Written by Lipspreader8

8 Apr 2013

Meeting a bloke that wanted too, I invited a bloke from another site to come and have me for his pleasure.

So when he arrived i opened the front door, we said hello and this was the first time we had met in person.

I let him in and shut the door then he followed me up stairs to the bedroom where i went in and i just stripped naked and stood there in front of him for his pleasure.

He looked at me and took a step nearer to me and dropped his hand to my cock and played with me I lay on the bed on my back while he stripped off. Then he come to the bed and knelt down at the side and started feeling me and put my cock in his mouth.

After about 10 minutes of sucking he turned me over and played with my arse and putting some lube inside me and working his fingers inside me one then two and after about 10 minutes a third finger and then he spread my hole open with his fingers.

He then turned me over on my back, spread my legs till they fell off each side of the single bed, he knelt on the bed between my outstretched legs. Put his hands under my qute little arse and lifted my arse up in the air. He then inched his way forward till his bell end touched my hole, he made sure he was in line then pulled my little body on to his cock till he was a good half way inside me.

Then he worked his cock in and out of my tight little arse, Then he got another grip on my body and shoved the rest of his cock inside, once his 7" was in side of me he gentle started fucking me till he cum and filled his condom.

Leaving me legs wide and on my back with a raging hardon he emptied the condom over my cock and then gave me a fantastic blow job till i came in his mouth.

We are suppose to be meeting again with me dressed as a school girl for his pleasure, do hope so.