Written by Adam

2 Nov 2010

I imagine most blokes remember losing their virginity. I recall my first fuck almost as if it was yesterday even though it was 14 years ago. I was 19 and had been going out with Abi, who was 18, for about two months. I'd had her bra off, touching her tits and sucked her nipples, I'd had my hand in her panties and touched her pussy. She'd tossed me off but hadn't let me fuck her. She lived with her Mum, Sally who had recently separated from Abi's dad. Sally would have been thirty six at the time and fit, she and Abi almost looked like sisters, Abi had shoulder length hair, Sally's hung half way down her back. They were both about 5' 6”, but Sally was a bit slimmer, had slightly larger tits and fantastic legs, whether wearing tight jeans or revealed by a short skirt or dress.

It was the summer of 1996 and Abi had arranged a barbecue in their garden, friends of hers and Abi's were invited everyone bringing their own beer and wine. Sally wore tight shorts and a t-shirt and no bra, the top moulded to her tits, hard little nipples poking out. I could hardly take my eyes off her and she gave me a smile when she caught me staring at her tits, which earned me several digs in the ribs from Abi. It was a warm evening and the barbecue went on quite late, I didn't have to get home as Sally had agreed to me sleeping over, albeit in the spare bedroom.

I went to bed around midnight and was half a sleep, slowly wanking my prick, thinking about Abi, when about 45 minutes later the door opened and someone came into the room. I quietly said “Abi?” and she shushed me, the duvet pulled back and I felt a hand on my already erect prick. She pushed my legs apart and knelt between them at the end of the bed, stroking my cock. I felt her move then hair brush my thighs. It was then that I realised it was her Mum, “Sally, what are you doing? I gasped (I know stupid question). “What do you think. I'm going to suck your cock and then you're going to fuck me. Just keep quiet.” With that I felt her breath on my prick, then the tip of her tongue licking up the underside of my cock from balls to the tip. She ran her tongue around my helmet before I felt her lips closing around it and my stiff prick, sucked in to her mouth. My first blow job, her mouth moved up and down my prick sucking me deeper. I lasted about 20 seconds before I shot my load in her mouth and I felt her swallowing, with my cock still held between her lips. She released my softening prick and switched on the bedside lamp. She was naked, firm tits tipped my small hard nipples, she stood up and between her long toned legs, her pussy shaved, totally smooth, her pussy lips slightly parted and shining with cunt juices. She pulled me from the bed, telling me she'd soon get me hard again before taking me across the landing to her bedroom.

On the cabinet next to her bed were two vibrators, she saw me looking and said she'd been using them then decided she would rather have the real thing in her pussy. She lay on the bed and pulled me on, picked up one of the vibrators and started to use it on her pussy, telling me to wank as I watched. She held it against her clit, rubbing it up and down, her other hand squeezing her tits, playing with her erect nipples. She spread her legs wider and inserted the vibe in her soaking pussy and slowly slid it in, her head turned towards me, watching my reaction when she started to masturbate with it, holding it fully in her cunt, then slowly fucking her pussy with it. With her performing sex acts on herself as I watched, my cock was soon getting hard again, she moved her hand from her tits and began stroking my prick, getting me fully erect. Pulling the vibe from her pussy telling me to fuck her, she knelt with her legs either side of me. Holding my cock, she lowered herself, guiding my erection to her cunt, moving my prick back and fore along her gaping hole, rubbing the tip against her hard little clitoris, before slowly sinking down, taking my cock in her tight, slippery cunt. My first fuck, my cock buried in my girlfriend's mothers, smooth wet cunt. She moved on top of me, taking her time, making sure I didn't cum, small movements of her hips, my cock going in and out only an inch or two as she rode me. I tried to thrust in to her, but she told me to slow down let her be in control. I watched as she slowly fucked me, able to see my cock stretching her cunt, her fingers on her clit, teasing it as we fucked. She must have rode me for 10 minutes or so before her breathing changed. She moved faster, lifting herself up so just the end of my cock was in her cunt, then slammed down hard, rubbing her clit harder, whispering to me, telling me to fuck her hard, to ram my cock in her deeper and then as she came demanding I give her my spunk. Although I’d cum in her mouth less than an hour earlier, I felt my cum rising and shot a load in her cunt. She sat on top for a couple of minutes before lifting her self off, my spunk dangling from her cunt as she caught it with her fingers, lifting them to her mouth and drinking my cum. She then sent me back to my room and in the morning acted as if nothing had happened.

I eventually fucked Abi two or three weeks later and went out with her for a year. I occasionally fucked her mum until she started going out with a bloke. Abi and I broke up when I went to Uni, although I saw her and went out with her sometimes when I was home. She went to Uni a year after me, I'd moved back and it was a year later that she also returned and we renewed our relationship, marrying in 2003. Sally had remarried in 2000 but that broke up early this year. Her marriage break up was the reason that she came with us on holiday to France this summer, Abi thought her Mum needed cheering up. What she needed was fucking. A hard cock – mine, and that's what she got.