Written by wifewill

1 May 2011

Following on from stories of the 28th and 29th April. Sylv, Roy and I decided to go out to the cinema, I watched as Sylv got dressed in sexy underwear, white lace panties, white silk waist slip and a front fastening bra, I think she was ready for sex that night, she then put on a black wrap around skirt and white blouse.

Off we went in the car and collected Roy on the way, it was a 12mile drive to the cinema. On arrival I parked the car and we went into the cinema, Sylv sat between Roy and me. after a while I noticed Sylv was moving about in her seat, I looked across and I could see Roy had his hand inside her skirt, wrap around skirts are open all down the side so it was easy for Roy to slide hand inside her skirt, he was feeling her cunt, Sylv raised herself slightly off the seat so that Roy could slide her panties down. Sylv had put her coat on Roys lap and she got his cock out and was wanking him, the coat was hiding what she was doing. I think the people behind us must have noticed what was going on but nobody said anything. I went to have a feal of her cunt and put my hand inside het skirt but Roy had his fingers inside her cunt, he must have had all his fingers in her as I could'nt my fingers in so I gave up.

After the film finished we decided to go for a drink so I drove the car to the pub it was very dark in the car park. We stayed in the pub for about an hour. When we were leaving the pub I said I would go to the car and put the lights on as it was very dark and they could follow when they saw the lights come on and off I went. I got to the car and put the lights on and waited for them to come across. It seemed to be a while then I saw them. I noticed Sylv was dressed all white and yet she had a black skirt on when we went out. When they got to the car I could see Roy was carrying her skirt and blouse was open and her front fastening bra undone, they had some sex on the way. They both got into the back of the car leaving to drive home. I adjusted the interier mirror so I could see them

we had hardly got out of the car park and Roy got most of Sylvs clothes off. After a while I looked in the mirror and I could see Sylv was sucking Roys cock, and then he tried to fuck her in the back of the car. later they asked to stop somewhere quiet so I pulled into a very quiet car park which was empty. The both got out the car Sylv was naked and Roy had his troucers and underpants around his ankles, they went around to the front of the car Sylv lay on the bonnet and Roy started to fuck her, a car drove past but they did'nt stop fucking, I was watching them and having a wank enjoying every thing that was going on. Roy then shot his load into Sylv.

Roy had'nt used a condom and Sylv did'nt care as she so worked up. I thought Sylv will have to go on the pill or the coil as she could easily get pregnant.

When they had finished we got in the car, Roys spunk was coming out of her cunt and down her legs. We took Roy home and then went home. when we got home Sylv got of the car naked I got hold of her got her on the lawn and started to fuck her, I was so worked up I did'nt last very long. Sylv said Roys cock was the biggest she had ever had and that she could'nt help wanting to fuck him all the time, she enjoyed sex with me but I could'nt satisfy her like Roy does. We had to wait to see if she was pregnant and made arrangments for her to either have the pill or the coil fitted.

Further stories to follow if anyone is interested.