Written by Gosguy67

17 Jan 2015

Thirty years ago when I was a student, I worked in a few places to get money mostly hotels, and pubs. I met a girl called Nicole, she was lovely, sexy naive and a good fuck. I got on ok with her parents especially her mum Jennie, she was the sexiest woman I had ever seen, slim lovely legs great arse and tits I used to wank over and often thought of Jennie when fucking her daughter. Jennie and I used to flirt and at a party had a slow dance and a grope, but I put her willingness down to the drink. The husband was a drunk, always passed out by 9pm. One Friday we all went to a dinner dance at the hotel I was working at, we had good meal and quite a bit to drink, the dad was pissed and wanted to go home and Nicole was not feeling well, mad her mum suggested that she took her dad and she would stay and I could drop her home later, as she had not had a night out for months. So that was what happened. We danced and drank some more; then the slow dances happened, Jennie had a low cut dress with a slit up the left side that went very high. During the first dance I groped her sexy arse pulling her into me and she could feel me getting very hard, I am quite big ( see my profile) and then very fit, sporty and competitive. She reacted well to the arse groping so as the lights dimmed I put my hand up the slit and found she had no knickers and she looked at me and smiled, before stroking my cock with her hand and we had a passionate French kiss. We danced and groped a few more and I told her I wanted to fuck her and she just said good lets go. I got a room key for an uncooked room and we went upstairs. As soon as we were in the room we could not get our clothes off quickly enough. Jennie' body was so sexy, better than her daughter which was saying something, she got to her knees and started. To take my cock, I head her hair and face fucked her, then pulled her up laird her on the bed and licked her very juicy and tasty cunt, fin infer her cunt and arse at the same time, she was very vocal and came a couple of times, I then stood up and got on top of her and started to fuck her she because loud and dirty, calling me a bastard, and I calling her a slut, whore; she asking if she was better than Nicole, and she was a much more exciting fuck. I came loud and in bickers, she screamed as she orgasmed at the same time. I was young and hard very quickly, I had her legs in the air as I entered her this time going really deep, then we changed so I could fuck her doggy, and get to her arse, she was a real anal slut loved it. I came in her arse, and we rested. We had time for one more she rode me and then I had her missionary again. I took her home and agreed to meet her on Monday lunchtime, as she would take the afternoon off; we met went to the house and had four hours of dirty fun, she said that she wanted to keep seeing me but I had to dump Nicole, so I did. Still kept friends with Nicole though. I had an affair with Jennie for two years, she would come to the university book a hotel and we would have some really dirty and kinky sex. I had other girls but she was the best fuck, and a great experience for a young guy. We drifted in the end as I left university, we did meet up on occasions for a few years, but not for a very long time now. I do remember seeing Nicole about a year into the affair and she told me that she thought her mum was having an affair! Louise is still one of the best fucks I ever had.