Written by doorman

10 Feb 2009

We went out for a meal to a nice little place we know. good food and good service.

About half way thru our meal a good looking woman came in with a fella and sat on the next table. she was good looking about 5ft 10 same as my wife with long brown hair about 35 I would say. We carried on talking, my wife is 5ft 10 tall with long blonde hair blue eyes, very pretty.

As I said we carried on talking and eating our food and they settled in for their dinner. we was drinking wine so my wife had had a couple of large glasses by now so had the other couple. I could see this woman was eyeing my wife up in such a sexy way, my wife was aware of this as well. My wife was looking back and they smiled at each other. We had had conversations about getting a eoman to jon us but never done anything about it. the air was getting eletric.

My wife needed the ladies so off she went. The lady leaned over and said your a lucky man, your partner is abeautiful looking lady. I said thank you I know she is. I also said you should tell she might like that.

My wife was wearing a black wrap around dress with heels and was looking so fucking good. The other woman was wearing short skirt with a white blouse and heels.

Anyway she got up and left for the ladies. about 10 minutes passed my wife came back and kissed me full on the mouth, all cou;d taste was her own scent. it drove me wild. I could taste my wifes come from our kiss. sje sat down the other ladie returned to her seat we got on with our meals, of course with the eyes keep meeting and little smiles.

As we walked out I said what had happened. She started telling me.

She walked form the cubicle to wash her hands when this lady came in, She stood at the next sink and they started talking. she told my wife she had very nice hair, blonde hair which was not dyed, as she said this she asked if she minded and put her hand out to touch her hair. my wife said no thats fine the the woman stri=oked her face and said she was very sexy. while saying this she moved infront of my wife and leaned to her and kissed her softly on the cheek then the lips first the top lip then the bottom. my wife ssaid she just kissed her back and felt her pussy twinge. anyone could ahve walked in any time and my wife loved it. then the woman pushed her tongue deep into my wifes mouth and gave her a firm kiss. my wife said it just turned her on so much. the woman was pushing herself against my wife while kissing her hard then she lifed her hand and let it slide over my wifes breast, and as her nipples where alerady erect this made her shudder.

She dragged her hand down over her breast and looked for the wrap over of my wifes dress, still tongueing her mouth as she done this. She slid her hand in and rubbed her finger over the front of my wifes thong teasing her moist pussy. up and down she was going now while kissing my wifes neck and that drives my wife mad.

She moved the thong aside and slid her finger into my wife making her garspe as she then slid another in then another. 3 fingers being pushed into my wife mad her cum, and when she cums she gushes. my wife said she was hanging on to this woman as she finger me it was the nutts.

Then she stopped fingering me and looked at me, she must have known what I wanted because she bent down infront of me and lifted my wrap over out the way and i felt her tongue run over my thong, then she moved this with her finger and was tasting my cunt. i could feel her tongue licking my clit and it was heaven. Just being licked out and the fact someone could walk in any time. the woman slid a finger in my wet hole so I open my feet slightly wider so she could feel more of my crack, as I done that this woman put another 3 fingers back in my and finger fucked my cunt. My cunt went bang she said I came all over her hand and was breathing so hard and moaning.

The woman stood up and kissed me full on the mouth all i could taste was my own cum, what a sexy kisser she was I was trembling. we have exchanged numbers for some other time. are you ok with that.

My cock was rageing. when we got to the car i kissed my wife and found the opening to her dress to feel her drenched hole. i slid a couple of fingers up her as i kissed her, she came again on my hand. I leaned back and got my cock out she just fell on it taking it all in her mouth what a blowjob. As she was doing it i got her phone and asked her the womans name. she told me so i text her and said did she want to play some more with both of us. she was game as the text came back saying yes she loved cock and pussy and wanted to taste my wife again I blew my load into my wifes mouth. then we drove home to wait for her to arrive........ thats next time