Written by Stirling

9 Jul 2018

I have just returned from a ten day holiday with fantastic weather in Ireland, My wife Sara and I are both in our early forties and this year we invited her mother to join us.I have always got on very well with my mother in law and I did not object when Sara brought up the idea of her joining us. We all stayed at a large hotel on the outskirts of Killarney, county Kerry. We have been coming to Ireland for the past four years but this year the weather was far kinder that usual.

One of my passions is fly fishing for trout and I always pack my tackle in our Volvo. I was able to go out several evenings to try my luck on the Killarney Lakes and managed to hook a few small fish. Two days before the end of the holiday Sara said that she would like to spend the day in the town on her own with her mother shopping and then lunch and suggested that I should spend most of the day at the lake while they would take a taxi back to the hotel when they were done. I packed a bag with some sandwiches and drinks and after dropping the both of them off in the town centre I drove to my favorite car park close the edge of the lake.

When I reached the water I found that there were quite a few anglers already spread along the bank so I decided to walk further through the trees away from the car park in the hope of finding a more secluded section. I must have walked for about thirty minutes until I found small narrow bay that I liked the look of. There was a young man already casting into the lake and as I got close to him I said hello, he turned to me and said that the fishing was good and he had caught several good sized fish, I detected that he had a German accent. As I was passing him I saw that there was a blond woman sunbathing on a blanket close beside him. She was lying on her front with the top of her bikini unhooked and lifted herself up on her elbows and looked up at me and smiled as I passed by and for a brief moment I glimpsed the curve of her small breasts and her nipples. She must have realised that I had caught a flash of her tits because I heard both her and the young man giggling as I walked away

I went on about another fifty yards and started casing into the water, for over an hour I fished but failed to hook anything so I put my rod down and opened my lunch, I looked back across to the young couple and saw that the girl was swimming in the lake, a few minutes later she got out of the water and I could see that she was topless. She saw that I was looking at her and waved at me before she returned to her sun bathing. I finished my lunch and continued fishing but had no luck so I decided to call it a day and return to my car.

The man seemed to have stopped fishing and at first I could not see where he was, I was only about ten yards from them when I saw that he was on his knees beside her with his shorts lowered and his cock in her mouth. I froze and watched for a short time as she continued to suck his cock. I felt that I was intruding but when I started to back away the man stood up and said that I did not have to leave. The girl was still holding his cock in her hand stroking him. She was very pretty and she also asked me to come closer. I put down my bag and rod and sat down on the ground next to them. She rolled over towards me and reached for the zip of my jeans. I undid my belt to help her and she pulled my rapidly hardening prick out into the sunlight and then into her mouth.

Her partner moved behind her, and lifted one leg as he pulled the bikini bottoms to one side and slid his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her with long slow strokes while she continued to suck my cock. I had my hand on her tits squeezing them and tweaking her nipples. The girl was obviously enjoying herself and the attention we were giving her as she made quiet moans and squeals. Her partner was moving faster inside her and with a cry he pulled his cock out of her pussy and sprayed his spunk across her hip and over her buttocks. I was getting very close to the point of no return which her partner noticed and asked me not to finish in her mouth so just before I came I pulled away from her mouth and tossed myself off onto her tits. She rubbed the copious amount of semen that I had deposited on her tits over her nipples. After a few minutes relaxing she stood, removed her bikini bottoms and stepped into the water.

I pulled my jeans back on and the guy said that this was better than fishing and I agreed. When I got back to the car park I saw that there was an Austrian car parked close to mine so maybe I got their nationality wrong.

My wife asked me later if I had had any luck, but I said that nothing was biting.