me. We ended up wanking and sucking each other. It was enjoyable for us both.

I intend going back there again as I want to feel a cock inside me. We may have made the mistake of not using lubricant on his cock, hopefully next time with the use of lubricant I will have my wish come true and feel a cock sliding into me.