Written by Alan

1 Jun 2011

You really need to need my post on 18 April, much has happened since then, but to recap - I had to witness my wife, Jan, being fucked by Rob’s massive cock before she would let me join in her private swinging club. The upshot from this was that having not totally freaked out when I saw my wife being fucked by another guy both Jan and Linda were happy for me to join in their private swinging/fuck club. That said Jan did inform me that one of the rules of the club was that I had to take a STD test and show that I was clean – Jan told me that she knew I was clean, but the rule was not negotiable. To be honest this didn’t really give me any problem as I found out that the test could be done quickly and discretely.

Having taken the test I gave the results (which were clear) to Jan who passed them onto to Linda, who ran the club really. I was then informed that the next meeting was in three weeks time, at Linda’s house and that a new Girl, Andrea, would be there. Jan told me that Andrea was a very pretty 26 year old blonde girl who worked in another law firm and added that Andrea’s husband, who was about 28, was a bit boring sexually. She also said that both she and Linda found out over a coffee with Andrea that whilst she loved her husband she wanted much more from sex. So they both subtly suggested she might want to their fuck club – Andrea had said she was definitely up for this, but didn’t want her husband to know about what she intended to get up to, at the moment.

On the run up to the next party I must say that my sex life with Jan improved 100% and we had some really hot and steamy nights together. I was, however, still a little nervous about the first swinging party, but Jan tried to put me at ease and said that it would be really good if I could look after Andrea as she would probably also be nervous. A couple of days before the party Jan said she was off to get waxed and I was to come with her, as she had a little treat in mind. I thought great I get to watch my wife being waxed that could be a real turn on. However, I was wrong! When we got to the salon she introduced me to Mary and then said “He wants a full body treatment”. Fuck I thought, waxing for men that’s painful and it’s going to be woman that !!! The look on my face must have given this away as Mary and Jan told me not to be a wimp and it was not as painful as I might think. So in I went and to be honest whilst it did hurt a bit, it wasn’t that bad and the effect was really quite good and it certainly made my cock look much bigger (I’m 5.5” flaccid and just over 7.5” hard).

Early in the evening on the day of the party we both got ready by having a long soak in the bath and whilst I was randy as hell, Jan was having non of it and told me to save myself!! At this point I asked Jan that as I was looking after Andrea would it be ok if fucked her. Jan said providing Andrea herself is totally ok with that there would be no problem, but both Linda and Jan had a little surprise for her – I asked what, but she said I’m not going to tell you but you will find out soon enough. With that we then both got dressed. Jan put on her Black 8 strap Basque, which made her 38DD tits look fantastic and when she put on her sheer black seamed stockings and high heels I really struggled to get my clothes on with a massive hard on and it wasn’t until she put on a slinky black shift dress to cover things up a bit that I calmed down!

I was told that the run of the evening was basically a cocktail party and then we just let events take there course. We were the first couple to arrive but shortly afterwards Emma and George arrived (I’d watched them fuck when I sneaked a look at the fuck club some time ago – see my first post). Next to arrive were Rob and then Paul. At first I thought that Andrea wasn’t going to turn up but about ten minutes later she arrived, looking quite nervous, but stunning. She was about 5’ 8” in her stilettos with longish wavy blonde hair and she was wearing a short black cocktail dress which showed off her cleavage to great effect. As soon as we gathered in the dimly lit Lounge Linda started serving cocktails and canapés; it was pretty obvious from the outset that the cocktails were really strong and it only took about an hour before the party was really humming as everyone just chatted away. As requested I was talking to Andrea, who admitted to me that she was quite nervous about what may happen; I told her that it was my first time and I was also quite nervous myself, I think this made her feel a bit better. After about another 15 minutes everyone sat down on the sofas and Linda cleared away the coffee table and put a large foot rest on rug in the middle of the room. I knew what this was for but didn’t say anything to Andrea. It was also at this point that I noticed George and Emma were all over each other on the opposite sofa as George had his hand up Emma’s dress and she had her hand inside his trousers. Andrea hadn’t noticed this at first but when she did she couldn’t keep her eye’s off them and pretty soon Emma had George’s cock out of his trousers and was slowly wanking him to a really hard erection. Andrea then said to me that one of the reasons for wanting to join in with us was she wanted to try an above average cock as her husband only had a 4.5” cock and the biggest she had ever had was 6”. I told her that she won’t be disappointed if she stays here, to which she replied “How big is yours then”, “Why don’t you find out”, I whispered in her ear and then slowly kissed her neck. With this she then put an arm around me, kissed me full on the lips and then put her tongue down my throat. As we broke off from the kiss she whispered in my ear “ I might just do that” and the next thing I felt was her hand undoing my flies. “ wow that feels good”, she said. I then put my hand up her skirt, she was wearing hold ups and a very small G string and her pussy was soaking. Mmm you’re turned on aren’t you I said. “Who wouldn’t be with this going on”, replied Andrea. I then noticed that Emma had lost her dress and George was sitting totally naked having his cock sucked by both Emma and Linda. On the other smaller sofa I could see Jan necking with both Rob and Paul as her dress rode up revealing her stocking tops. I then undid Andrea’s dress and started to gently rub her back and the cheeks of her ass. “Let me help you”, she said as she stood up and let her dress fall to the floor. God, she looked fantastic in black sheer hold ups and a tiny black G string. She then stepped out of her dress and got my cock out of my trousers and started to suck me off. I just sat there as Andrea started to suck on my cock taking it right down her throat and then pulling off as my pre cum and her saliva spilled out of her mouth and right down my cock and balls. It was at this point that Jan came over and whispered in my ear that Rob had gone to get ready and they were about to give Andrea her surprise. Andrea looked up at Jan who said “Andrea Darling come over here and sit on this stool, we have a surprise for you”. Andrea then smiled at me and said “ Wait here I’ll be back”, as she got up and sat on the stool in the middle of the lounge.

“Before we show you your surprise I’ve got a question for you”, said Linda. “How important is the size of a man’s cock to you?” Linda asked. “Well I should say it’s not important.... but actually it is”, said Andrea. “Ok what do you consider to be a big cock then?”, asked Jan. “Well I think Alan has a big cock”, she said smiling at me.

“Ok....... lets show you Rob then”, said Linda, as he walked back into the lounge towards Andrea. He was totally naked and had just oiled his body which was fully waxed from the neck down. As he stepped towards Andrea his massive cock glistened in the light as it swung from side to side and his cock-head which was deep purple and the size of a large tomato, bounced off his thighs. Rob stood in front of Andrea with his hands on his waist as his massive semi erect cock gently bounced up and down in front of her, about a foot from her face. “Fuck”, whispered Andrea. “Oh I assure you that he most certainly can do” said Linda, as Jan passed her hand through the back of his legs and slowly started to milk his well oiled shaft. “Its fucking huge”, said Andrea. “Here’s a tape measure, go on measure it”, said Linda. Andrea then measured Rob’s shaft. “Just over 10 inches”, she said “and he’s not fully hard”. “What about the girth?”, said Jan. “ 7 1/2 inches he’s massive”, said Andrea. “Ok why don’t you suck that him, let’s see him fully hard”, said Linda. Andrea then bent down and slowly took Robs massive cock head into her mouth. I know I’d seen this before, but fuck me he was big, Andrea could barely get her mouth around his great big purple cock head. As she slowly settled into sucking Rob’s great shaft, spit and pre-cum dribbled out of her mouth and onto her tits, as Rob gently pushed his hips backwards and forwards. I then lent down and started gently rubbing Andrea’s pussy, she was absolutely soaking and my fingers just glided up her cunt; I also gently rubbed her asshole and slid a finger up, as my thumb massaged her clit. Andrea moaned but carried on working Rob’s huge cock, which was now rock hard. “I bet you want to fuck”, said Linda. “I do but I’m a little scared”, said Andrea. “Well look over there on the sofa”, said Linda, pointing to Emma who was riding George’s rock hard cock whilst Jan licked her pussy and his balls. “I’m coming, I’m coming”, said George, as Emma pulled George’s cock out of her cunt and pulled it a couple of times, until he sprayed a massive load of hot cum all over Jan’s tits. Jan then walked over to Andrea and pushed her tits towards her and said “Come on don’t be shy, lick the cum off my tits”, said Jan. Andrea lent forwards and started licking Jan’s 38DD’s clean. When she had finished Jan said “Now if you want some more cum, you will have to fuck that massive cock to get it”, pointing towards Rob’s glistening cock. “Ok she said but will he take it easy?”, asked Andrea. “Don’t worry dear”, said Linda “you will be in full control and Rob won’t do anything you don’t want. Now let Rob sit down on the stool. And then bend down pointing your bum at Rob’s cock head; now slowly lower yourself onto him, Emma be a good girl and hold Rob’s cock while Andrea sees how much she can take”. Emma then slowly fed Rob’s cock into Andrea’s pussy. At first she took about 3 inches and then pulled out, then she took 5 and so on until eventually she had him all inside her. She then started rocking backwards and forwards taking all 11 inches of Rob’s cock. Her first orgasm then hit her as she rode Rob’s huge cock. The she turned round and said “Now fuck me hard”. “Are you sure?”, said Rob. “ Yes”, she hissed. With this Rob Stood up while fully in her and grabbed Andrea’s waist, the fucking then really started as he pumped his massive cock in and out of her pussy, whilst she was bent at the waist. To be honest I have never seen anything so horny, Andrea stood in stilettos and stockings whilst while Rob’s massive cock hammered in and out of her pussy as he pulled her down his entire length and then bounced her ass off his thighs. At the same time pre-cum and pussy juice was squirting out at each thrust, Rob was an expert cocks-man and truly expert at fucking pussy, you just had to admire his skill and stamina as he power fucked Andrea to orgasm after orgasm.

At the same time that this was going on I could she Jan, who was sat opposite Andrea, riding Pauls 10 inch cock. Jan then beckoned to me to sit next to her as she grabbed my cock and started to ride Paul really hard. Jan then said to Andrea " Watch this Andrea". Despite being power fucked by Rob you could tell Andrea was watching. Jan then looked over her shoulder and said to Paul “Come on stud give it me, pump your cum into me". With that Paul pulled Jan really hard onto him and then let go as his balls tightened and he cried “I’m coming, I’m coming”. Jan then rose up and grabbed his cock and stuck the head of Pauls cock in her ass. Paul’s shaft then started to throb and cum started to squirt out of Jan’s ass all over her hand and Pauls cock. Jan then climbed off Rob and onto me her ass and pussy just dripped cum. She then turned round looked me in the eye and said “Enjoy”, as she buried my whole cock up her ass in one go! With her legs apart Jan was showing her pierced pussy to Andrea as I fucked her ass for all I was worth. That was until Linda started to lick Jan’s pussy and my cock as it slid in and out of her ass. I couldn’t take much of this and after a few minutes I was telling Jan and Linda I was about to come. Jan then pumped my cock a couple more times and then Linda pulled my cock out of Jan’s ass and proceeded to wank me off into her mouth and all over Jan’s pierced pussy. After I had finished cumming Linda stood up, walked a couple steps to Andrea and pouted at her with her hands on her hips as my cum dripped from her mouth. “ If you want some cum right now Andrea Darling you better open your mouth”, said Jan from the sofa. Linda then held Andrea’s head as she let all of my come out of her mouth and into Andrea’s and all over her tits. What a couple of sluts I thought, as they smiled at each other.

Very soon after this Rob started grunting and saying I’m cumming, I’m cumming as he carried on driving his monster cock into Andrea; so am I retorted George who had been fucking Emma over the other sofa. At this point both Linda and Jan pulled Andrea off Rob as George sidled up next to him with his cock in his hand. I could now see Jan, Linda, Andrea and Emma all on their knees sucking and wanking cock. Rob was the first to come – with his hands behind his back his massive weapon fired out a huge jet of cum that hit both Jan and Linda in the face, the next jet which was not quite so fierce went all over Andrea and Emma’s face and tits just as George shot a load straight across Emma and Andrea’s tits. Rob must have shot another four or five loads( I’m not sure but it was a massive load) all over the girls who then started to clean each other up. They looked like four possessed animals as they licked each other clean. After this everyone got dressed and slowly started to leave. As me and Jan were leaving we said thank you to Linda and Rob (who was staying with Linda that night) I also over heard Jan say “ That was a fantastic night” and she then whispered, “even better than the film club”.

On the way home I asked Jan about the film club and she got a little flustered and agitated but then said it was just a get together with Linda and a few other Girls, to watch porn. I didn’t think that much of it, but later....Want to know more?