Written by Julian

25 Mar 2009

Getting my wife gang fucked by blacks Part Two

The more I thought about getting my wife gang fucked by the black louts who hung around outside the tube station, the more worked up I got. One night I watched my wife, whose name is Helen, getting undressed. The leering black louts had called after her as usual when I walked her home. She would have been blissfully unaware of the erotic thrill the sight of her slim legs, in fully-fashioned black silk seamed stockings was giving those leering men.

They shouted out that she was wasting her time with a white poof like me. Hearing their menacing voices gave me an erection inside my tight briefs. Helen, walking alongside me seemed so tiny and helpless. She was wearing a regulation navy blue mac and pulled it tightly across her little body, as if in self-defence against their horrible words and lewd suggestions.

By the time we got to the top of the hill, my little penis was fit to burst. I could not wait to see her undressing in our bedroom. She looked at me very coyly as she undid the buttons down the front of her crisp staff nurse uniform dress. She undid the buttons very slowly, as if to tease me. Very gradually she exposed the pretty navy blue satin of her full-length slip. It had pretty white lace trimming all around the bust and her nipples pushed proudly against the cups.

As her dress came fully open, I imagined myself as one of those black guys ogling her in the pretty fitted slip. With its two-inch white lace trimming around the hem, the slip just demanded to be lifted. Even without lifting it, I could see the tight white satin and lace vee of her panties, stretched over her mound and the pretty satin suspender belt with the suspenders attached to the dark lace bands of her stocking tops. They were easily visible in outline, through her slip.

‘Why are you staring at me?’ She asked softy, her face blushing under the pale make up. I struggled to suppress the dirty things I wanted to say to her. I just smiled as she reached up to undo her French pleat. Her long golden locks fell down loose and wavy over her slender white shoulders. ‘I was just thinking some naughty thoughts’ I said.

She smiled. ‘Do you want to tell me?’ she asked very demurely.

‘I don’t think I should.’ I answered. She took her hairbrush from the dressing table and raking it through her golden silky shining locks. Looking at her elegant beauty, I wondered how I could possibly want her defiled by dirty minded rough black men. But I did, I wanted it badly and I didn’t want them men to use condoms. I wanted their dirty big pricks to sully her pure little bald pussy. I wanted them to make her moan and cum for them while they talked dirty to her.

In that moment I was overwhelmed with lust and went up to her, forcing my hand under her slip and thrusting it up to grip her young soft pusy through her delicate panties. My other hand reached for her breasts and started mauling them very roughly, teasing and squeezing her nipples. I pushed my lips to hers and thrust my tongue deep inside her mouth. Two of my fingers were inside her panties and she moaned loudly. I pushed her down on the bed, pushing her slip right up to her waist and pulling her panties to one side. Awkwardly and urgently, I unzipped my trousers.

My fingers were stretching her tight little bald slit, pulling it open. My other hand guided my five-inch thin prick into her love channel. I heard a voice, it didn’t sound like mine: ‘You little slut, you black man’s whore, you want lots of big black men up you don’t you, you teasing little bitch. I have seen the way you look at those men at the tube station. You want them don’t you slut.’ My hips were thrusting hard into her and she was moaning very loudly. My hands gripped her breasts through the shiny material of her slip; I was hurting her nipples deliberately and riding her hard. In just a few minutes she started to cum, very loudly and very hard. Her mound pushed hard against me and I pulled on her nipples. Our public bones were banging hard against each other’s. I wanted to hurt her, but she was responding with the pleasure of one orgasm after another. The excitement overwhelmed me and I came jetting my spunk insider her pussy.

Afterwards I felt very embarrassed and rushed to the bathroom. I felt I had gone too far. When I came back, she was still sitting on the bed, her slip way above her stocking tops. She looked stunning. I got another hard on just looking at her. My remorse had soon faded and the fantasy was still there, when she asked me ‘What was all that about?’ I had to tell her, but I never expected that she would actually let it happen.