Written by Star

9 Aug 2010

Ok here’s my confession…I’m new to the site, new to swinging, never had bi sex or anything other than one man at a time in my life. I’m now 38, married and been with the same man for 17 years, so you can say I have always been a good girl. That is, until this year.

It started with buying a laptop, then going on other sites and the start of chatting. More chatting led to chat sites. Chat sites lead to MSN, then on to webcams. You all know how it goes, I’m sure. Along the way I have been flirted with and started to flirt. All my teasing tricks have re-emerged and this time with more skill and subtlety, so I am never alone, in a cyber sense.

Of course, once this starts, the physical needs follow, so I have now met with men in the real world and what I have started, I find I cannot stop. I have a list of men that I juggle, keeping all available to satisfy my next need.

I confess now because I suspect I will be caught very soon and it will all come to a bad end. This cant end well can it?

Currently, I have a 20 year old a few towns away who I have sucked. A 28 yr old friend of a work colleague who I have sucked. A 28 yr old tattooist who fucked me before and after tattooing a beautiful rose on me. I am regularly fucked by my husbands mate, (and my mate’s husband, 33). I have a colleague at work, 38 who has given me oral, and I have sucked him. There is a 28 yr old from Geneva who webcam wanks with me and wants to fly in to spend time in a hotel with me. I have another cyber sex guy who wants to marry me after using me as his English Barbie Girl on cam. I let him direct me as he wishes. I have a girlfriend’s cousin also wanting to book a hotel. I sucked a 20 yr old on a rock night out at a club, before he took me from behind. I fucked a work colleague in a works car, just before he was made redundant.

Now I have found this site….. I cant see me calming down now, can you? Now I’ve started flirting with girls. I cant wait to taste a girl next.