Written by Mike, the plumber

2 Jul 2018

Well, the weekend was another glorious weekend - blue skies and not a cloud in sight. The wife and kids went away on Friday evening for 2 nights, I had a few planned jobs to do during Saturday and Gill, as usual, called me to see if I was coming over.

I arrived at Gill's about 9pm on Friday night, knocked on the door to be greeted by her naked body opening the door, her gorgeous tits bouncing around as she jumped onto me. Within a minute she had my flies open, my cock out and she was sucking and licking it to it's full hardness.

She had me carry her up to her bedroom, where she stripped me naked before kneeling on the bed, her lovely arse pointing straight at me as she held onto the bedstead, insisting that I fuck her up the arse again until she cums.

I knelt on the bed, dropped down to her arse and licked from her pussy to her arse hole, getting her as wet as possible, then she said 'finger me, stretch me, then fuck me'. So I did as she asked, I slide two fingers into her tight little hole to stretch her (although not too much as I wanted her tight) and started to finger her, after a few minutes I slid me rock hard cock into that tight little hole, her ring muscles giving way as I pushed deep into her - she groaned 'for fuck sake, that's good' - then I slowly started to fuck her tiny little hole, my right hand playing with her clit while me left hand played with and squeezed her nipples.

Within minutes she was cummin, her ring piece clamping down onto my shaft as she came, this caused me to jump several notches and shoot my load into her arse. When we calmed down, I slid out and watched as my cum trickled from her arse.

Within minutes she had me hard again, insisting that I cum deep in her pussy. Never have I recovered so fast,and so often - it must have been a combination of her tight little holes, her lovely body and the dirty talk she was coming out with.

When I was ready, she laid on her back, a couple of pillows under her hips, as I slid into her extremely wet and tight pussy, she lifted her legs over my shoulders so she was almost doubled up, her knees either side of her massive tits.

As I slid in and out of her, she would straighten her back causing her to push her pussy forward and making me push deeper into her, but would also make my cock rub against her pelvic bone, increasing my sensation. Within minutes I was pumping another load of cum deep inside her as her orgasm hit.

When we had both collapsed, we lay there in the spoons position, Gill kept grinding her arse against my cock in an attempt to get me hard again. We lay there for a couple of hours, kissing and fondling each other, then she said 'I saw your wife at school on Monday morning after you fixed my boiler, I still had your cum in me, and I knew she had your cum in her, that made me so horny'

We spent the night until about 2am fucking before we fell asleep. We woke around 7 and she insisted that I fuck her in the shower again like I did on Monday morning before I left for work, which I did.

I returned on Saturday night about 10, when she said that she wanted to fuck naked in the garden, we did fuck a couple of times that night, but a word of warning - use plenty of mosquito repellent if you do, I ended up being eaten alive (and I don't mean by Gill!).