Written by Ricardo

5 Jul 2017

I'm 31, a dark and muscular 5'9" from the Spanish Basque half of my heritage, with a thick 8 inches. I have a responsible well paying day job, no girl friend, but get all the sex I want from couples where the husband wants to watch me fuck his wife or girlfriend, and sexually dissatisfied or neglected wives who want something on the side. I've been doing this for eight years now and average at least three to four hits each week.

Last week was a bit strange. My recurring weekly Craigslist advert in category M4MW looking for husbands who want to watch me fuck their wives didn't bring any emails during the work week until the dinner hour on Friday. My advert shows me from the neck down with a full erection and asks for a similar one of the wife when they reply to set up a date. The email I received showed her to have a very nice body that looked like she was in her late 30s/early 40s, and since it had been six days since I'd last been laid, I was instantly horny. The husband asked if I could get to theirs in 30 minutes. I responded, jumped in the car, and arrived in 25.

I was nervous as always since you don't know the people and it always has the potential to become dicey - but as they say, 'no reward without risk'. The husband met me at the door and let me in. He led me right up to their bedroom where she was sat in the middle of their bed in a short open front nightie. The bedside lamp was on low and she looked sultry in a suburban housewifely way, obviously already turned on, but a bit apprehensive. I guessed she was a first timer who had been thinking about it but needed her hubby to suggest and then insist before she would be unfaithful. But now that it was about to happen, she was eager to experience it. This was a fairly common scenario.

He went to a chair to watch, began stripping down to his underwear, and told me she wanted to start with watching me slowly undress at the foot of the bed before I joined her. As I did, I watched her watching me. By the time all I had on was my pants, the front of which was suitably stretched by an almost full erection, she was slowly moving her legs in that way a woman unconsciously does when she's feeling heat between them and tries to relieve the horniness. She was really heating up because she was rolling one nipple between the thumb and forefinger of one hand as she intently stared when I slowly lowered the waistband of my pants past my erection.

I watched her face as my thick eight inches snapped up and out as it was released from its confinement. Her mouth opened and she uttered a short low gasp. Well, that told me she soon was going to enjoy a cock much bigger than she was used to. I tossed my pants aside and slowly crawled up the bed and knelt on my haunches, my knees touching her legs as she sat there.

The front of her nightie had been partially open the whole time, but being that close to her, I now could see the softness of the hair on her mound. She licked her lower lip as I leant in, placing one hand behind her head as my lips slowly made contact with hers. That broke the dam of her passion and she immediately opened and sucked my tongue inside when I took her invitation and placed the tip between her lips when they opened. We kissed for about five minutes. Our kisses steadily deepened and became more urgent as she slowly wound up lying on her back with me half on her, my free hand caressing her breasts and rolling her nipples between my fingers, the two halves of her nightie pushed out of the way.

She was touching me too, her hand exploring and caressing and wanking my cock in that order. Another five minutes and I was exploring and playing with all the nice parts of her cunt. I slid my fingers up and down between her pussy lips, then paid attention to her clit, making it swell and stiffen, and then introducing my fingers one at a time inside her pussy. When I had three up her and heard her moans of pleasure as I rummaged them around inside, I finger fucked her.

I took my time, slowing and speeding up, and swirling them around inside between straight thrusting. I worked her pussy for several minutes, waiting for her signal. When her intermittent moans became fairly steadily, I rammed my fingers in and out furiously and, in just a few seconds, she screamed her climax. Her hips jerked against my fingers and her hands flung out sideways to grab the bed sheet in a death grip. I finger fucked her through almost a full minute of orgasm, until her hips finally stilled and the trembling of her tummy quieted.

I kept my fingers inside, very slowly moving them; until she subtly indicated we should go on. I rolled to lie on my back next to her and she rose onto her knees and proceeded to wank and suck my cock until she was satisfied with its hardness. Actually, she sucked it way beyond that point and I suspected she was enjoying having a cock bigger than her hubby to play with. She mounted me like a horse, moving a leg over my hips and straddling them before guiding my cock into her entrance and gingerly lowering her hips to very slowly impale herself on my thick meat.

She sat there quietly for some seconds getting used to my size. I'm sure it was the first time in her life she had anything bigger than her hubby up there. She was on top of me and I love that position since, if she leans forward enough while thrusting up and down on my cock, I can caress and kiss and suck her breasts and nipples. As she sat there impaled on my cock and becoming used to it, I reached up and began caressing her breasts and tweaking her nipples, which were now hard nubs, like pebbles,

I now could feel her pussy muscles squeezing my cock, and then she lifted up a bit and then gingerly dropped back down. Noting that it felt good, she did it again, raising herself a bit higher and then back down. The third time she did it, she got halfway up my cock before dropping her hips back down. I guess she was now used to my size because she began a steady rise and fall. As her movements became progressively more extended and more intense, so much so that she leant forward at about a 30 degree angle and supported her upper body by placing her hands on my shoulders. This allowed me to raise my head and suck her nipples as I caressed her breasts.

She was now well on her way and, as her movements became more aggressive, I began thrusting my hips up trying to impale her deeper on my cock. She fucked me like that for several minutes before her occasional moans turned into steady gasps. She was close. She screwed up her mouth with her exertion and her eyes shut tightly. She was close and desperately reaching for it. When her climax hit, it was dramatic. Her hips furiously rolled to and fro, and her mouth opened wide as she wailed several times, "Oh, God!"

Her climax lasted for a long time and was intense, very intense, before her upper body finally collapsed down onto my chest. Her hips trembled and rolled for some time until she finished coming down. I let her lie on me for as long as she needed, then I rolled her over, mounted her, and fucked her missionary for a long time, pushing her up the slope toward a climax, and then allowing her to slip back a bit. I can't remember how many times, but finally she needed so much to attain her release, she moaned loudly into my ear, "Oh, God! Fuck me! Make me come1 I'm right there!!"

I was also right there, so I pounded into her for a few seconds and that did it for both of us. She began coming first, then I soon joined her, and we finished together, her pussy feeling like it was sucking the cum out of my cock as spurt wad afterward of it way up her pussy. We then collapsed our bodies together, both of us breathing heavily, as we slowly came down, and then we rolled together facing each other and cuddled for a short while, until I felt her hand wanking my cock. I asked if she wanted more, and she whispered into my ear so hubby wouldn't hear, "Yeah, I want more! I haven't been so well fucked in ages. And I love your big cock in me, so much better than ... you know ..."

I stayed in bed with her and on her and in her for more than another hour. I finished up pounding her from the rear, my favourite position, giving her a final screaming climax as I shot a final load of hot cum up her pussy. Her hubby watched and wanked, but made no move to take her any time during or at the end. In fact, he waited downstairs in the lounge the last 20 minutes or so.

I was concerned and asked what was going on with him. She said she didn't know, but it wasn't good since they had agreed beforehand that he would take her after I was finished with her. She was afraid he wasn't happy with it and was having second thoughts. In any case, she asked if it were possible for us to meet without him, and I told her to look for my other Craigslist advert in category M4W entitled 'Big & Long Lasting Will Fuck Wife Who Needs Something Extra'.