Written by Petgab

6 Feb 2012

Julie and me had made some contacts through various swinging sites.

A lot of guys were interested in having a go at fucking my wife from behind whilst I watched, and I loved the thought of that too, but when it came to the bit, I think we just got scared.

That was a couple of months ago. The sexiness and thought of sharing her. 46 but trim, so fit and slim with all the gym classes she attends. And the energy she has to ride hard on top of me. A flat tummy and super small breasts, but a pussy that justs eats cock.

Eventually we reached our compromise. We contacted Mike, from York, who said he would like to watch me fuck my wife. Perhaps he could masterbate in front of us will we shagged??? We met him in the Bar of our hotel in the city. We were having a 2 night stay. It was in the afternoon of our second day. Julie had dressed in a red peep bra and matching red/black panties, which she wore under a simple but figure hugging woolen dress, with black boots and tights. I wore jeans, shirt and jacket. Mike wore similar, and was just as nice in person as he had been on the webcam when we chatted.

A few drinks and Julie was loose, and settled enough for us all to go back to our junior suite. I poured us all a Jura. Mike sat on the sofa, and I took Julie by the hand and pulled her to me, face to face and started kissing her. My hands slid down her dress and raised her hem up to show off her covered bum. Squeezing her cheeks hard before pushing her back on the bed. Her legs hanging in the air I unzipped and removed her boots. Then pulled off her thick tights. Standing her back up I raised her dress again, this time revealling her slightly tanned bottom in red panties to Mike, and squeezed her bum again.

Julie unbuttoned my shirt halfway and bit on my nipples. I pulled the zipper of her dress down and soon she stood cuddled against me in just her underwear. Mike I saw stirred when she turned away from me and pressed her bum onto my swollen crotch. Her bum crack rubbing against my hardness. I unclipped her bra, and her small 32 Bs pointed into the air. Very large nipples which my thumbs and forefingers squeezed. Julie faced Mike as I slid my right hand down into the front of her panties. I felt her slit. It was hot, and moist. The panties fell with no effort as I pulled them down over her hips.

Julie lay on her back on the bed. Her legs wide open, and she called me to fuck her. I dropped my jeans and threw my shirt on the floor. My 8" cock was throbbing, and I looked at Mike as I entered her cunt. I gave a few slow long strokes. Julie had absorbed my cock with no effort. Not the usual tightness. She was sopping wet. Mike stood up. His shirt had been removed and his denims were now at his ankles. No boxers or briefs to be seen. Mike's cock was easily an inch or 2 longer then mine, and looked thicker, and darker.

Julie turned her head to the side to watch Mike wank as I fucked her. She was very turned on. I asked if she liked what she saw. "OH YES!!!" I asked if she wanted to see his cock closer? "YES!!" Can Mike wank over your tits?? "YES!!"

Mike moved to her head, kneeling on the bed and kept wanking. Julie then reached and stopped him. She then took hold of his throbbing cock, and wanked him slower, and at the same time gave a little sigh as she came. Would you like his spunk on you, or in you. "YES!!" Not understanding I asked again. "I want to fuck Mike too!!"

I pulled out and invited him to take over, but Julie sat up and had Mike go on his back. Julie then sat on top of his cock and inserted it in her. Before too long she was cumming on top of him and Mike could not hold back either and came inside her. Sweat was running down Julie's belly as she climbed off him, and moved down to suck on his now softening penis. Julie's bum in the air meant I filled her fanny and fucked her in her favorite position. She pushed hard against me and I quickly came in her already spunk filled cunt.

We rested for 10 or 20 minutes. Julie had a quick wash and wipe, and before Mike decided it was time to got Julie disrobed from her white towelling gown and ask Mike to fuck her properly. Julie lay on the edge of the bed naked again, and just as Mike had done earlier, I now watched him shove his big cock into her. I watched them kiss deeply as he made love to her, before fucking her.

I knew our meeting would be more than being watched. The heat of sexual desire and passion was so strong we enjoyed the excitement. After Mike came on her belly, I did too. I wanked over the dirty slut, who is the most gorgeous woman in the world, and is my wife. x