Written by Luster Duster

13 Jun 2016

I know I am a cuckold but I know what we want as a couple. We do this because its right for us and it has to be right for both of us.

For me, I have the most enjoyable experiences with Bulls who are smart, imaginative, devious, and interactive with me. Simply if a guy just fucks my wife and they do and I hear about it from her, that’s OK. But its way more interesting for my wife and I if the Bull pays me some attention. That can be taunting me with the details of what he’s going to do to my wife (or has done, or is doing), ordering me around, bullying me somehow. It may even be having me restrained, limited watching, listening only or restricting access to her.

To that end, the best Bulls in both my opinion and hers haven’t usually been the young studs but rather older, mature guys. They are more likely to have experience. They have more confidence. They tend to have more self-discipline. They are usually wealthier. They know what a woman wants and needs. They know how to keep a husband in line.

Wealth, experiencing, control, discipline, this is all stuff that drives my wife wild and makes me feel naturally submissive to these men.

Physical stuff helps, too. If I think a guy can kick my arse, it makes me feel submissive to them. A guy who knows how to point and say “Sit!” with the right tone and look will bring me, and her, to heel faster.

One particular bull was a favourite of ours. He would make my wife eat his arse. He would sit right on her pretty face and stroke off. She would squirm underneath him. He legs would be kicking as she licked and licked. Then she would blow him and he would cum on her tits.

Or he would lay, legs spread on the bed and slowly jerk as she lapped on his cock and balls until he came on her face.

It was so humiliating that she’ll happily do that for him when she says she doesn’t even like to go down on me. Making her eat his arse is also an act of power over her and over me.

She could be that dirty for him but not for me. Her pretty mouth on his arse.

It was so hard when she swallows his load at the end. She never tired of drinking his juice and it had been many months since she gave me a blowjob.

It lets you know who has the power.

A good bull, the right bull.