Written by Genieshubby

4 Nov 2017

We took our second trip to Cap D'Agde this year having, me having persuaded Genie to try it out a year earlier.

We were there for 4 days of hot weather, naked sunbathing and maybe some fun. Our daily routine consisted of heading to the beach reasonably early, renting some loungers at the beach bar near the main action section of the beach, followed by lunch and then off to the foam party.

We are both shaved smooth and I wear a metal cock ring pretty much the whole time we are there. I like the feeling of wearing it and the fact that once I get hard the pressure of the ring intensifies my hard on and makes my cock stay swollen for longer. We take loungers in the front row at the beach bar and I often pretend to be asleep laying there with a hard on watching peoples faces as they walk past.

Genie has a tight little body with dark skin, a silky smooth pussy with big meaty labia and large nipples, her pokies, that stand out from her body. She is definitely more reserved than me but likes dressing up and after a few drinks has a very naughty side.

Each time we have been to the foam party we fuck two or three times, sometimes in the foam, sometimes on the beds and once at the bar while people ordered their drinks next to us. In the foam there are hands every where and the foam means that they slide easily and sensually over the body. Bodies of all shapes, sizes and colours press against each other partially hidden by the soapy foam.

We are both relatively young and in good shape so whenever we begin fucking in the foam we quickly draw attention and Genie ends up with hands roaming and groping all over her body. The pumping house music sets the tempo of our fucking as I slide my hard cock easily in and out of her wet pussy. She normally ends up with two or three pairs of hands on her tits, pulling her nipples or rubbing her clit as I fuck her from behind. My hands wander from her body across to the nearest tits or pussy. Our best fuck in the foam was when I was fucking her from behind, her hands pressed against the wall and her perfect arse pushing back on to my hard cock. Another couple fucked next to us and my hands slid across her arse and reached in front to feel her ample breasts.

An older couple stood next to Genie sliding their hands across her back and caressing her swinging tits. We carried on like this for several minutes fucking in time to the music when I felt the lady next to us reach between Genie's legs, stroking her clit as my cock worked away. Then she slid her hands further past Genie's sopping wet cunt and on to my cock and eventually my balls. She massaged my balls as I fucked away and that pushed me over the edge filling Genie with my hot cum. No words were spoken and we moved back to the bar area with my cum slipping out of her well fucked cunt.

We then left the foam party and went to one of the bars just off the beach into the resort. Genie was wearing a short tight black mesh dress. As we sat there I told her to open her legs so I could see her swollen, fucked cunt. She of course obliged draping her legs over each arm of the chair. She sat like this the whole time we were drinking, facing the main path past the bar, smiling at the waiters as they looked over. She even stayed like that when she beckoned the waiter over for another drink, her big pussy lips red and swollen from the repeated fucking she had just had.

That evening she dressed in a very revealing black mesh and cut out dress, just about long enough to cover, and I use that word loosely, her arse. It was entirely obvious that she was wearing no underwear as you could clearly see her pussy lips and tits through the barely there material.

We ate dinner and then headed to one of the bars with some poles and a cage. There are no paid dancers but women dance and gyrate their bodies to the loud music. Some of the women are very enthusiastic and energetic as they wiggle their increasingly naked bodies for the enjoyment of the crowd.

One particular lady in a crotchless fishnet body stocking moved her body in a way that said she would be an amazing fuck and as she bent and arched her back the crystal plug she had embedded in her arse was plain for all to see.

I encouraged Genie to dance but at first she was too shy. As I said, she has an amazing body and takes pole dancing classes so I bought her another drink and encouraged her again. Much to my joy she decided to enter the cage and began to gyrate her body to the music. Holding the bars of the cage she lowered her weight down opening her legs wide as she did, her cunt lips looking so delicious and ready to lick. A few minutes of this and shyness clearly gone she removed the dress altogether, dancing naked in a bar with almost everyone else fully dressed she quickly gained a small audience. A few songs later and then it was time for another drink. She slipped her dress back on and we moved to the bar for a drink.

Another drink down and then she was on the pole on the stage on the middle of the room… much easier to get a bigger audience this way and she could show off her hard learnt moves. Climbing on the pole she lifted her legs high and wide, pussy on display again. She complained that the dress was stopping her skin sticking to the pole, necessary for pulling off some of the moves she was doing so she slipped it over her head and tossed it to me. Now dancing naked in the middle of the room and showing off her skills on the pole.

A few songs of this and then down to join me at the bar although not bothering with her dress any more. A couple came and joined us, he seemingly quite bit older than her. She, Eve, commented how impressed she was with the dancing and said that she cold never do anything like that and didn’t have the confidence. Genie said nonsense to that and before we knew what was happening Genie dragged Eve on to the stage.

They danced awkwardly together at first but then gyrated their bodies together their hands roaming each others body. Genie then began to slide the dress off Eve who resisted at first but then gave in to Genie’s wishes. This left both of them naked on the stage moving their bodies together. Eve was taller then Genie, with pale skin, a smooth pussy, more ample breasts and a bar piercing through each nipple.

Now naked Eve became more aroused and grew in confidence. Their hands slid across each others bodies and in no time at all Genie was on her back on the stage with Eve eating her pussy out. The sight of my wife naked on a stage in the middle of a crowded bar whilst another hot woman had her tongue buried in her cunt was one of the most erotic things I have ever seen.

Genie’s head fell back and her breathing quickened as the Eve lapped away at her pussy. Genie's body was raised up on her elbows and her hands cupped her tits and pulled at her own nipples as she trembled as the orgasm washed over her flooding Eve’s face with her sticky pussy juice.

A few men had gathered close and applauded as the girls left the stage and came back to join us at the bar. I was intrigued by Eve’s pierced nipples and asked if I could touch them, feeling the hard bar just below the skin. I was gentle, not wanting to hurt her but she told me to pull hard at her nipples. I squeezed her nipples hard between my fingers and thumb and Eve groaned with pleasure. I had to have that nipple in my mouth, I needed to know how that piercing would feel in my mouth. I sucked hard on her nipple and Eve moaned again.

Realising that I was neglecting Genie and our other friend, who’s name I forget, I told him to feel Genies pussy, telling him how wet she gets when she fucks or orgasms. He obviously didn’t want to miss that opportunity so reached between her legs. Genie opened her legs slightly to give him easy access, he ran his hands across her wet pussy and tugged on her labia, stretching them away from her body before slipping a finger into her wet cunt. He moved his fingers in and out a few times before pulling them out and offering them to Eve to lick clean.

Unfortunately at this point the bar began to close so we each parted ways with Genie and me heading on to a later club. I was hoping we could all go together to see how far this would go but the other couple politely declined. The club was almost empty but it had a pole again so Genie got naked and started strutting her stuff. I headed off to the gents and left her dancing naked on the stage, thinking she might feel uncomfortable without me around. No such worries! When I returned she was kneeling wide legged on the stage arching her back and thrusting her arse back towards 3 guys that must have entered the club while I was in the gents. They were so close they could easily lean in and rim her arse hole and they obviously thought she was alone. Noticing me return she reached between her legs and spread her cunt lips for the guys. I was thinking surely one of them would reach out and touch her but they all kept their hands off. Genie then rolled on to her back, legs wide open and began to play with her pussy in front of them.

This gave them confidence and two of them reached out and began to caress her soft skin, running their hands up her legs towards her wet and open pussy. I decided to keep my distance and watched from the bar wondering how far she would go. Their hands approached her cunt but she had other ideas, she wanted their cocks. She sat up on the edge of the stage, reached out and released each of their cocks from their pants, taking a cock in each hand and the middle one in her mouth she quickly got the three guys hard. I moved closer for a better look as her bright red lips slid up and down the middle cock and her manicured hands worked on the other two.

I was a little shocked by how far she was going particularly as none of the guys was particularly good looking but she only had eyes for their cocks and they were all a decent size. The guys at the side each reached down and pulled on her hard nipples and the guy in the middle was stroking her hair. I could tell Genie was enjoying herself as she wiggled her hips as she was working these 3 cocks.

From the look on his face the guy in the middle was getting close to cumming as he held Genies head and began to fuck her mouth. I was a little worried at first but she didn’t resist and kept her lips locked around his cock. A few more seconds of face fucking and then he groaned as he filled her mouth with his cum. She gagged a little bit and let the cum trickle out of her mouth on to her tits. She’d lost focus on the other two cocks but the guys had taken over and were still stroking their cocks. They were clearly hoping to get the same treatment but she had other ideas and told them to wank their cocks over her. She played with their balls as their pace quickened and before long she was being plastered with hot sticky cum. Some of it landed on her hair and on her nose but most of it on her tits.

She thanked the guys by sucking each of their cocks clean, then came over and gave me a deep French kiss her mouth still tasting of 3 mens cum. Up to the that point I was wondering if she was going to let them fuck her but she had had enough and we returned to our apartment, her walking naked the whole way with cum hanging off her nose and glistening on her body.

She still hasn’t fucked anyone in front of me but has told me she will if I arrange it for her. We will definitely be returning to Cap D’Agde next year and hopefully I can watch her get fucked and maybe spit roasted by a couple of guys.