Written by Steve

24 Mar 2018

Just got back from Munich. Visited a typical sauna where all Germans are naked.... gorgeous women from 20 to 75 (ish). Most had bald pussys and did not care about showing all. Now I have been to the saunas in germany and Austria a considerable amount over the last 25 years and almost each time.... I have either seen some antics or I have been fortunate enough to get involved.

On this occasion I saw a middle aged couple on the loungers opposite the outdoor jacuzzi... Both probably closer to fifties. She had a gorgeous bald pussy and massive boobs... and she knew I was looking.

I adjusted my lounger so that I could get a good view of the couple and watched them as they touched each other and exhibited themselves to me. He had a decent size boner which he managed to keep hidden by a Very small towel just in case anyone else came along.

The female had her legs open and her knees in an almost upright position.... I could see everything. So I started to slowly stroke my cock as they both watched.

The male placed his hand between the females legs and I got a fantastic view of her lips as they were rubbed and teased. She kept looking across to see if I wa watching...... I was not missing this!

Anyway.... after a while she just got up and walked off....not to be seen for ages.

I got up and went to a small dimly lit sauna and (with hard on still obvious) laid down to have a nap.

Within 5 minutes the door opened and the female came into the sauna.... she sat right opposite me and after a while... laid down with her legs open and knees in the air.... I had a very direct view of her pussy from about 6 foot away.

I looked outside this sauna and saw her partner in the jacuzzi.

After a while she looked up to see if I was looking... I was! But I tried to hide my embarrassment of being caught staring.

She smiled and laid back down again... pussy was right in front of me.....

I don’t know what came over me but I touched her leg to see if she would move....she didn’t.....

So I ran my hand up her leg... once again.... waiting to see if he objected....she didn’t...she just laid there.

So I touched the underside of her pussy.... it was smooth warm and very wet.....

Then I gained some confidence and moved closer to her.... hard cock in one hand... massaging her pussy with the other.

She looked at me and watched me stroke myself... this made me even more confident....so I put my cock right next to her boobs and continued to stroke whilst massaging her pussy... she continued to watch me... this was a fantastic feeling. All the time...her partner was in the jacuzzi.....he might even have known what she a up to!

Her pussy was swollen and it did not take much time before she climaxed.... she then watched me explode right next to her inner thigh.....

without saying a word... she smiled at me.. got up and joined her partner in the jucuzzi.....

They did not say anything to each other so I assumed it was our little secret.......

Fantastic day out..... well worth the €32!

This is genuine.... and it did happen.