Written by 300669

22 May 2012

Seedy ? Dirty ? how could you ?

All these questions going through my mind on the short drive home.

I had left work as normal about 4:30pm,the traffic was bad so I called into a service station heading north on the M6, went straight to the toilets and entered the very last cubicle, to my astonishment there it was a hole, roughly about 3inches in diameter, I had heard and read about these places but had never seen one in the flesh so to say.

After about 3 mins whilst sat holding my cock fantasising about some monster cock coming through the hole the next cubicle door opened,a pair of white designer label trainers entered after about 15 seconds a par of shorts hit the bottom as that was about all i could see.

30 seconds later, the shadows of the guy leaning forward to see what was through the hole were bobbing in and out of sight, I was mesmorised by this, my heart trying to explode through my chest, but i could not help myself all i could do was stair at this little hole!!

The next thing i could see what looked like a leg bent over, I realised that the guy was in fact squating down, I leaned forward as much as i could to see through the hole, i got the perfect view of a quite small cock about 5 inches and the guy vigarously wanking it, he must of seen me lean over as his cock started to get closer to the hole, the next thing it was all the way through, quite a good looking cock forskin half over his purple bulb, not that vainy but quite smooth, it took me a couple of seconds to pluck up the courage to touch it but touch it I did, I slowly worked up the speed and within a couple of mins of slowly and quickly wanking it the guy expolded in my hand, not much white stuff but enough, I dried my hand the guy pulled his shorts up and was gone in a flash, with this I then started to get my cock hard once again, within 30 secionds the door opened once again, in came a pair of work boots about size 10's, I thought to myself I would try what the last guy did to me, so i did when I had established that this guy was indeed wanking, i squated down to make sure that he could see my cock, which he did, howvere instead of him beckoning me to put my cock through the hole he just knelt down and stuck his cock through !! his cut cock was limp and it could only just fit through the hole and about the same size as me when hard !! I started to play with it and slowly wanked the hole thing up and down, well it startedeto grow and must of took me about 1 minute to get it absaloutley rock hard, it was pointing up to the cealing and must of been at least 10" so i decided I wouls suck my first ever cock ! whichI did and finished him off with my hand he must of shed 3 stone with the amount that this thing got rid off !! It was everywhere and took me at least 5 mins to completley clean it up. I had been in there for about 30 mins and wanked off 2 men in that time, when was some one going to do me ?? That question was answered within the next 15 mins as i finally got to stick my cock through the hole, but not wanked off I shed my seed in the very willing mounth of a man, I had no idea what he looked like but he did have vey nice shoes.

This was my first ever experience of a Glory hole, at 43 I have turned from completeley straight to what must be called Bi ?

I thought what have i been missing all these years, however the drive home spewed up alot of questions, questioning myself and my morals!!

After about 2 days of driving passed I called inagain and , I cant beleive how many people use this service!!

I am now completley addicted to this and spend many hours sitting there and being part of this service, many different sizes and colours all popping through this little 3" hole.

This is an example how somthing so small can give so much pleasure !!!