Written by Bet

9 Aug 2009

After bringing up the kids I have gone back to work, and the job involves fucking the boss!

I am Elizabeth, or as the boss, Duncan, calls me, Bet. Last year my hubby and I decided I could go back to work and I found a job in a small office as "Girl Friday", or gofer!

I was 41 then, and aware that my skills are very few. I have had 2 lovers since getting married, both on Holiday and with Hubby's permission, but the last was over six years ago and I was not sure of my looks as an over 40.

For the interview I wore a summer dress that buttons from the waist up, a bra to enhance my 34ee breasts, that now have given in a bit to gravity, and had the top 2 buttons of the dress open. I do mostly running short or long errands, sometimes in the firms car, make coffee and answer phones, copying and tidying.

Duncan, about 10 years my junior, is an in charge sort, commanding but touchy feely, and was soon patting my shoulder, touching my arm and then later, patting my bum. His side kick, Terry, similar age, began to do the same. After my 3 months trial Duncan offered me a contract but said, in a joking fashion, I would get a pay rise if I dressed the way I did for the interview more often. I took it as a complement and decided I would. Hubby said they were after my body and after a bit of a laugh about it, he even said if I told him all about it, he may even agree to me letting them have me. I had become a bit turned on by Duncan's dominating character and direct charm.

One day Terry patted my bum and I told him not to touch what he cannot afford, or in fact has never even asked permission to touch. He asked if I would let him and I said I might, if he promised to be a good boy. He said he was very good and we parted laughing.

Next day Duncan patted my bum, slow and firm, and apologized for not asking first, then asked very nicely if he could do it again. I said only if he did not get excited, and he more or less weighed my left cheek.

"See" I said, "It's amazing what you get if you ask!". He beckoned my close, in a conspiratorial way so I bent down to him where he sat at his desk. "How about these magnificent appendages then?" he said, cupping the side of my left boob as he spoke.

I blushed and said that I prefer to have had a couple of drinks normally, but as he was the boss I suppose so. So he grabbed the other one as well. I stood up and reminded him I had told him not to get excited. He said it was too late and asked what it would take for me to sit on his lap.

I told him a big pay rise would help. Duncan then told me, in his most commanding voice, to sit on his lap and help him type my new contract. Gingerly, I sat on his thigh and we typed up a contract for me to become office manager, a brand new position with a nice rise. All I had to do next was sit properly on his lap and then press 'send'. As soon as I hit send his right hand was up my dress and he accused me of being the excited one as he touched the damp patch of my crotch. I went to stand but Duncan's left arm held me down, and his right hand maneuvered my panties aside and inserted 2 fingers. I sighed as a small orgasm hit me, and we were then kissing as my panties were wriggled off.

Next my dress was unbuttoned enough to pull over my shoulders and remove my arms, and the bra went next. Duncan was in awe of my breasts, even with the droop he loves them. After some breast worship he stood up, forcing me to do likewise, and spun me round to bend over his desk as he undid hid trousers.

I was suddenly wondering just what I was getting my self into, and then, Duncan was inside me, hard.

It was a rough, dominating fuck.

I became dimly aware that Terry or one of the six others close to this room could just walk in. All I could do was try not to scream as I came. Duncan then pulled out and turned me around so he could sit me on the desk and fuck me while watching my chest bounce, after a few minutes of which he said, "I hope your safe because your getting this right up there!" and thundered his climax into me, making me come again.

The rest of the day was a little odd, but as every one else was leaving Duncan beckoned me into his office. We had hardly spoken since I left his office 2 hours before.

He said that we would have a great working relationship if we kept our heads, to which I agreed, and he then used his command voice to tell me to take out my breasts for him. I said, "Oh no Sir, surely you are not going to violate me again!" in my best Innocent voice, and opened the dress and removed my bra through the sleeves. As I did so Duncan came round behind me and bent me over his desk from the front this time, lifted the bottom of the dress up onto my back and removed my panties. I was enjoying the way Duncan was in charge I could have said no had I really wanted to, I guess I am a bit of a tart really.

2 fingers then invaded me, and I pointed out that at least now everyone else had gone home so we were safe from discovery. I eased back onto the lovely cock that presented itself to me in near ecstasy and pushed back against it's thrusts. Duncan then walked in front of me saying that not everyone had gone home yet, and I was to offer Terry every support in my new role just the same as himself.

I nearly screamed in a mix of shock, excitement and annoyance. My mouth opened and closed a few times but I could not speak.

Looking over my shoulder there was Terry grinning like an idiot as he fucked me, and when he saw me looking he asked, "Sorry Bet, do you mind if I give you a good shafting? I should have asked first really I suppose!"

Terry then really set to and fucked me almost as roughly as Duncan earlier. I came like a tart just before Terry came inside me, to be quickly replaced by Duncan, who spent much time playing with my breasts as he fucked me.

Once Duncan and I came I was lain across the end of the desk, dress now removed, legs in the air so Terry could fuck me on my back. He asked if I "would mind awfully" if he "shagged" me again, as he had waited to do so for ages. I just said to get on with it, I so wanted more right then.

Duncan told me I should let hubby know I would be a little late and had dialed my home number. He passed me the phone as Terry grabbed both my boobs and pulled on them as he pumped away at me, slowing when I began to speak.

"Hello dear, I will be a bit late tonight, I'm er, well I'll tell you later, I'm a bit busy here. O k?"

Hubby asked if I was alright and I said, "Absolutely, some is up is all, gotta go. Bye!" and Duncan cut the line.

That was so kinky that as Terry sped up again I came again.

Terry came several minutes later.

Hubby was amazed when I told him what was going on. He new something was not quite right when I phoned him but that was the part I had got to before he began pulling my clothes off to follow Duncan and Terry.

Hubby likes to hear what I have been up to at work, and suffice to say, apart from a handful of 'special' occasions, I am fucked about four times a week most weeks by the 2 bosses.

Not bad for a 42 year old mother of 2?