Written by Genies_hubby

18 Nov 2017

It was a Friday night last summer and we were off to a popular London fetish club. Genie wore her usual outfit which consisted of a short lacy dress, if you can call it that! It basically covers one shoulder and one tit but leaves the other completely exposed showing off her pert tit and always hard nipple. It's also so short that it only covers her from the waist up. I think is designed to be worn over leggings or a skirt but Genie only wears lacy knickers with it exposing her beautiful round butt.

I wore tight latex trousers and a tight t-shirt.

We arrived at the club around midnight and headed straight for the bar to grab another drink. I sent Genie up to the bar thinking she might get served quicker than me and I love looking at guys checking her arse out. Once we had our drinks we walked round the club checking out where the best areas were and to see what other horny sluts were wearing.

Having got the lay of the land as it were we went to the dance floor, her jiggling dance moves making her exposed tit bounce in time to the music. Surprisingly Genie had more than most on display and was getting a fair amount of attention.

Having got slightly sweaty on the pulsating dance floor we decided to get another drink to cool off, and then headed to one of the side rooms. As soon as we arrived in there we sat on one of the long bench seats and began to kiss, my hands immediately finding their way to her wet pussy. I slide my hand up and down the outside of her knickers as she passionately pressed her tongue into my mouth and moved her pussy against my hand. I slowly slid her knickers down to her knees so that I could slide my fingers into her cunt. As I was doing this a slightly older guy sat behind Genie and started to touch her body, running his hand gently up her side and over her shoulder then reaching round and squeezing her tit. Feeling this extra attention and to give my fingers better access she leant back against this stranger and having run her knickers off one leg spread her legs wide for me to finger fuck her twat.

The guy behind her pulled his cock from his trousers and pulled Genie's head down towards it. She didn't resist and turned her head to take the tip of his dick into her mouth. I slid two of my fingers in and out of her cunt as my thumb rolled her clit from side to side. The guy pulled hard on her exposed nipple and pushed her head down onto his stiffening cock. Genie was clearly loving this double attention and sucked his cock hard into her mouth. My own cock was getting harder watching my wife suck this strangers cock in front of me. I could tell the guy was getting close as he held her head and started to fuck her mouth and before long he pulled out and shot several spurts of cum over her face and hair. Then without saying a word he just got up and walked away leaving her sat there with his sticky cum on her face. What a beautiful sight!

We decided to head back to the bar to get another drink so Genie could show off her cum face. The look on the bar man's face was priceless. I was seriously turned on now so had to fuck her. We found a quieter area of the club and Genie bent over in front of me with her hands against the wall. I slid her knickers down to her ankles, pulled my cock from my pants and slid it between her perfect butt cheeks, feeling the wetness of her cunt on my helmet. That was enough to make me hard and I slid my cock into her wet cunt. I pulled her hair so her back was arched and her arse was sticking out towards me. Two of the bouncers walked by and stopped to watch me fucking her, I think they thought to stop it at first but decided to stay and watch Genie getting fucked up against the wall.

We carried on like this for what must have been ten minutes with people walking past as I slammed my hard cock into her cunt. Genie was starting to make too much noise so we stopped our fucking and went for another walk around the club to check out what else was happening.

As we arrived in the upstairs area there was a guy in a latex dress with it pulled up around his waste and his smooth hard cock on display. I instructed Genie to suck his cock but I think she was a little afraid of his size so I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth gagging as I forced it deep into my throat. As much as I liked sucking his cock and shocking my wife it was Genie's cunt that my mouth was really interested in.

Being a fetish club there are bondage tables and implements scattered around. I set Genie on one of the benches and put her legs wide in the stirrups knickers off, her big labia red and parted from the fucking I had given her and her wet cunt slightly open. I dropped to my knees between her legs and kissed gently up her thigh stopping to sniff her juicy cunt before sliding my tongue inside her. I stayed like this with my hands gripping her legs burying my face in her wetness.

A guy came up beside her and began to caress her breast and pull on her hard nipple as I kept my tongue delving inside her open wet cunt. I then offered her cunt to the new guy who was between her legs in a flash and working his tongue inside her. This guy really knew what he was doing and had her cumming in seconds. I had moved to her side and was playing with her nipple when a black guy appeared at the other side and reached around under her bum trying to force his fingers up her tight arse. Whilst she was happy laying there being eaten out by a stranger this was too rough for her so she pushed his hand away and then reached for the bulge in his trousers. The guy took the hint and slipped his cock out of his trousers and towards her beautiful red lips. His cock was much bigger than mine but she expertly took his helmet between her lips and started to suck his cock to life. My cock was still in my trousers but watching his big black cock sliding in and out of her mouth hard my cock straining to escape.

This continued for a couple of minutes but the guy licking her pussy was so good she couldn't concentrated on the cock she was sucking. The guy was hard as steel with one hand squeezing her soft tit and the other jerking his meat. Just as the guy licking her pussy made her cum for the third time the black guy tensed up and shot his cum over her tits and face, some landing across her red lips and some on her black lace dress.

Both guys decided to leave at this point and left her laying there shaking and covered in cum. Another guy approached and asked if he could lick her pussy as well, "Why the fuck not" I said, "get stuck in there!" As he licked and sucked on her large hard clit he slipped two then three fingers into her cunt. He then offered his fingers to Genie so she could taste her pussy juice, then back into her cunt before sliding two fingers up her arse. With two fingers in her arse and his thumb in her cunt pressing against the thin wall separating her two most intimate holes he brought her off again. As he did I wanked myself off shooting my cum onto her adding the sticky mess on her tits and face.

As her climax subsided she slid off the bench and the guy walked away. She looked on the floor for her knickers but one of the cheeky fuckers had stolen them so we returned to the dance floor with her naked from the waste down and with cum sticking to her body. Her big labia were swollen and red, protruding from her completely shaven pussy. As one guy sidled past us he gave her pussy a playful slap before pulling on her swollen cunt lips. Genie moaned and bit her lip incredibly aroused by the rough treatment her cunt was getting.

We stayed on the dance floor for about another 30 minutes before getting our coats and heading back the short walk to our hotel. As we entered the lobby Genie let her coat open exposing her smooth pussy to the guy behind the reception desk. We entered the room and I was about to head to bed when Genie told me she needed to piss. I was horny as fuck and this was too good an opportunity to miss so I laid beneath her in the shower and had her direct her golden liquid into my waiting mouth.

Hopefully next time we go she'll end up with more than a tongue in her cunt and hopefully I get to drink some cum out of her.