Written by John150mm

19 Jan 2012

This is a true story from a while ago; only the names have been changed.

Our introduction to swinging came about in a very unplanned way. We’d read, and heard, and talked about it but not really considered actually doing it for real - you know, with an actual third person. It was just the stuff of fantasies. We’d been married for a couple of years and had been happy and faithful to each other, living in the South. We made love almost every day and most of the weekend. Once a month it would be tit-fucks or a blow-job.

Then we had the experience with Jason (see “There’s nothing like a good threesome”) which gave us a really good start. A fantasy no longer! Shortly after, this happened. On a Tuesday evening we received a phone call from a good friend, Ken, with bad news. His in-laws were on a cruise, and his father-in-law had suffered a fatal heart attack. Apparently this is not uncommon on cruises, just not publicised. Ken would like to come down to us on the Saturday, visit the undertaker, then on Sunday collect his mother-in-law from the liner at 11:00 am and take her home to North London. His wife Jane, who was very upset, would stay at home to look after their young children.

Of course we agreed. We had met his father-in-law several times. A nicer man you couldn’t hope to meet, so we could understand why Ken was so upset by the news.

Ken arrived Saturday morning. We said how sorry we were and Carole gave him a big hug to comfort him. We took him into town and went into the undertakers with him. It was all quite simple, as the cruise company had dealt with a lot of the detail beforehand. We drove home and walked to the pub to drink to the departed, then it was back home. Later in the afternoon Ken borrowed some trunks and a towel and we all went swimming to exercise out the alcohol. On the way back we picked up a Chinese takeaway and some bottles of wine.

After eating we sat on the settee, Carole in the middle, to drink more wine and watch the television. Ken was a little miserable due to the morning's events, so I suggested to Carole that she give him a cuddle to comfort him. She put her arm around him, saying, “Come to mama” and he leant over and rested his head on her chest. As she had not replaced her bra after the swim he was able to feel the full voluptuous softness of her breasts though the material of her blouse. The two of them stayed like that for a little while, then he moved his hand up to a tit and gently massaged it. She let him do it for at least a minute, then she took his hand and replaced it on his knee, saying, “You’re a naughty boy”. I commented “don’t be so hard on him. He’s a sad and lonely orphan-in-law.” which caused a laugh. The next time he did it (about fifteen seconds later) she looked at me. I smiled and nodded approval so she just let him get on with it. Soon afterwards he undid the buttons of her blouse, uncovered her breasts, and started suckling at her nipple whereupon she put her hand on the back of his head and pressed her to him. She has always enjoyed having her breasts toyed with and her nipples sucked. But when he put his hand on her crotch she took it away, telling him not to take liberties!

I stopped massaging her bare inner thigh and slipped my side of the blouse over her arm, exposing her top half on my side; Ken moved away for a moment and we pulled the blouse off completely. After some more stroking I undid her skirt. This was a wrap-around style so I was able to get that away too, from my side. Ken pulled his side away which just left her brief panties in the way. I slipped my hand inside and rubbed her slit for a short while until it was wet, then took Ken’s hand and placed it where mine had just been. She did not object any longer, just enjoyed the sensations. I undid Ken’s belt, unzipped his flies, and removed his rampant prick which was fully ready for action. After a couple of strokes I let go and took Carole’s hand which I placed on his member. She just held it at first but soon started masturbating him. By now she was sitting squarely on the settee with her eyes closed, and had slipped down so that only the top of her arse was on the cushion and her fanny was clear, so we had no trouble in removing her pants. Without being prompted Ken then moved in front and slid his prick into her with no opposition at all. In fact she adjusted her position to help him in. Meanwhile I had stood up and was leaning over her and she was wanking me into her mouth.

Ken had trouble controlling himself, and very quickly shot a load into her that he had been inadvertently saving for some days. He seemed to pump deep inside her for ages. (He had told me earlier that he had not had his conjugals since before Tuesday due to the bereavement). While he did this Carole wanked me harder but took my tool from her mouth as she felt my first contraction, allowing my creamy spunk to splash down onto her tits and chin.

We collapsed onto the settee. By now it was fairly late and we were all tired, so we had a nightcap. Carole cleaned herself up but did not bother to dress. Then we went to bed.

We always sleep in the nude. Carole got into bed. I went to Ken’s room, told him to come with me and we went back to our room. I told Carole that poor Ken was in need of company, being away from his wife and all, and that if she let him sleep the other side of her he promised to be very good, but needed another cuddle. She tried to look reproving, but failed, and said, “All right, then, come back to mama.”

We lay down, one each side of Carole. She turned towards Ken and once again pulled his head to her naked breasts. This time, however, she immediately slid her free hand town to his penis, then moved the hand behind her and took mine. ”Your pricks aren’t being very good, are they?” she said. “Yes they are” we replied “they’re working perfectly.”

We lay there for a while, she on her side facing Ken, he with his head buried in between her large breasts, me spooned up behind her stroking her bottom, side and the one breast that I could get to, Carole fondling Ken's genitalia. After a few minutes I moved away a little and, taking her shoulder, turned her onto her back. Ken came up for air and slid on top of her and between her parted thighs. Carole turned her head to me to give me a deep, long kiss; at the same time Ken slipped his erect member into her willing hole for the second time.

As he gently worked in and out of her I slid my hand between their abdomens and gently rubbed her clitoris. After a few minutes she came, shortly followed by a second. By now Ken was on the vigorous deep strokes, but at the point just before orgasm he stopped and held himself deep inside her to delay the moment a little longer. I continued to rub her clit and she came a third time. Her muscle spasms were so strong that they took Ken over the top, so I removed my hand and let him enter to the full extent of his good-sized tool. Again he seemed to be coming for ages. When they had both done he lay there for a minute and then rolled off, allowing me to take his place. I slipped my rigid tool into her quim. It slid in to the hilt easily due to all the lubrication from her orgasms and my brother’s semen, and then her cunt-muscles gripped me.

I was very excited by what had happened. I had only once seen my wife taken by another man before this evening. So even though it was my second fuck of the evening it did not take me long to add to the reservoir of spunk inside her.

Afterwards Ken and I lay each side of Carole to recover. We stroked her body and all three of us played with each other's genitals. Carole told us that we were very rude boys, but not to stop yet. Soon we were ready again. Carole knelt astride Ken with his tool driven up deep inside her, with her proud breasts jutting out for him to fondle. Then she bent forward to beat his face with her mams. I knelt behind her and tried to slip my penis into her as well. This took a bit of effort and manoeuvring, but eventually I was able to get half of him inside her cunt. This was very sexy indeed, feeling the walls of her vagina rubbing the top of my penis and, underneath, Ken’s prick sliding backwards and forwards against mine. What’s more everything was so very tight. It was as well that there were plenty of slippery fluids in there. Shortly after he came and withdrew, and Carole then lifted her bottom so that I could penetrate completely doggie-fashion. Five minutes of that and I shot my load again. In the meantime Ken had been frigging her to give her some more orgasms, although she would usually come without extra help when we were using that position.

After that we just fell asleep until the alarm clock aroused us. Sometime during the night Ken had gone back to his own bed as we were very hot and somewhat crowded with three in the bed. Whether or not he took advantage of an available and willing cunt before he left I do not know and did not ask.

Carole and I removed the bottom sheet (which was caked with dried semen) from the bed, then took a shower. We went downstairs in our dressing gowns to make breakfast. Ken joined us after his shower. We had breakfast, then Ken and I had Carole one more time over the dining table. Then it was time to dress and go to the boat.

When we met his mother-in-law we ascribed our tiredness to staying up talking and drinking half the night. That seemed a better idea than telling the truth. In fact we found it surprisingly easy to act as if nothing had happened.

That evening Carole and I talked about our experience and Carole confessed that she’d found it thrilling and immensely satisfying, even more than the first time, as she’d got used to the idea of having three to a session. She’d liked being the centre of attention, the caressing of her body by twice as many hands, lips, tongues and teeth, and the continual availability of an erect organ to keep her filled. Also the seemingly endless stream of orgasms that she’d experienced. She told me that once it was inside she could not tell the difference between Ken’s uncircumcised penis and my trimmed one, but as she was so slippery even before we started I can see why. As a final surprise she told me that she thought something like that might happen which is why she wore easily discarded clothing and left her bra off after our swim. So much for me thinking that I took all the initiative in our sexual relationship

The next time that we visited Kens he returned the compliment with his wife.

We four - Ken and his wife Jane, me and Carole - went to a party at one of their friends. Afterwards we walked back to his place (some of us more steadily than others) where we were staying for the weekend. We sat in the lounge with a nightcap, Ken and I reminiscing about our youth and listening to some of his vinyl records. Carole had drunk rather too much and had to take herself to bed, but Mary stayed, sitting next to Ken on the settee.

While we were talking Ken slid his hand under her blouse & stroked her chest, which she seemed to enjoy even though I was there. After a little while, he undid her buttons and opened the blouse. She didn't seem to mind too much, so he then pulled her bra up and off of her breasts, exposing her large nipples & aureoles to my gaze. She said, "Stop it" in an unconvincing way but made no move to actually stop him or replace her clothing - just smiled. He invited me over to touch and feel her goodies. These were smaller than Carole’s but perfectly formed. Her protests were again very half-hearted and almost immediately turned into murmurs of appreciation as I gently fondled and then suckled at her breasts. Quite quickly off came the rest of her clothes, then ours, and a very satisfactory couple of hours of fucking ensued.

First Ken invited me to feel her soft pubic hairs, which I willingly did. I moved my hand down and between her legs, rubbing her clitoris and opening her cunt lips. Her labia were large, like flaps, an exciting difference from Carole’s neat minge. She was soon nicely moist, so my index finger easily slid inside her, followed by the middle finger. I played with the inside of her vagina with my thumb circling and rubbing her clit until she had her first orgasm. As this finished I removed my hand and replaced it with my mouth. She quickly had two more orgasms, at which point I could contain myself no longer and quickly moved to thrust my rigid penis into her quim. As she was now highly sensitised I was just able to make her cum again before I shot my load deep inside her.

All this time Ken had been rubbing her body while she sucked his tool. As I came he took his prick in his hand and wanked over her, covering her face and hair with his spunk - just as I had done when we first had a threesome with Carole.

After this we moved into their bedroom, although his wife went to the bathroom to clean herself up first. Here we played and both fucked her again, after which I thought it best to go to my own bed. Fortunately, Carole wasn't ready for any sex until the morning, by which time I'd had a chance to recover and to wash the smell of cunt and semen (both mine and Ken's) off of my tool.

The next time that we went to Ken's, a few weeks later, he and I made sure that both women were involved which made for even more fun and variations. After that, we interchanged whenever we visited one another, although Carole always preferred threesomes with herself as the only female present. She was not keen on me being in another room with a woman (even though she was being rodgered by another man) we never did a lot of swapping. It seemed a bit unfair on me, but I didn’t really mind as I knew she’s get a good seeing to from two (or more) of us, and she’d be randy for ages afterwards.