Written by tty

23 Nov 2013

As I have told you my wife Helen had confessed her indiscretion, I think the guilt got the better of her but I now wonder if that is what I was supposed to think,or did she worry some one would found out and tell me, it really surprised me shocked me when she told me

I never put her down as the sot to do that, any way there was a upset but in the end we talked about it and some how sort it out she convinced me it was mistake and it was a one off never to be repeated how sorry she was, I forgave her we made up, for some time she didn't want to go any where Many maybe saying she is embarrassed

She gave the same reason for not going into to much detail about what they got up to she did say he was well endowed but wouldn't abominate on that any more

Live got back to normality very little was said on the subject, it got to about this time of year so you start to get the Christmas things works parties things like that Helen was still saying she didn't want to meet Many or go where he maybe which I could understand

We had planed to go to a function but at last minute I had work commitments it meant I would be away for the night, I told Helen she seemed disappointed I said well you can go at first she said no, and jest before the date she changed her mind,that evening I phoned her from my hotel she said she was getting ready we chatted a bit, at about ten I called her mobile I asked if she was okay how was it going she said fine enjoying herself but didn't think she say late, I got home the next evening I asked how it went and was told it was good she enjoyed it adding she never stayed late how did I get on every thing was quite normal

It was that Saturday morning I went into town and bumped into a couple we know, it seem they been there as well and asked after me saying they didn't see me the other night I explained why, he said your missus was enjoying herself, before he could say any more his wife wanted to be going, she was almost rude in the way she dragged him off

I didn't think any more of that, next day in the afternoon I was out in my shed doing a few things Helen came out saying I am going to pop to Tesco's before they close do I want any thing she had her bag in one hand her phone in the other she rushed off and left phone I thought silly mere, any way being nosy I looked at it there was one text it said

(Hi babe how are you now I love it when he go's away speak to you later)

In her contacts that number was under M that's all it had

Things started to fall into place could M be Many,yesterday why did his wife drag him off when he started telling me about my wife with that I was now suspicious but how do you prove it, I left the phone in the shed, when Helen got back she said she lost her phone we looked in the house and car I asked where she last had it used it she said here I said did you have it with when you when you came out to me knowing she went out find it in the shed and it look like I never saw it there, it was the start of me being a detective which took all over Christmas into the next year I was sure by then she was still seeing him but the question was when and where did they meet, how where they doing it with out me known my wife was so normal with me and at home, I had to have proof god help me if I was wrong

A clue came one day in our bedroom I noticed some tissue in the basket I picked them up they where damp and smelt of sperm sex, bloody hell could they be using our bed when I am at work, try as I may I couldn't her catch them out

Then in the golf club some one I knew has a company that do surveillance equipment I asked him about getting cctv in my house, yes they do it he went into his sales thing a lot of people have it now and so on, in the end he said he get it trade for me to keep the cost down I was going to fit it and he said any problems he help, the one I got was like burglar alarm sensors that work cordless so no wire, I told Helen we where having a burglar alarm and I would fit, she didn't think any more of it I did it

It works off movement once the sensor detect it it records there is sound as well, I put one in lounge and the hall the kuchen and landing this is where I thought my wife may quest me two in the bedroom one looked at the side of bed the other up from the bottom she didn't know that an way she didn't take much notice I got it all set up and working when she was out the way

So now it was a waiting game, my problem was getting to see what it recorded, a week later on a Sunday she want to go see her mum I told her I had a mass of paper work to look at for the fallowing week so off she went I knew she have tea over there you have to

So I am looking at the results its all time and dated, it was her or us at home normal stuff, Wednesday Helen go's to the bedroom showers then do her makeup then get dressed bloody hell she puts stockings on a thong no bra a blouse that'd almost see threw

and a mini skit looks at herself in the mirror smooth the skirt and go's down stairs its really odd,one am the doorbell rings she go's to the door and guess what Many is there straight away they are in each others arms snogging in the doorway, they go to the lounge there more kissing and she says she missed him and other things, talking not on there minds by the look of it, he soon touching her up it was a very new experience for me watching this maybe the hardest thing to take in was the kissing I sill framed bits of that it was obvious she kissed him back with passion it was full on french kissing

They both seemed keen to go to bed the cameras show them going upstairs and the ones in the bedroom pick them up,I watched in ore as they embraced and at the same time undressed each other, the thing that struck me was it looked like they had done this meany times, in away it was very sexy maybe its wasn't like a film there was no playing to the camera this was natural, if I can say that with it being my wife as the main fetcher

By then she was topless she is quite busty Many was helping her out of the skirt he was pushing it down as she wiggled her hips her beasts wobbled, she was left in jest hold up stockings and tiny thong, she turned taken his shirt off then his trousers fell to the floor he had hipster pants on the bulge at the front looked enormous, Helen was looking up into his face as she started to ease them down as they got lower she was dropping to her knees

She got them to his ankles he kicked them off, he was now naked being Asian he is dark skinned but that thing that now hung inches from Helen's face was almost black, I jest couldn't believe it I had to still frame it, Christ it was bigger than me and still limp no way is my wife going to coop with that take that, I clicked the start she was still looking up as both hands went round the thing it was in a semi state of erection stiffing but still floppy she wiped it on one side of her face then the other it was now she looked at it, with it in front of her face she kissed the end as she did she pulled the foreskin back I stopped it again his bell end was more like a mushroom the flange wider then the shaft but it looked purple,on play I watched her mouth go over it she had her mouth wide open some how she got his knob end in I know what she can do with her tongue

and she was doing it now in a minuet or so he stiffened the head swelled with resat of it

He was now hard she was kissing and sucking the end as well as wanking it she tried again to suck it once she got the end in her mouth he tried to push a little more went in but she chocked and they had to give up

She stood up they kissed, he lowered her onto the bed, she shuffled up a bit more and lay there with her legs open I am sure her pussy looked most but it was the look on her face that got me, a look of lust as if she really wanted him she was watching him he was stroking his cock looking down at her her tits lay flatter on her chest like that but her nipples where as stiff as I had ever seen them, they are quite long but hell now they where rock hard swollen and stiff, as he climbed on the bed I switched to the camera looking from the side he ran his hand up her legs then down the inner thigh as he bent down to go down on her, she parted her thighs wider for him I heard a low moan as he started eating her pussy it didn't take long she was breathing quite heavy with little moans her hips lifted a bit he got his hands and arms round her thighs at that point it was obvious she was going to cum she stared moving her hips he gripped her tighter she was now gasping then jerked her body letting out OH GOD YES YES she had her hands on his head as she arched up with gasp after gasp she seemed to shake then pant he keep licking as she came down

Christ I have never known her to be that horny that sexed up, Many moved in between her legs she had them bent at the knee feet on the bed thighs right open, he lent forward kissed her as he sat up he pulled the pillow from under her head he knelt there she lifted her bum he stuffed the pillow under her, then taken his cock in his hand he aimed it at her pussy, it made me hold my breath, I could see him moving it then he lent in a little as he did she said OH OH AAARR and took a deep breath he pressed down with his body she let the breath out and gasped he started to sink inside my wife quite slowly

She bit her bottom lip then gritted her teeth she went quiet, how much he had got in her I don't know it must be a good bit where ever it was it did some thing her eyes came open really wide with her mouth her finger gripped the sheet she cried out MANY MANY OH GOD OH GOD MANY EASY EASY JESUS he heaved she almost screamed after that he lay on top of Helen

They lay like that in an embrace for a time, as I watched he lifted himself back he must of withdrew almost all his cock then pressed back in not fast she ground I guess he was right in he pulled back a few inches then jerked himself in which made Helen cry out he did that twice then withdrew he paused then sank in with the full length he then came back a few inches this time with jerk he went in but with more force she almost screamed

this time he did it three or four time quite hard I though it heart her the way she cried out once more he withdrew paused and went back, a lot faster as he bottomed out she screamed this time he repeated the jerking Acton a lot faster and harder at first she shrieked with each one after about six she gasped he did it a couple more times she did gasp but a lot lower the last one it was more a moan, I had never seen that method or that done before it was obvious they had done it like that before

He then started to really fuck her and when he lifted her legs up, I went back to the other camera Christ her pussy was rapped round his shaft like it was gripping it as it came out he membrane and lips came with it when it went back it took them with it his balls swung and bounced her pussy was stretch round his shaft

I went back to the side view she was getting the full length with each thrust she seem to take it he got her legs pinned over her now his speed got faster she was panting then she climaxed the noise I thought at first she was having a spasm her hold body shook and trembled gasping, Many keep going the another ripped threw her he keep his pace

He fucked like that for some time longer than I expected I am sure Helen cum again

HE then got faster he was now groaning the bed creaking he got her legs almost by her head god I never seen any one fuck that fast,not for long there was loud grunt he came up on his toes held himself on his arms my wife rolled back his cock buried in her as deep as he could get he had his eyes closed mouth open a look of almost pain on his face then a noise like an animal he gasped his body trembled then he jerked his head back gasping he dropped to his knees still jerking his sperm flowed from him in to my wife most likely into her womb he was that deep inside her this gave Helen a mini climax how much spunk he had I don't know it seemed to last a long time, in the end they collapsed panting and gasping

It was when he pulled out and rolled on to his back I went to the other camera Helen lay there legs wide open her inner thigh was red her pussy puffy and distorted lips rolled back open and gaping spunk running out of her she nipped her knees together then opened them it was like a bubble of white in pussy then that ran out

She was first to speak she said Christ I need that, he said you where blood tight again you got to have more cock more often her reply was please then said I have only had a little willy for the last three weeks I knew I was getting tight I could nearly feel him again, he laughed and said your got have big cock you know you need it now, she replayed by saying yes I think your right you sod its the only way to get me to cum, Jesus I struggled to take you this time to start with

Helen had moved round to talk to Many she now lat on her tummy with her head almost on his chest propped up on a pillow , she was saying when can I see you again, he said you know its a family business ad it hard to get time off in the day. its a pity your old man didn't have nights away like he did before Christmas, do he bother you much, she giggled and said he some times want it but I can usually put him off or make an excuse there not much point he don't do a lot for me when I do let him, he then asked you thought any more about George my cousin you said he is nice when you meet him

Helen said no I don't think I could and you wanted him to come round with you, not two of you at once,he smiled well once you got to know him he runs that shop for us and he can get afternoons off he could fill in for me some times Helen said what are you trying to say you want him to fuck me, he said we have shared the same women before Helen said and was she white and married like me he was smiling as he said she she was

It was obvious he was trying to get this George involved and Helen was not given a no for sure not no its out the question no, I know her to well she is considering it

I looked at the time hell it five o clock, I need to down load this part on my lap top then reload the recorder before Helen got home I then realized I had cum in my pants I flicked threw the rest they go on to fuck again with my wife on top the rest was us at home , I got it done before she got back