Written by Jason

26 Sep 2012

Brenda, my wife of 27 years regularly watched 'Loose Women' a very feminist show on ITV. I don't know if the subject had been aired, but that night she took the bull by the horns and said that I came too quickly and she could do with a really good long-lasting shag, and would'nt mind some stud giving it to her. I was shocked, mortified, and feeling very inadequate; ok, in spite of all the advice I had taken on board about holding back and making it last, I always came too soon, Brenda never having reached at deep orgasm.

Overcoming the sense of being cuckolded, I set about trying to find an NSA stud who could deliver, somewhat fearful of the fact that she might take a him at my ultimate expense. I trawled various websites trying to pin down some potential good performing males but never found any local enough, or believed some of the profile claims. It was in the bar of my local football club that I found my man (or hers!!)-visiting the gents, a fellow pee-dispenser shook the drips off a rather impressive willie with the words "good result tonight...only thing better is a good fuck!"

"Don't let my missus hear you say that..." I replied..."she fancies a good long seeing-too!" "Oh yes...you serious?" he responded. I grinned a rather nervous grin and zipped up, not sure where I went next. I suggested another drink in the bar while I texted Brenda....'May have a guy at the club up for a good shag...interested?' After 3 minutes a reply...'Only if you like the look of him'. Well, he was well built, rather large belly but was nicely dressed and clean shaven. I told him the situation...he was welcome to come back with me if he could really give my missus a good long fuck. Needless to say he jumped at the opportunity. He texted his own partner to say he would be late home on some mumbled pretext, then walked home with me.

Drinks all round while introductions were made: Chas, as he introduced hmself, was quite taken with Brenda and thought his Christmas present had come early. Brenda gave little away, but suggested we adjourn to the bedroom.

Brenda took the lead, unbuttoning her blouse and undoing Chas's belt before unzipping and pulling his jeans down over his thighs. He took the hint and unclipped her bra, taking full advantage of her bared breasts, licking and sucking her nipples, running his hands over her bare back and buttocks; Brenda pushed his black briefs down above his knees and started fondling his semi-erect cock; within a minute all their clothes were off and they lay on the bed exploring each other's bodies. I then knew that I had probably got it right...Chas sported a now fully-erect cock of some size, good head, uncut with a very large pair of tight balls below, far more substantial than mine. Then there was his technique: he soon had her sighing and gasping as his fingers and tongue explored her cunt and bum...at the point at which she arched her back he entered her, not roughly but easing slowly in until only his big balls were visible...he did'nt start a slow thrusting for some time, kissing her neck, ears and mouth, massaging her tits...it was'nt long before Brenda started to respond, a low growl which became louder as Chas shafted more quickly...after about 5 minutes she was almost writhing with pleasure, Chas still thrusting for England...then she came, an explosion of noise I had never heard before....Chas stopped, letting her orgasm subside befre resuming a slow gentle movement to match her heavy breathing....Brenda was whispering 'Oh my God....oh my God' as he continued to fill her with his big cock. I could'nt help thinking I would have already cum and gone to sleep by this time...

So it continued....his slow thrusting increased in speed until Brenda was brought to another shuddering orgasm...this time Chas could not hold back and made what can only be described as a triumphal ejaculation deep inside her, still thrusting long after he had cum. Eventually their passion subsided; his cock slipped almost reluctantly from her cunt, a small dribble of sperm appearing at her labia. No awkwardness, we 3 lay together on the bed for a few minutes before Chas dressed and got ready to leave. He thanked me: "Thanks, Mate, great fuck!" Then turning to Brenda said "You, my sweet, are just gorgeous, great body, best fuck ever....hope you enjoyed it!"

Brenda did, and with my rather reluctant approval now entertains Chas at home while I'm at work, but I would love to video them at it one day...he's a superb lover and gives her what she has been missing for so long....cuckold I may now be, but happy for her. s