Written by lincsredhead

7 Feb 2008

When I was at university I had a sex session with an older woman and it made me realise how much I had to learn about pleasing a woman! I returned home during the holidays to stay with my mum and dad and did the usual student thing and lay-in in the morning. The day in question my parents had gone to work and I had a long lazy bath – what I had forgotten was my parents had a cleaner and this was her day on!! I walked out of the bathroom naked and towelling my hair and was greeted by a cheery hello from Gina as she walked up the stairs looking at my nakedness and grinning. I blushed and bolted for my room feeling very embarrassed.

Now Gina was about 40, dyed blonde and looked quite cute in a homely way – dressed in jeans and a sweater she didn’t look sexy but how wrong I was. I got dressed and went down to apologise and she was in the kitchen having a coffee; I stuttered an apology and she put her hand on my arm and said don’t worry she’d seen it all before and nothing shocked her. She kept her hand on my arm and said she liked what she saw but wanted a closer look and with that lifted her sweater up over her head in one movement, took me by the hand and led me upstairs to my room. She pushed me down on the bed, unclipped her bra and then pulled down her jeans and panties. Standing in front of me she began to stroke her pussy and told me to undress. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her hands as I almost ripped my clothes off and lay down again with what felt like the stiffest cock I’d ever had. She leant forward and offered her wet hand to my mouth for me to suck her fingers – god she tasted good. Right she said I’m going to suck you off, you’re going to lick me out and then fuck me hard and you’ll do exactly as I say – I was in no position to argue even if I wanted too.

The blowjob was over very quickly as I was so aroused and she was very skilfully squeezing my balls as she flicked my cockend with her tongue. Now it was my turn as she lay down on the bed and parted her legs and held her lips apart with her finger tips. She told me exactly how and where she wanted licking often making me spend a good few seconds with my tongue applying steady pressure to her clit and guiding my finger up her sopping wet pussy in small circles. After several minutes of tuition she started to pant and then her whole body jerked and tensed in a long and I hoped intense orgasm. I was chuffed as it was the first time I’d made a woman cum simply by licking and I thought I’d done well. Not a bad start said Gina now lets see what you can do with your cock and how long you last this time. This was all said with a smile on her face and she knelt down on the bed presenting her arse towards me again holding her lips apart. She guided me in making sure I nuzzled her clit with my cock before sliding into her. She controlled a nice slow rhythm and I could feel her gripping my cock with her pussy muscles and releasing it. I wanted to lean forward and fondle her dangling tits but she said no – keep knelt up it’s deeper that way. She reached round and started to gently rub her rosebud as I continued to thrust into her rhythmically. Lick your finger tip and rim me she said and I did and again I was guided how much pressure to apply and how far to press my finger in.

Just then the phone rang and she said well you’d better get it hadn’t you and winked at me. I ran downstairs into the lounge and it was my mum asking me to get some stuff out of the freezer for supper. As I put the phone down I suddenly realised I was naked in full view of the road and quickly turned around just in time to catch Gina kneeling in front of me and for her to take my throbbing cock in her mouth. But people can see us I blurted – I don’t mind do you? said Gina sucking harder. I realised that I enjoyed the thrill of maybe being seen and relaxed as Gina continued to suck my cock. It wasn’t long before I shot my load over Gina’s firm tits and she massaged my juices into her nipples and licked her fingers. Not bad for a first lesson she said and I knew there would be further sessions to come.