Written by Dave

22 Jul 2009

This is a story about my collection, all us guys have done don’t we? Well I have been with my GF for 5 years and we have lots of fantasies about fucking other people and we often talk about our past fucks when we are doing it.

Well when I was with my ex a petite blonde size 8 32C boobs I had filmed us fucking in my sitting room one night, you could see her sucking my cock us in a 69 position and then some good shots of us fucking with me holding her legs up in the air she was wearing a sexy pair of black stilletoes.

Anyway one night during a drunken sex session with my GF I told her about this video that I had kept and I had only just found it again ( really I had been wanking over it for years) and to my shock it actually tuned her on to the extent that she asked me to put it on, so after some thought I got out my video cam and plugged it into my TV in the bedroom and hit play.

It starts off with me checking the cam a few time to see if its working then my ex appears fresh out of the bath wearing a skimpy little gown, make up done red lipstick and high heels we start to kiss and then she sits down on the sofa and opens her gown to reveal her sexy little body, my cock is solid by now at the though of this being filmed she then takes my cock and starts sucking.

At this point my GF is transfixed and starts to suck my cock for real whilst watching the video. So now I am watching a video of my ex sucking me whilst my GF is actually sucking my cock for real. We continued to give each other oral sex her pussy was dripping wet as I licked it whist watching the video of me now in a 69 position with my ex as she was taking nearly all of my hard cock in her mouth. My GF then stood up in front of the TV and bent over and asked me to fuck her from behind as we continued to watch me fucking my ex, as I am ramming my GF from behind she stops and takes my cock and guides it up her arse as I push it all in and start to fuck her arse hard she begins to come everywhere as she squirts all over the carpet, my ex wouldn’t let me fuck her arse so I am going one better. Anyway there is clear shots of me ramming my ex holding her ankles high in the air wearing her black heels and fucking for England. I couldn’t wait any longer and I shot all my cum in my GF’s arse still watching this vid, we collapsed on the bed and did it again with me on top of her in the missionary position, she actually said if we spotted my ex she would chat her up for a threesome as she found her horny, that was 12months ago no such luck as yet but you never know!!