Written by rob

12 Sep 2008

I met kate on one of the popular internet dating sites. After chatting by email for a few days we eventually had a real chat and decided to meet. I knew after that first night all horned up in the back of my car in the car park of the pub where we met.

We had been seeing each other for about 2 weeks, and basically I had practically moved into her place. She called one afternoon to say that she would be a little late home from work but that I should let myself in and make myself at home.

I arrived about 6pm and let myself in and went into the living room to watch the news and unwind before Kate arrived home.

I noticed a note addressed to me on top of the TV. the note said that I should play the video that was already in the VCR. Intregued, hoping that it was a bit of porn, I did as I was told. The tape started and after about 3 seconds I realised it was kates bedroom. The camera pointing at an empty bed. After a few moments the lighting softened and in walked kate in skimpy black silk knickers, black silk cammy and seamed black lacy top hold ups.

First she sat upright on the bed facing the camera and looking straight at the camera said \' I was so horny at work this morning that I thought I would pop home for lunch to make a nice suprize for me for when I got home\'.

Then the music started, latin jazz as she started touching her breasts, teasing a peek, circling her nipples before dropping the straps of her cammy. She released the straps and let her bulgind pink breasts release. She carried on caressing them with her left hand and moving her right hand between her thighs. She ticked the skin above her lace top and using her thumb started flicking her clit through her silk skimpies.

She was well away now. I kept looking at her face, the ecstacy was real, she was well away.

After turning around so that her arse was in shot of the camera she slowly slid her pants down. She then skillfully rubbed both holes. Her fingers were soon wet, sliding a thumb into her arse and a finger into her quim. She rocked back and forth getting faster and faster bfor collapsing on her front in ecstacy.

She turned, flushed in the face, to the camera and began to lick her fingers. Just before the tape ended she said I hope you\'re cock is hard because tonight I want you to fuck me deep in the arse and spray my cum over her arse.

The tape ended and yes I was rock hard and frustrated. I immediately wound the tape back and watched it all over again.

I had just got to the end of the second performance when I heard her key in the door. What happened next is the subject of my next story..............