Written by Engwife

7 Jan 2010

Hi Leesa here again, over a year ago I became single again. Helping me through the emotional turmoil of my separation and then divorce was my best friend Jenny and her husband Gary.

I have a strong sex drive but I wasn’t interested in starting a new serious relationship and I didn’t want any one night stands. In our many talks Jenny advised me that she suspected that Gary had previously had an affair but was not certain, however Gary is fairly shy and I couldn’t imagine him having an affair. Lying in bed one night and very frustrated, I hit on the idea that maybe I could find out the truth and in the process Gary could help me out with my sexual frustration.

Gary is a plumber and I needed help with some leaking taps, so I rang Jenny one Saturday and asked if she could send Gary around to help out. After Gary fixed the taps we sat down for a drink and I asked him about his alleged affair, knowing how close Jenny and I are, he denied it at first but I am very persistent and kept at him. I know he loves tits (bordering on obsession) so I offered to show him my boobs if he told me, he said show me first thinking that I wouldn’t go through with it. Not to miss out on a dare and with a very erect nipples, I showed him one boob. I could see him gulp but he wasn’t about to spill the beans so I took my top right off. At this point and trusting me a little more he admitted to a brief affair with a woman 5 years earlier but wouldn’t give me any details. Having had fun with my seduction I was now as horny as hell so I told him he could suck my boobs and he greedily did.

I had not intended to do any more than play around a bit and find out the truth but when I reached down and felt his rigid cock I just had to have it inside me. At this stage I had not had sex in 4 months so I went down and unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It is a nice size and I completely lost myself to sucking and licking it, I don’t know how long I was at it, but it suddenly swelled even more and then Gary was cuming in my mouth. I had never previously swallowed before but curiously it wasn’t too bad so I just kept at it until he started to soften. I was dripping wet but now I had a limp dick in my hand. All this had happened in the lounge room so I suggested that we get a drink and then head to the bedroom. While I got a drink from the fridge Gary came up behind me and started to kiss my neck and fondle my boobs. I didn’t need to be turned on any more but this had my juices running down my leg and my legs going weak at the knees, I could feel Gary’s erection returning. I went to put the drinks on the bench when Gary pushed me over the bench and quickly entered me from behind. I had gone from instigating everything to being under Gary control, he started to pump into me with a steady rhythm and in no time at all I was coming and coming until finally he pumped his 2nd load into me. We were both exhausted and Gary needed to head home so I promised I wouldn’t say anything as long as he occasionally dropped around to help me out - which he does. However that is not where the story ends.

Sitting around a month later and feeling guilty about having fucked her husband, Jenny dropped in to my house unannounced. At first I was scared that Gary had spilled the beans but Jenny walked in happy as ever. Noticing my mood she asked if anything was wrong so I just mentioned my separation and lack of sex as an excuse. With that she gave me a long hug. I know that Jenny is very sexually conservative so what happened next was a total surprise. While hugging we were pressed together and the closeness was very nice. Jenny then kissed the top of my head and then kissed me quickly on the mouth. I felt a tingle when she said she could help me out if I wanted.

‘With what’ I said

‘With your lack of sex’ she said.

I instantly thought she meant she would send Gary around when she suddenly kissed me again – this time passionately. Before I knew it we were on the couch going at it like two teenagers, she sucked my boobs and then went down on me sucking and licking my clit, I had a shattering orgasm and we continued playing with each other for the rest of the afternoon. It turns out that Jenny is bisexual and has always fancied me but never tried before because she was frightened of scaring me off.

The best part now is that I have both of them separately dropping around about once a week, neither knows about the other and both have sworn me to secrecy as they don’t want the other to know. I am having a great time and the intrigue all the more exciting, I just hope I can keep it going.