Written by Lisa

19 May 2015

I am Lisa in my late 30s with still a nice figure. I am small in height Just 5'1'' but have a relatively large bust which remains firm with sensitive nipples.

My experience is probably quite tame compared to many here but it was adventurous and a turn on for me. I have been an active swinger with my husband and found that I do enjoy the attentions of another female as well as males.

I work as a sales rep making visits to shops and small warehouses in the clothes industry.

It was a Wednesday lunch time in Nottingham and I had made all my calls for the day so I had a decision to make. Go home or take the afternoon shopping. I decided to look around the shops but went to eat first. I don't like eating alone but found a pleasant pub and bought a local paper to read as I ate.

Finishing my meal I sat back and looked in the back of the paper where entertainments etc were advertised. One which caught my eye was an ad for a sauna which promised a Ladies only afternoon on a Wednesday. There was something about the tone of the ad which made me think that it could be quite naughty. I had a rough idea where this was and decided to do a walk past.

I was surprised to find a clean looking place with an entrance foyer not unlike a cinema. I felt myself starting to tremble and looked around. Opposite was a small café and so I went in and ordered a coffee sitting near the window where I could see who went in or out of the sauna. It seemed quite quiet but I did notice a small number of females of various ages make their way furtively inside.

I stood up and quickly made my way across the road entering the foyer. A pleasant blonde girl in her 30s sold me a ticket and asked if I had been there before. I admitted this was my first time and she said she would give me a run down.

Following her instructions I went down a corridor to the changing rooms which were dimly it but warm. I opened a locker and took out the towels which had been folded in there.

I nervously looked around to check that I was on my own. I slipped my blouse and skirt off and then my bra, feeling strangely vunerable in just my thong panties which I slipped down and off before wrapping the towels around me. I locked my clothes in the locker and went to the shower as instructed. There was no one in there and I was able to have a nice hot stimulating shower before wrapping the towels around me again.

In the dim light I made my way to the sauna roomand opened the door tentatively. There were as far as I could see three others in there, all in towels and relaxing on the staging. I took a place low down and a little distance away from them getting used to the heat. They all looked at me and smiled as I responded with a smile of my own.

One of them, a tallish blonde put water on the coals and resumed a seat closer to me, allowing her towel to fall partly open giving me a view of her large breasts. My hands started to tremble as I tried to guess her next move. All three women were watching me as I allowed my towel to fall open giving a clear view of my boobs.

The other two girls moved closer slipping off their tops. Both had lovely breasts. The blonde reached out her hand and cupped my left breast. I gasped as she teased my by now erect nipple. Hands were on my thighs from the other girls and I felt my towels moved away. I reached for the blonde's firm breasts and began to explore them before leaning forward and taking a nipple in my mouth. Her hands moved over me exploring as my thighs were eased apart. I was encouraged to ie back while a young brunette put her head between my thighs searching for my clitty with her tongue. I almost called out with the pleasure of her exploration and they changed places passing me around almost like a parcel. I was encouraged to lick each of them in turn and soon the air was filled by the sound of our moaning.

I felt myself tense and then cum very strongly shaking under their grips. I don't know how long it went on but when we were all satisfied they lay back to rest.

I found that they tended to meet here often with other girls for long sessions.

I agreed that I would love to join them occasionally.

Apparently they also met at another girls house but she wasn't there that afternoon but they felt sure that I would be welcome to join the group of eight girls of various ages between early 20s and mid 40s.

The four of us showered together then dressed although the showering took a long time as secret places were explored and licked or sucked.

Finally all dressed we exchanged phone numbers and promised to keep in touch.

I tottered my way back to my car, quite sore from the fun I had enjoyed and sat for a moment wondering whether I would meet them again and if they would even want to meet me.

Just then my phone went. It was Sylvia the blonde checking that I was ok and saying how much she had enjoyed it.

I felt better and more certain that we would meet again and soon I hoped.