22 Jan 2019

People endlessly fascinate me, and I am forever curious to learn how each couple started on their journey to explore swinging, how they began that initial conversation, and how it developed from there and the different stages they go through.

I have already told the story of meeting Laura and Don - see 'Just a drink', and this account is of a follow-up meeting that happened last autumn, four years later - I can be very patient! Anyway, we had stayed in touch all the time they had been overseas, and eventually it was agreed to meet. I travelled up to their neck of the woods, but after so long I felt we should spend some time socially and suggested we had some lunch together. They thought this a good idea, and we duly met at a restaurant. It wasn't a very large place and the tables quite close together, so I was slightly surprised that Don was soon talking about swinging - not that I minded at all, of course.

Once a very pleasant lunch was over, I followed them back to their house, and after a while gradually made our way towards the bedroom. "How do we start?", Laura surprised me by asking, surprised as I knew they had experienced this sort of thing quite a bit before, but I think just demonstrated her nerves which I found endearing. "We start like this," I said quietly, moving towards her, taking her in my arms then turning her around, her back towards me and facing her husband while I gently stroked her hair and started kissing her neck. (I SO adore this first stage of physical contact, especially being watched by a husband. I'm not sure what it says about me - please feel free to comment! - but I guess these first tentative steps are when we are all testing the water to see how everyone responds).

I knew from previously that Don would inevitably get jealous of me being with his wife at some point, and so had already decided that the best way to minimise this was to involve him, and let him join in as and when he wanted to.

Anyway, Laura was responding warmly to my touch. Wearing a black strappy top and white jeans, I slowly slipped first one strap down to reveal one gorgeous 32B breast for my hand to caress and my mouth to enjoy, and then the other side. "I'm only wearing two things" she whispered almost apologetically, which meant only her jeans to go! Her top was soon off completely, the button of her jeans and then the zip undone, and my hand was cupping her smooth mound.

After a short while she turned round, began undoing my shirt and jeans, and within seconds we were both naked, her sitting on the bed, cupping my balls and having taken my already firm cock into her mouth. Remembering how expert she was at this, I needed to pace myself, and for the next 'I don't know how long', we were taking turns and swapping positions, from her straddling my mouth, to 69-ing and just thoroughly enjoying exploring, teasing, testing and replaying some of our previous experiences. All the while Don had been standing next to the bed naked and either wanking or taking pictures, but then said he was feeling left out, so I stood aside while he went down on his wife, and after a bit I returned to play with her gorgeous breasts.

Don came up for air, and we all took a 'time out' at which point he suddenly asks: "So, are we fucking this afternoon?"

Somewhat surprised by the directness of the question, I replied that I'd be delighted to while looking straight at Laura, who simply responded by asking "Have you got any condoms?"

"In my jeans," I replied, quickly retrieving a strip from my pocket, tearing one off, opening the foil and applying it before anything else was said or anyone changed their mind! I moved back on to the bed, she parted her legs, and in I popped! God that felt good...

(Thinking about it now, the ease with which I entered her shouldn't have come as a surprise. She'd been licked and fingered by the two of us for quite a long time, so must have been ready to be penetrated and certainly well lubricated!)

On entering her, I tried to keep my body high to give Don as good a view as I could, but before too long we were too engrossed for me to think too much about him. Highly stimulated by her soft slim body, gorgeous boobs and the deliciousness of fucking her, I was soon close to cumming. I managed to stop in time, and we changed position to her in doggy, but my erection had unfortunately softened slightly in the change over. (She later said she'd wished I'd just cum in her when I needed to).

Don was keen to have her, so as I withdrew, he pushed in and began to pump her. There were several changes in position, and with the condom off, Laura soon had me in her mouth while her husband banged away. "Don't cum in my mouth", she said between mouthfuls, and with a last change in position she held my balls firmly as I ejaculated over those delicious tits and I savoured a final sensational moment with her as I massaged my spunk over both of them, and thorough lubed her nipples - she appeared to love it as much as I did.

Don seemed relieved it was over and passed me a tissue. "I'll need more than one, please," I replied.

What a great couple - it's good to share and take turns!