2 Jan 2016

Over the past few years sex has dropped out of our relationship, mainly due to me (getting too old), my partner Michelle is still up for it, but my lack of interest has caused some issues. She has told me she will look elsewhere, but that is usually at the end of an argument.

We are both in out 50’s and still in decent shape.

Around November she started going to dance classes with her friend Carol, mainly to keep fit.

This was every Wednesday, but after a few weeks became Wednesday and Friday, and then later and later, after they had gone for a drink afterwards.

Then one night when she got in around 1130, I notices as I was just about to be bed, her top was on inside out. I didn’t say anything but thought there is more to this than meets the eye. So the following Wednesday when she left for the dancing I followed, but nothing went amiss, she went in and left around 9 popped in the pub, and got home about 10, me just getting home before her, having spied on everything.

Friday I followed again this time, she went a different way, and suddenly my heart was pounding, she drove maybe 3-4 miles, before stopping at a small house.

I could see inside the car she was changing her clothes, and appeared a few minutes later looking like she was on a night out, heels, stockings etc

She knocked on the door, and a bloke opened the door and ushered her in , he looked to be about 40-50. The door shut, and I thought I must see what was happening.

I walked past the house and could see a light around the back of the house, luckily a small wire fence offered no resistance, so I climber over, and could see into the room.

There were not 2 but 3 figures, Michele, the bloke who opened the door, and another bloke who I realised was Michelle’s ex-husbands, mate (I had met the bloke before), he was called Steve, about 6 foot 6, giant ex-nightclub bouncer.

Things developed clothes came off, and after a few minutes she was sucking the other bloke, who was now naked, quite a fat twat with a huge bell end on his fat cock. Steve was licking her out whilst he was battering her fanny with 3 fingers, and she was writhing all over the place.

The fat bloke soon shot a huge stream of cum over her face/hair, but this didn’t stop Steve who simply pushed her back an started to fuck her quite hard, the fat bloke now taking photos.

After a while this stopped and then sat back naked, having a drink, Michelle looking like a right tart.

I could suddenly see a another car pull up around the front, someone got out and knocked on the door, when they entered the room, I could see it was Bill, Michelle’s ex-husband, fucking hell !

She stood up and kissed him. He pinched her nipples continuously, and she dropped to the floor, and took his cock out, and starting blowing him, the fat bloke now got behind her and started pushing a dildo up Michelle’s arse, , this was mental. She was pushing back onto it.

Eventually he had the entire dildo pumping her arse , this was soon replaced by Steve who was now fucking her arse while Michelle now sucked the other 2 cocks.

10 minutes later and they had all cum , mainly over her face.

I could see they were all starting to get dressed so thought I had better leg it home

I nipped away, and waited for Michelle to return about 30 minutes

How did the dancing go love I said, “Oh OK she said I’m quite knackered, might go straight to bed”.

I was really turned on by this and couldn’t wait to see what would follow

What happened the following Friday was even more disturbing…