Written by Robero_2009

3 Oct 2012

We were having some work done on a place my GF and I were living in. So we had a builder around for a few days a week for about a month.

I got home one day and see said how the builder had been checking her for most of the day, she said every chance he got his eyes were on her. I wasn't surprised in the slightest as she was wearing some very skimmpy clothes and was showing off most parts of herself.

So the days pasted and she got more and more chatty with the builder and I got home one day and she was telling me how lovely he was and they were getting pretty well.

We have had some fun with other people and I got the sense she wanted some fun with the builder. So I came up with an idea to see if we could come to some arrangement.

I suggested my idea to her, I said to try and woo the builder to have some fun with her (As much fun as she wanted) and see if he would knock any money of the cost.

So she looked excited by the idea and the challenge. She loved the idea and started to come up with ideas to woo the builder and have her fun at the same time.

My GF wouldnt let me know how she was going about the plan but she was trying new ideas all the time.

She had finally come up the 2 ideas which she would use and she what luck she would have.

Day one - so I got home early on the day I was told too by the GF and I went into the house there was no noise like normal, so I had a massive smile on my chops as I headed up the stirs, fully well knowing what was happening but I was will wondering how she had done it. As I approached the top of the stairs I would hear the moaning of her and the builder and he was really giving it to her. I could hear the bed making some really loud banging. So I pushed the door open and what I sight I saw. My GF was bend over the end of our bed, hands attached to the rails with some handcuffs. There she was dressed up in a little French Maids outfit, black seemed stockings, black high heels and her tiney little black thong around her knees. I heard the builder saying what a naughty slut of a maid she had been and he was teaching her a lesson not to play with his tools. He had a nice sized cock and he was really going at her pussy hard and fast.

I looked at her pussy and I saw all the juices running down her legs and onto her stocking tops and every time his cock came out it was soaking wet with juices.

I knew she had told him that this was aloud as he gave me a little wink as I slipped into the room and watched and wanked at the live sex show. He went at her pussy for a further 30 mins. Her stocking tops were soaked and so was his cock and to finish off he went around to her mouth and unloaded his massive load into and onto her lips. He untide her hands and told her to close up the mess all over the bed. He walked passed me with a giant smile. She looked up and winked, also with a great big smile.

Day two - I got home normal time this time and I walked in the front door, to hear no noise apart from lots of moaning and shouting insults of a slut and FUCK ME HARDER. I walked in with a massive smile and thinking this would be another great show to watch, I wasnt wrong but I had a nice surprise this time. I walked into the living room and there was the GF on all fours dressed as a sexy business woman. Tits hanging out her blouse, black skirt hitched up around her arse, and no knickers (They had been thrown across the room), she had her glasses on and red lippy on too, also with blue stockings and matching blue high heels. My surprise this time was the builder had brought a mate with him. So there was my GF between 2 massive builders and they were spit roasting her in the middle of the room. So they were going at her and taking it in turns for a good hour, stopping every time they were close. I sat silently on the sofa wanking away. There was massive wet patches all over the floor, soaking wet stockings and their cocks were very very wet. After a good hour of watching her get fucked and lip stick across her face and their cocks, they sat her up and both shot their massive loads across her face and tits. She was there loving it and asking for more.

The builder has now become our regular builder and handyman. Also she managed to get the builder to knock off a good percentage of the job.