Written by Shaun

20 Nov 2017

Me and my girlfriend are 20 , weve been together 2 years , my mum & dad have house rules if hannah stays over i have to sleep on the couch , but at hannahs house her parents have sat us down and given us “ the talk “ , weve still had oral fun and the occasional hand over mouth slow fuck . My story - Hannah had to go to work , i was having a lie in, hannahs mum went to work but Denis was working from home . I was in bed checking my phone , when a few pics oh hannah sucking me off popped up and my fav hand in panties wanking photo all taken when under the influence, then i clicked on to my fave free porn site , a little rub , a sexy moment when i heard the door creek and there was Denis , i was mortified “caught wanking by my g/f dad” he was staring at my cock and lectured me about respect and what was i thinking , i tried to hold my own in the argument by saying dont let me stay in the same bed as hannah , big fuckin mistake , Denis said get dressed and get out , i realised i had been a twat , i came down stairs and i apologised saying i was wrong and sorry , i said how can i make it up , any jobs to do around the house , i was fishing for anything trying to get back in Deniss good books , then and my Jaw hit the floor with this one he said , suck my cock and i wont say anything , i said you are out of your mind no way he said “ i will tell Hannah and Carol that i went out do some shopping and when i returned you were looking in Carol ( hannahs mum ) knickers draw , what a bastard , that would finish me and Hannah , he said it will be our secret which was even more creepy , he unbuttoned his jeans and a bit of rummaging around out popped his now errect cock , in my teens i had a few wank buddies so i knew the routine , i knelt down , he ordered me to open my mouth and then i put my lips around his cock , with his hands on my head he controlled the movement of his cock in my mouth , next he asked me to suck his balls and wank his cock , i was beginning to enjoy what i was doing , more sucking and he said he was close to cumming , a grunt and i felt the warm spunk in my mouth which i took in spat it into the sink , Denis said i will show you how to suck cock , he said seeing you wanking upstairs i wanted you big cock in my mouth , pants and undies around my ankles and then Denis sucked me hard and firm , from tip to pubes , complimenting me on my cock , with a hand on my balls he sucked and slurped and i pulled my cum face and shot my load , Denis swallowed it all , i couldnt believe i had sucked him and he had swallowed my cum , we got dressed and he said if you want more fun , let him know , he said i have lock up storrage containers that need sorting out , he said money in your pocket and we can carry this on ....i am tempted , hannah would never know and why Denis likes cock amazes me because his wife is a stunner , anyway any comments advice would be appreciated