Written by Cpo1745

24 Jan 2011

Well its been 3 years now since i split wife my wife as i found put she had been cheeting, and i found out not to long back that a guy we know and used to go out as couples with , had been trying it on with her also, so i saw him in the local pub and asked him about it , of which he said "it nothing to do with me now im not with my ex anymore". anyway a few weeks later i saw his wif and was chatting to her and ended up swaping mobile numbers. which lead to druken text messages, being flerty, and leading on to sex, she told me how she always had a thing for me.

well 3 weeks ago i was out on a night out on the town , and she started texting, saying she was out, and do i want to share a taxi home, so i agreed, well we meet, and got a taxi, and as soon as the wheeles where moving we started kissing ,and by the time we had done the 15 min ride to my house i had my fingers inside her bold tight pussy, she got out at my house with me and came in, i only just managed to close the door before she was on her knees sucking my cock, we went into the living room and kissed while taking each others clothes off, her phone fell out in the process, s she put it on the arm of the sofa. i then bent her over and fucked her for about 10 min, and while doing so her husband was calling and i could see his name and a photo of him coming up on her phone, while i was fucking his wife, we then swapped postion, i sat on the sofa while she rode me, and was asking me to cum on her face and in her mouth. or which i could only but agree with, after we finished she got changed and walked home, still texting say how much she enjoyed herself and if we could do it again. she has book us in to a hotel this saturday coming, and want me to fuck her all night long.

will keep you informed.