Written by Jackie

6 Oct 2007

Hi I'm Jackie 36, 34-24-36 very curvy and love sex, my hubby and I have been playing games for years just to make sure our sex life doesn't go down hill, we often watch porn films and surf the porn channels on the net, we watched a site some months ago about glory holes, I didn't believe they really existed, except in porn films, but my hubby insisted they really do have holes in the walls in some gents toilets, I've never seen one in a ladies, he insisted it was real, I thought about the films we had seen and I must admit the thought of touching some ones cock that couldn't see me and whom I hadn't seen would be a big turn on, if fact I thought about it a lot when he was fucking me, getting hot on the idea, eventually to prove it one night just after dark we went to a local lay-by with toilets that he assured me had the holes in the walls, I dressed in a very short dress, nothing else no undies but put a long trench coat over it so I could get from the car to the toilet without being too obvious, we parked the car quite near and ran into the toilet, I had trainers on so I could walk like a bloke, high heels would have given the game away wouldn't it, well perhaps not as it turned out, we went in all three toilets were in use so we stood as if having a pee at the urinals, I used to be a school teacher so wasn't to alarmed at entering the gents we had to go into the boys toilet quite often if there was trouble and some of the students weren't kids I can assure you, but that's a different story.

After about fifteen minutes the middle cubicle opened and this young man came out dressed a lot sexier than me he had stockings and a very short mini on with a feminine top, long blond hair probably a wig, made up a little too much and very effeminate in his manner, I smiled at him as he walked out I think he thought I was a transvestite too, but we dashed into the cubicle before some one else came in, he was right there were holes in both walls only that thin melamine stuff, the holes were at least 20cm dia, I sat on the seat looking at all the writing and pictures on the walls when a big stiff cock appeared through the wall on one side and the other was filled with part of a face especially the eyes, looking through the hole, my hubby said why don't you open that coat and show them whats inside, I slowly unbuttoned the coat and stood up to hang it on the hook behind the door, noticing he had got his little camcorder with him, the dirty old man was going to film whatever happened, by now it was obvious to a blind man that I wasn't a transvestite, my tits straining at the top of my dress, it was a button through type as I undone the top three almost down to my waist, exposing my ample charms, there was a gasp from the side that still had a face in the hole and the cock disappeared to be replaced by another pair of eyes both drinking in the sigh of a woman in the mens toilet, my man said well keep going undo all the buttons, I positioned myself so both sides could see me and he could catch it all on camera, one foot either side of the pan my legs wide open, as I undid each button with deliberate slowness, teasing my audience making them want me so badly, at least that's what I hoped was happening, the last button undone the dress hung open to the hem, I looked at my husband and slowly slipped it off my shoulders letting it fall to the filthy floor, well it would wash and the effect was fantastic, I could see his cock straining at his fly trying to escape.

I sat back down on the seat and held my hands out to either side inviting them to give me their cocks just like I had seen on the film, they of course obliged, and I had a cock in each hand, one was quite a bit bigger than the other, the one on my left I couldn't get my hand round it, it was thicker than my wrist, it was also around head, another fantasy of mine to suck a bald cock, my other half has a large foreskin that covers the knob completely till it's fully erect then it pokes through, but I had this desire to suck one that had no foreskin, as I leaned towards it he knelt with the camera really close he was going to get all the action, as my mouth tried to open wide enough to take this monster, it felt so different it was dry not wet like my usual, but like silk it was so smooth and soft although he was fully erect, I took about 75cm in and held it there it was nice that only I could control the amount because all men when being gobbled want to push as much as possible down your throat don't they? it doesn't matter how much you manage to take they always want another little bit, but now I could just ride any efforts he made to push more in than I wanted to take his cock was throbbing it was rather nice to feel his lust being transmitted through the hole in the wall, via his penis in my mouth, my fingers were already at work on my now very hot and wet pussy, making those little round and round movements that make me come so quickly, I turned so I was looking straight into the camera, giving him that smile of satisfaction, he was loving it.

I turned and took the other one it was much smaller and I could take most of it easily, his pubic hair tickling my lips, I kept hold of the other one just wanking him gently, I wanted this to last, not be over in a few minutes, I hoped he had plenty of tape in that camera because I wanted to watch this as I rode him later, but unfortunately the one in my mouth just exploded and fill my mouth with his hot spunk, I let some dribble down my chin just for my man and the camera, it dripped down onto my tits, I massaged it into them as sexily as I could this was going to be a good film, he quickly withdrew his cock and then we heard the door open as he left, I was a bit disappointed at first but consoled myself with the monster sticking out of the other wall, his testicle's were exposed because the hole was so big I managed to get my hand round them as I sucked it back into my mouth, his balls felt really heavy in my hand, I hoped that was good sign, that he had a lot of come to give me, the door slammed shut next door and an eye appeared in the hole followed quickly by another cock, this one was better that the last it wasn't as big as the one in my mouth but a lot bigger that the last.

Without taking my mouth off my number one cock I held the new one in my hand, and gently pulled his foreskin right back he groaned as I played with it, letting my thumb run rings around the now fully exposed knob, I suddenly had a wicked thought, sorry that'd a lie I intended to do it as soon as I saw the hole and the cock through them, I got up and turned sideways in the cubicle it was tight because I was bent at the waist, my hubby tapped my on the shoulder and offered my two condoms, I rolled one onto my favorite cock the huge one without any skin, as soon as I had it on I turned and pushed my bum tight against the wall, but I'm shorter that you men and was not quite high enough for him to be able to get it in me, so what did I do, went up on tip toes to bring my pussy level with the hole, now you men won't know what happens when a woman goes up on tip toes but any woman reading this will, it causes us to clench our buttocks, making out pussies tighter, and I didn't need to be tighter for this huge thing but a girl has to do what a girl has to do and I oh so wanted that thing inside me if I could take it all.

He eased it in gently, now my advantage of being able to ride with him was gone, my head was tight against the far wall and my mouth had just been filled with strange cock, again he was in charge of how much, I was simply wedged between the two walls, as he pushed his cock into me I saw my husband on his knees under me so he could get the right angle for the shot as it entered me, he was thank goodness quite gently, and pushed it slowly into me but he didn't stop till his body was tight against the wall how did I know because I could feel his huge balls tight against my thighs, and my cunt was so full it hurt, I believe most women have fantasies about big cocks, I know I do, and this was a big cock no mistake, I wondered how much was taken up by the partition, would it feel even bigger if he was standing right behind me not separated by the piece of wood, if his hands were firmly on my hips giving him the advantage of being able to pull me back onto him, oh my god I climaxed so much just on his cock being in my what was going to happen when he started to fuck me, well I soon found out because he pulled back and then drove up up me like he was trying to come right through me god it hurt but it made me climax again, I would have loved to scream but my mouth was rather full at the moment and all that came out was a whimper, I think he heard and assumed I loved it, because he did it again and again till I was just a quivering wreck on the end of his wonderful cock, the other bloke got fed up with waiting for me to do my job properly on his cock so he decided to fuck my face, his cock driving down my throat almost in time with the huge one in my pussy, another fantasy being spit roasted, and I was being spit roasted big time, not able to do anything other that enjoy it, I noticed my man moving around getting all the action on the camcorder.

The guy who was fucking my face was getting near because I could hear him saying yes, yes, yes, then he erupted in my mouth, he was there with the camera to record the huge amount of come running out of my mouth as I gasped for air, I looked into the lens wanting to show him this was really good, what is it about men they always want to see your eyes as they come in your mouth, I have trained myself to look straight into his eyes every time I give him a blow job he loves it, every photo and film we have made my eyes are holding his as he shoots it down my throat. Big cock was still banging away at my pussy giving me climax after climax, I just couldn't stop, he was doing things deep inside that drove me to places I didn't know existed, plus I was stretched to the limit by the girth of his cock, making all my nerve endings rub against the ribs on his cock, suddenly he pulled out and said turn round, as I did he tore off the condom and shot his come straight into my face I opened my mouth and he put it right in letting the last few spurts go down my throat, giving me the third taste of new come this evening.

What now do we dress quickly and dash out to the car of wait for some new men to come in, well that decision was taken for me, because as soon as the two men left their places were taken by two more, was I going to have new cocks pointed at me all night, I sat back on the seat my legs were wobbly after the fucking I had just been given, no way did I want another cock in me tonight, but what to do with the two new ones pointing through the walls begging for attention, I took one in each hand and wanked then as my hubby has taught me too, long stroke from the base right up to the tip and gripping enough to pull the foreskin right back with each stroke, both men were groaning as I used every trick my hubby had taught me to make then come, it wasn't long before one of them started to groan, do all men groan when they get close? he was about to come I leaned forward so I could take it in my mouth not close enough to touch him but so he could shoot it in, I love the taste of spunk, but my jaws still ached from the earlier cock and trying to take that monster, the camcorder was almost touching my face when he let out an extra loud groan and his come spurted from the end of his cock splashing all over my face lots going in my mouth I reached out with my tongue and licked the last drops off his cock, then turned my attention to the other one wanking him just a little harder, gripping it tightly and pulling the skin right back exposing his knob, then I slowed right down, and ran my thumb over the bare knob I know it makes my man groan with pleasure it did the same to him, he groaned and then his hips stiffened as he pushed his cock as far as he could through the hole,my head bent down to take his come as my other hand gripped his balls gently squeezing them as he shot his come in my face I was covered in the stuff, it was running down my chin and onto my tits, then on down my tummy right to my crutch, I leaned back against the cistern and opened my legs, using my finger to massage it into my clitty, causing me to climax several more times they didn't go away just watched as I fingered myself to climax after climax, but all good thing have to come to an end I was knackered, and asked my man to take me home, he wrapped the dress round my abused body and put my tench coat back on, we got out of the toilets as quick as possible and into the car, he started it and we left as quick as we could, as we pulled out of the lay-by a police car pulled in god that was close.

One other thing I bet him there was no such place as a glory hole in public toilets, and I will have to do a dare to make it up to him, I wonder what outrageous thing he is going to make me do, it will definitely be something very sexy it always is, why am I so stupid to take on a dare when he is always right, being a man of course