Written by friendly_couple

30 May 2008

I have written a few times on here about my wife flashing and how much we both enjoy it. We have just got back from a golfing hotel in the south midlands and her flashing has been taken to a new level.

She has always liked the idea of men seeing her \'accidentally\' and always pretends that she doesn\'t know they are looking. I have always wanted her to be more overt and explained that most men loved the idea of a woman deliberately showing them.

When we arrived we were given a room facing the car park but really wanted one facing the golf course as she could then be accidentally seen by the old guys walking by to tee off. We enquired at the desk and they were happy to upgrade us to a room with a balcony that directly overlooked the 1st and 10th tee. Also below the balcony was a practice putting green that was used whilst they waited for the 1st tee to be free. There were just simple bars at the edge of the balcony that meant anybody looking had an uninterrupted view of whoever was on the balcony and from the tees could see into the room.

The first couple of days we were there it was raining continuously and there was nobody about but on the morning of our departure it was a nice clear day and there were plenty of golfers.

My wife put on her short, very see-through nighty and went to the edge of the balcony and watched a guy in his sixties practising his putting. He looked up and had a very nice view of her, and as he was looking up he was about 6 feet below her pussy. He actually said good morning and started chatting and was there about 10 minutes looking at her.

When he had gone she came back into the room and got back into bed and she was very excited. We played around for a while and I suggested that I go down and sit on the terrace to watch the golfers. I had a very good view of the room and also of the tees.

After about 5 minutes my wife appeared at the window draped in a towel with another around her hair. She pulled back the curtains fully and opened the sliding doors .

She then stood in the open doorway and proceeded to dry her hair with the towel and the other towel fell off. Two men of about 60 were on the 10th tee, and they both looked as she stood there completely naked. She reached for her hairbrush and looking at the men, stood brushing her hair whilst they took their time to play the shots. I could see them staring at her and she blatantly then got some body cream and rubbed it all over her body as they watched. She continued until they could no longer stay on the tee and then went back into the room.

I went up the the room and we were both so horny that we grabbed each other and proceeded to fuck. All the time she talked about how they had been looking at her and how horny it made her. She even said that she wished that I had invited them to the room to fuck her like a whore. I didn\'t last long and unfortunately finished before she had cum. But that had an added benefit as she was horny for the rest of the day and talked constantly how they had been looking at her naked body. We would love to hear from anybody that saw her.

We can\'t wait until we go away again.