26 Jun 2017

Getting Caught.

Many years ago I lived in a seaside town on the west coast of Scotland. It was the early seventies and cottaging was in it’s heyday. There were five toilets in my town and every one of them was on, for all manner of cock fun. You could walk round them all in half an hour, that’s if you didn’t get held up in one of them.

My personal favourite was one in our local park that was known in the cottaging community as the TV room, due to the size of the square hole cut in the cheap ply board in the end cubicle and the size of the holes in the other two. From a young age I would trawl round all these toilets looking for cock fun but would always leave the TV room till last.

The things that went on in those toilets was, to put it lightly astonishing. Astonishing in the fact that anything went and I mean anything, lookouts on the door and men moaning as they were fucked, sucked, or were fucking themselves. Trannys being gang banged in the middle of the toilets out in the open for all to see and make use of. Full grown men completely naked big hard cocks everywhere.

It was quite a large town and it was frequented quite often by locals, for this reason I would always sit in the third cubicle. It had a tiny hole in the door and you could look through it and see the entrance and anyone who came in the door. If I saw anyone I recognised and I did often, I would leave and come back later. Even saw one or two of my school mates come in. You could look through the hole in the wall and see right through the three cubicles.

My first ride was at a man’s arse long before I fucked my first pussy and even longer before I could find a girl to suck my cock and longer still before I could find one to talk dirty to me, the way some of the men did. Funny thing is a few of us locals knew each other and what we got up too and I’m sure we all recognise that knowing look in the street or the slight nod in the pub. Or better still the guy in the supermarket with his wife. A guy whom you have watched taking it up his arse with his mouth full of thick spunking cock. Fffuuck great times.

I lived with my family in a semi detached local authority house, in the house next door lived my uncle David and aunt Mary. They weren’t really my aunt and uncle it was just something you said in those days. Oh Bill nip into your aunty Mary’s and ask her for some flour etc etc. Uncle Dave was a big muscular man a bit rough really. Aunt Mary was a, well fat little woman to be honest.

She had a massive pair of tits though, which I felt was my duty to wank over often, wishing I could see them for real. I used to see her bra on her washing ling and would stand at my window behind the curtain wanking over it’s size. Even better if I caught her hanging out the washing, fuck I would spunk up the curtains.

My parents would have regular get togethers and full on parties. I loved these events as I said it was the early seventies and mini skirts were the order of the day for most of the women. As the night wore on and the drink flowed I’d catch the odd glimpse of panties barley covering thick dark mounds. I would stick my cock under my balls so that no one could see my hard on, fucken sore though.

My regular for panty flashes was a skinny ugly woman named Barbara the drunker she got the more her legs fell open and you could clearly see her big black pantied bush. Fuck me the wanks I’ve had to that woman. On one particular night though aunty Mary caught my eye, with her big thick thighs on show and a low cut blouse that showed of her magnificent cleavage. She crossed her legs at one point and I nearly got whiplash trying for a panty flash. I was rewarded with a flash of red with a dark mound behind it. That was enough for me I was out the living room door and upstairs to the toilet for a piss then a wank. Though in my state it was likely to be a wank then a piss.

As I pushed open the toilet door I was confronted by uncle Dave’s broad shoulders as he hunched over the toilet pan pissing like a train. He looked over his shoulder and said come in Bill we’re all men here. No it’s all right I said all shy I’ll wait.

Then he lowered his voice and said come in here ya poofy wee cunt. What I said, shocked. Come in here, then he lowered his voice even more and said, I’ve seen you going into those toilets at the park quite a lot. My world fell apart there and then and my thick hard cock went very floppy. I know what goes on in there so get your fucking arse in here poof, or I’ll let everyone know about your little trips to the park.

Several things went through my mind at the same time, images of people pointing at me in the street and calling me names. My friends abandoning me and the shame for my parents. I was terrified and shaking. I don’t know what you are talking about I whispered. Fucking lying poof he hissed, get in here. I trembled as I walked into the toilet. He whispered I’ve seen you wanking and sucking cocks ya dirty wee poof. I didn’t answer I just stood there with my head down.

Now if you give me a wank I won’t tell anybody it can be our little secret. He grabbed my hand and put it on his soft hanging cock, fucking get on with it poof. I stroked my hand back and forth through tears of fear. Ahhh that’s it poofy wank me hard. His big hanging cock was no longer hanging it was now proud and as stiff as a board and it was huge a big purple mushroomed head and a long thick length. He began to pump my hand and suddenly he spurted a huge load of spunk all over the toilet pan and some on the wall.

Awww he moaned that was just what I needed. Right clean this mess up, I’m going next door to get more beer and you will offer to help me is that understood poofy. Yes I whispered, right see you downstairs then he said. I sat in my room and cried for ten minutes cleaned up and made my way down stairs. On the way down I heard a loud peal of laughter which stopped me in my tracks. Ohhh fuck nooo he has told them all I thought, why else would they all be laughing. I dragged myself into the living room waiting for it to all go silent.

It didn’t go silent in fact barley anyone noticed me entering the room, I breathed a sigh of huge relief. No I’ve got more beers in the house I’ll get them I heard uncle Dave say. I didn’t say anything. No it’s alright says uncle Dave, Bill can help me he’s getting to be a big strong lad. I trailed behind him head down out the back door and through the gate in the fence between out two houses. Shut the door he says as we enter his kitchen, right into the living room and sit down, I want to talk to you.

Slowly I walked into the living room and sat down down looking at the floor as uncle Dave came in and sat opposite me. Right poofy he says, I looked at the pattern of his living room carpet. Look at me when I’m talking to you he says. I looked up and he was sitting there stroking his crotch with a smirk on his face. I’ve seen you looking at my wife he says. No No I haven’t I said in a panic. Fucking liar poofy he says do you like her big tits, I’ve seen you looking at her bras on the washing line. No I haven’t I plead. You fucking have poofy I’ve seen you at your window peeping out the curtains. I hung my head in shame, I’m sorry I said.

Then his tone seemed to soften, it’s right that a boy of your age should be looking at big tits and your aunty Mary’s are huge with great big nipples on them fucken lovely. Despite my fear my cock began to stiffen. You should see her cunt too a big hairy fucker it is and she loves this big cock of mine right up her hole he says as he unzips his trousers and struggles to pull out his big stiff cock. My cock is solid too as he goes on wait there he says and he comes back with a tiny pair of panties and hands them to me. Here you can wank into these and keep them.

Well he says get yer cock out and wank into them I want to see you wanking. Seeing his huge hard on and having the holy grail in my hands a pair of my aunty Marys panties. I shyly pull out my stiffness and wrap my aunty Mary’s panties round my cock and begin to stroke in time with uncle Dave.

In no time at all I’m cumming and uncle Dave encourages me, go on son spunk into your aunty Mary’s panties, that’s it fill them up as if you were filling her big hairy cunthole and fill them I did moaning as I spunked deep into them. Uncle Dave continued to stroke his big cock and was near to coming too. Then he suddenly stopped saying I’ll keep this load for your aunty Mary’s big cunt. Bet you’d like to see that eh, I merely nod my head as I come down from my orgasm. Yes I’d like to see that I say. Well you might just says uncle Dave.

I’ve got an idea he says looking me straight in the eye. So listen carefully poofy. When we leave the party tonight give us twenty minutes. Then come to the downstairs bedroom window at the back and I’ll leave a chink in the curtains and you can watch. I can’t do that I said christ what if someone saw me. Nobody can see you the hedges on both sides are too high. Unless you want me to tell people about you park toilet exploits poofy. I nodded my head in submission I knew I was beat.

And! you better be there says uncle Dave I’ll stop and come out and check that you are there and if not, well you know what will happen.

Dropping the beer off I headed straight to my room, fuck what was I to do the fucker had me cold. Then I remembered the panties in my jeans pocket I took them out and sniffed them. I could smell my own spunk but also a strong pungent smell. In no time they were wrapped round my young cock and I was pounding away. Then I smiled to myself and said no I’ll keep this for aunty Mary’s big cunthole, just like uncle Dave is.

After a while though I knocked the idea on the head, I was going nowhere near that window later. Uncle Dave would be drunk and forget all about it anyway. No such luck he staggered into my room an hour later and said right poofy we’re off next door be there or else. I nodded my head in reply and resigned myself to becoming a peeping Tom. I gave them half an hour and made my way out the back door. Opened their gate and closed it behind me, I could already see that their bedroom light was on.

As I approached the window there was indeed a chink in the curtains held aside with a glass vase. Not wide, but enough to see the whole room with little movement. I looked through the chink into my aunty Mary’s bedroom and saw nothing. I heard a psst above me and looked up to see uncle Dave at the upstairs window, he gave me a thumbs up then stuck his head back inside and closed the window.

For the next ten minutes or so I kept glancing in the window into an empty room, fuck this I thought then I heard aunt Mary’s voice talking to uncle Dave. It sounded as though she was right beside me and I glanced up and noticed the smaller window on the bed roon fully open. I could hear her as plain as day. Where’s that big cock of yours then Dave she said, uncle Dave came into the room and it was indeed a big cock it looked huge now that he was completely naked. It’s right here Mary he said waggling his hips, his big cock swaying from side to side.

Right Mary doll get those big tits out for me baby, fuck I thought, I’m actually going to see my aunty Mary’s huge tits my first real tits other than pics in Fiesta and such mags. I loved Fiesta especially the readers wife section. When my mates were borrowing me one of their mags they would say stuff like wait till you see the bird on page ten, oh right I’d say and promptly turn to readers wives and wank off to Jean from Derby and such. Have always loved the readers wives they seemed more reachable than the air brushed models.

I couldn’t remember taking my cock out but it was there firmly grasped in my speeding hand. Aunt Mary was unbuttoning her low necked blouse, then she cast it onto the floor and stood there in her huge bra, then she took off her mini skirt and I could see her red panties. I could also clearly see her big hairy cunt sticking out the sides of the tiny panties. She was reaching behind her to undo her bra when uncle Dave said to her did you notice young Bill try to get a look down your bra tonight.

Yes she said I caught the wee fucker a couple of times but pretended to not notice. I also saw him looking up Barbara’s skirt she said. Fuck how did I not notice that she had seen me, so much for me being unobtrusive. I’ll bet you if he could see you now he’d be wanking and spunking like fuck right now. He might be said aunty Mary as she unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor.

Holy fuck there they were and they were indeed fucking huge they hung low to her waistline almost and her nipples were huge about an inch and a half long. So do you think young Bill would like my big fucken milkers said aunt Mary as she lifted one up in each hand and offered them to uncle Dave.

For sure he said and he’d be spunking all over them. I wasn’t spunking all over them because I had spunked all over the wall below the bed room window, I just kept coming and coming. Right Mary get those panties off till I see your big hairy cunthole, holy fuck another first my first real cunt. Even though I had just spunked I was still hard and stroked my cock in anticipation. Then it was there her big hairy cunt and her big heavy blue veined milkers, fuck fuck I whispered to myself as I wanked furiously.

Having just coated the wall beneath the bed room window I was not near to coming but I continued to stroke my cock at pace. Uncle Dave lay on the bed and aunty Mary swung her leg over him and as I watched she grasped his thickness and guided it into her hairy hole. Then she leaned forward and they kissed but I could clearly see uncle Dave’s big cock stretching her hairy hole as he banged it into her and she bounced up and down on it. Oh that’s lovely daddy she said as she bounced up and down.

Give us a shot from the back Mary said uncle Dave. Oh right she says but not too hard it hurts this way she said as she climbed off him and faced the gap in the curtains. I pulled away then looked again as I heard aunty Mary moan out loud oh yes go on daddy ride me. I peeped in again and her head was on the bed and uncle Dave the cheeky bastard was behind her banging it into her and giving me the thumbs sign and winking in my direction. Suddenly aunt Mary’s head shot up and I pulled back from the gap in the curtains. The I heard her go on daddy go on ride me, I peeped in again and her head was still up but her eyes were closed and her massive tits were jigging back and forth with uncle Dave’s thrusts.

This was way beyond anything I had expected, then I heard aunty Mary, oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck Dave, I’m fucken coming. Go on go on encouraged uncle Dave, I’m fucken coming too and they both roared out their orgasms. I silently roared out my orgasm as I once again coated the wall beneath the bed room window. I peeped in again and they had both lit cigarettes fuck if I had smoked myself I would have lit up too.

They were talking about the party now, did you see Barbara tonight Dave, says aunty Mary, Christ she left nothing to the imagination. I know says uncle Dave bet young Bill had a good wank to that flash and they both burst out laughing. I was stood there not knowing what to do, the show was over and I wanted to go back into my house. Then I heard aunty Mary saying, I got you a new present today Dave. Aww nice says uncle Dave. You want it now baby she says. Oh yes replies uncle Dave but I have to go for a piss be right back.

The kitchen light went on and I thought the dirty cunt is pissing in the sink. Then I heard a light pssst I looked up and uncle Dave was at the toilet window shows over poofy so fuck off. I nodded and went through our gate and silently in through the back door. I put the kettle on and made myself a cup of tea in the silence of the house. Then I sat in the living room amongst all the empty cans and beer bottles. I played the whole night through my head and I didn’t feel as nervous about it now. After all he had made me watch him ride aunty Mary so I had some kind of hold over him surely. I felt my cock stiffen at the sights I had seen that night and my two firsts, real massive tits and a big hairy cunhole.

I heard our cat at the back door and went in the darkness to let her in, she bolted through my legs and inside. I stepped out into the garden and I noticed that their bedroom light was still on. I never gave it a thought until I heard uncle Dave’s moans, I made my way through the gate and to the window. I peeped in and uncle Dave was on the bed facing the window. Aunty Mary was behind him and her arm was pistoning in and out behind him. It looked as though she was wanking him from the back.

Oh go on go on Mary doll fuck it into me doll, oh that’s it faster Mary faster. Aunt Mary’s hand continued to piston in and out. Ohhh that’s it cried uncle Dave that’s it. Fuck I’m coming I’m fucken cuming Mary doll rip me rip me baby. Suddenly uncle Dave collapsed onto the bed face down, his arse still in the air. Then I saw aunt Mary withdraw her hand back and up, she had a huge cucumber in her hand. She was holding the bottom four or five inches but there had to be at least another thirteen or fourteen inches of it still on show.

I had my cock out and was wanking like fuck watching the spectacle before me. I focussed on aunty Mary’s tits and coated the wall for the third time that night. The following day I saw aunty Mary out in the garden and I wanked off to my memories of her big heavy milkers and very hairy cunt.

I never saw uncle Dave until the following week end, I was coming back from the shops round the corner and he was passing me. Alright poofy he said I tried to keep my head down, he says I’m going to the shops and your aunty Mary is going into town shopping. So you get your arse over to mine about three this afternoon ok. I nodded my agreement and went towards home. Fuck was this guy going to harass me all the time I thought but I could feel a stirring in my trousers.

Three o’clock arrived and I cut through the gate and knocked on uncle Dave’s back door, come in he shouted. When I entered the living room he was already naked just sitting there wanking his big cock. Take your clothes off Bill Your aunt Mary won’t be back for a couple of hours. I did as I was told told and sat naked with him on the sofa. He reached over and grasped my rigid cock and began stroking it. I returned the favour to him, and he says awww that’s fucken lovely Bill. Then he told me to turn round and bend over, I did as I was told and was rewarded with his deep probing tongue right up my arse. Fuck he was very very good at rimming and I squirmed with pleasure.

After about five minutes he said my turn and he got up and turned round and pulled the cheeks of his arse open. I stuck my tongue in and worked it like he had done to me. Oh, oh, that’s fucken great Bill, you learn to do hat in the toilets at the park. I pulled my mouth off his hole and said yes I did learn to do it there. Well who ever taught you knows what they are doing that’s for fucken sure. I returned to tonguing his arse and when I inserted a finger in his hole he moaned loudly oh oh fuck yes that’s it. I pushed another finger in and he was moaning constantly suddenly I had four fingers up his arse and he was squirming and thrashing on my fingers.

Suddenly I felt his arse tighten round my fingers and he said oh fuck oh fuck I'm fucken coming fucken coming and he spurted a huge load out, he kept saying oh fuck as he was coming down from his orgasm. Then he turned round and took my length into his warm mouth I’m eight inches and quite thick but he took it all down his throat. Grab my head he said and fuck my face hard I gently held hid head and slid my cock in and out of his mouth. Harder he said fuck my face. I duly obliged and rammed myself into his face and promptly spunked in his mouth and he swallowed all of it.

Fuck that was great he said as he licked his lips. Then he sat me down and told me that he had been going to the toilets since he was my age. He told me that he had done everything and that he wanted me to ride him. I was struggling with the man who was calling me poofy and the other man who wanted me to ride him.

Ride him I did and I emptied my balls right up him and he loved it. Long story short I was soon dropping in anytime aunt Mary was out and I would ride him hard. Then I would get him to wear aunty Mary’s clothes and I’d ride him. He showed me some Polaroids of aunty Mary once, and I fucked his arse whilst looking at her pics coming at the one of aunty Mary on her back and her big hairy cunt pulled open. After that I would see him in the toilets and one night watched five guys empty into his arse.

About ten years after I’d left home I went back and still managed to squeeze in a ride at uncle Dave’s arse. Only now I could call him Mary when I was emptying my balls into him, oh yes Mary doll here’s my fucken load. Even brought a huge cocked friend with me once he rode uncle Dave hard and fast fuck what a night that was. I hope you enjoyed guys a bit long for here but hey I enjoyed my trip down memory lane.