Written by luki boss

9 Jun 2009

I have been dees boss for over 6 years and in those times I have had my wicked way with her on a number of occassions despite the fact she got remarried about 3 years ago..she is 39 nice ass and pert tits and until recently was not to keen on giving oral but now she loves nothing better than me fucking her face on a weekly basis in my office and having my cum fill her mouth..she cant understand why she never did it before as she was married twice before and even now doesnt give her old man head..anyway I digress her old man was looking for some work and I offered him a couple of weeks work away frrom home.so off he went and she was on the fone to me arranging a nite out..hotel room was booked and I told her she had to turn up in a mini kilt I bought her,red stillettos and stockings with a white tight blouse with her buttons open displaying her boobs in fact she looked like a tart.I picked her up and took her to the hotel and told her to get out the car and go to the bar and by herself a drink,she was a little hesitant but I insisted and off she went,I waited 10 mins and then went into the hotel,I had arrived earlier and sorted the room out and got the key..I walked to the bar and there she was sitting on a stool looking like a the horny tart she was..I bought myself a drink and then proceeeded to talk to her as if I didnt know her.eyes were staring at her from other guys in the bar..after 10 mins I got close to her and started whispering in her ear that people were watching her and she was looking like a tart..she loved it laughing out loud..I moved my hand over her ass and started rubbing it gently and I could see the guys sitting at the table behind us drooling,so i WICKEDLY LIFTED her kilt and exposed her peach ass and winked at the guys and they all grinned and she just grabbed my balls and gave them a squeeze..I then put my keys on the bar and said to her quite loudly,would she like to come to my room..she grinned and said loudly thought you would never ask..at this point we went up to the room.

On arrival at the room she was telling me how excited she felt about being in the bar and on being dressed like a tart..I then informed her about the guys behind us and their faces and she said she had seen them grinning thru the mirror on the bar..

I just couldnt keep my hands off her and took her in front of the room mirror and started to kiss her neck as she stood with her back to me and my hard cock pressing against her ass..i released her tits and started playing with them as I kissed her neck and then proceded to undo my trousers and let my cock out..I pushed her over the dressing table and slipped my cock in her tight pusi as we watched in the mirror and this just drove her wild..she was pushing hard onto my cock and frigging her clit in rhythm as i started to play with her ass hole by running my wet finger around it and gently opening her bum hole..this brought her to a massive orgasm..

We then went onto the bed where she eagerly took my cock in her mouth and I face fucked her to the point she was deep throating me without any problem and was loving it..to the point she hardly stopped when I filled her mouth with my cum..as she lay on the bed resting I then proceed to tie her legs and arms down..something that we discussed before..as she likes to be a sub but is afraid at times,so this was taking it to a level she was comfortable with..once helpless she responded by saying I am all yours..I oiled up my hands and her pusi and started playing it exposing her swollen lips and clit..I easily got to 4 fingers in her pusi and she was loving it and I could feel her g spot swelling and I knew that If I played it right this could be good ending..I kept up the pussi stretching to the point I was fisting her and she was loving it and moving rythmicaly with my fisting and coming time and time again..all the time I was checking on her g spot once I felt it was swollen enough I then turned to fucking her swollen pusi with just 2 fingers playing full atttention to her g spot,within a couple of minutes she was telling me had an urge to pee..I then told her no ur about to ejaculate..I continued frigging her g spot and with 3 mins she was showering me and the bed with cum and she was almost convulsing as it hit her..I released her from the bonds and she tried to walk and found her legs were weak..after about 5 mins she felt better and started to suck my cock and needless to say award me with another fine bj..

She has come to work this morning and her pusi is still swollen and she has asked to meet again tonite..