Written by goodguy069

26 Jun 2012

Following on from the previous story I dressed and watched Jan pack her beach bag and walk off in the direction of the beach i said i would probably see her a bit later as i made myself a coffee to give Jan a head start before i followed on behind her. I made my way towards the beach and noticed a group of lads ahead of me i hung back a bit and decided to find a path thru the tree line at the back of the beach it took me awhile but i eventually managed to find a position to quietly watch what Jan was going to be doing this morning.

I saw Jan laid out on her towel naked listening to her i-pod when the 2 lads from the day before walked over to her and stripped off as well she took her ear plugs out and began to chat to the lads, 1 lad said something and pointed up the beach and waved a couple more lads over as i suddenly thought this was the group who were walking in front of me earlier. The lad must have been asking Jan if it was ok for them to come over as well, 1 of them must have been my height or taller ,i am 6 feet+ and the 2 new lads dropped their shorts and i think Jans mouth dropped open as much as mine as the tall lad had a long cock it looked like a club as it hung down against his thigh.

I heard Jan say we better get started then ,stood up to kiss all 4 lads and i watched as she gave all their cocks a squeeze as she kissed them, then she knelt on the towel as the 4 lads stood around her and proceeded to lick and hold their cocks with such care as if they might break under her touch. then she went around again to suck their balls and plant a kiss on the head of their cocks.

The lads were chatting away and making comments on Jans performance as she now began to slide her lips down over their now rock hard cocks, the lad she had so expertly sucked yesterday lost patience and stepped behind Jan rolling a condom down his cock which looked a similar size to my 8" cock, pushed her forward so she was now on all4s and put his fingers down to touch her pussy where upon he told everyone she was already juiced up and holding his shaft slid inside Jans wet pussy, she opened her mouth to take a gasp of air as the tall lad knelt down in front of Jan and began to fuck her mouth.

I looked on to see she had taken a good amount of his cock in her mouth and throat but he seemed to have the same amount still to go, a couple of times she had to stop to take some breath, then the lad who was fucking her pulled out and shot great spurts of his cum over her back and bum. The tall guy lay down flat on a towel and beckoned Jan over him she dipped her head to dribble some spittle over the head of his cock as he held it with one hand, Jan knelt over it lowering herself down onto the weapon, i heard Jan say Oh Fuck it feels so good ! a couple of times followed by 3 Oh Fucks as she had taken all of him inside her.

I watched as he held her waist slowly lifting her up and down until Jan got used to having something so big inside her and began moving her body up an down herself as she relaxed with it filling her up she leant forward to kiss the lads face and he held her head to kiss her lips as the other lad from yesterday knelt up behind Jan holding his cock like a arrow and rubbing some of the cum from the previous lad over his cock ( i couldnt see if he had a condom on or not) and began to ease it in to Jans dark hole with a couple of gasps of Oh!, Oh! which soon became Yes!, Oh yes! as he began to slowly fill her tight arse with his cock .

Jan was grunting and making noises i have never heard before as the lads worked their cocks inside her, the lad in her arse soon shouted Yes! Yes! and pulled back from Jan and i could see their juices all over his bare cock, he lay back on the sand drained but still watching Jan as she rode his friend who was now pulling on her nipples making her face contort but with pleasure not pain i was sure of, i had my cock out of my shorts now as well i hadnt seen the purple head as dark as it was at that time and wanting to let all my pent up juice go as it erupted in my hand.

Then i looked back up at the sound of the lad under Jan telling her i am coming Baby! as he held he arse so tight forcing her down onto his huge weapon as it unleashed ammo inside her womb i had no doubts,she collapsed on top of him his fingerprints like tatoos on her arse. When she did get up she still had 1 lad to satisfy, she looked st him and said i will blow you but nothing else at the moment, he seemed happy enough with that and sat back on a towel as she lay between his out stretched legs as he urged her on to swallow all his cum which she did and then grabbed his head to kiss him and pass him some of his cum to taste as well.

Jan licked all their cocks clean spending a lot of time on the tall lads cock which i think she would have liked again but i think she was aware of the time and afraid of me turning up and catching her. After they had gone i gave it a few more minutes making my way to the beach and over to Jan who was sat drying herself after going into the sea, i looked down at her to see her pussy gaping, still leaking the lads juices and looking it had been well used and when she turned over she had 2 big hand prints on her arse and cum dripping from her arse as well.

After that day we never got down to that beach again as Jan and i wanted to see some more of the island but i dont think either of us will forget those 2 days on that beach and i did tell Jan i saw what went on after our holiday and i got called a pervert but we did laugh about it later in bed .

I hope you liked the conclusion to that story maybe if you do i will write on here again!