22 Jan 2019

I used to work as a sales person for a home improvement company. I was late 20's and met all sorts of customers. One particular couple I sold multiple jobs to and got to know the family really well. They had 4 daughters.

The old man used to treat me like the son he never had and took me football, he had hospitality at a club we both supported.

One afternoon I went round to see them as they had called and said that there was a small problem with one of the jobs. When i got there their 3rd daughter answered as she was home alone and i asked her if i could come in to see the problem. She made me a cup of tea and explained her mum was out. I got chatting to her and flirted somewhat and she was giggling away. I asked her about how things were with her and her fiance as she was upset one of the times before. She said he was a bit of a controlling pig and they weren't getting on great. I made jokes about how lucky he was to have her and how she was out of his league and she went coy and smiled and said thanks.

I checked what i needed to and said I would get the guys to sort the problem out. I then asked for her number and said I would call her to let them know when we could come round. She asked me why I needed her number as it would be her mum or dad that would be in when we came round. I said well you never know when I am going to need your number so you may as well give it to me now. She giggled and gave it to me.

I then started texting her and flirting more and more and asked her if we could meet for a coffee. She said that she would be a bad girl if she did that as she was engaged. I took the hint that she hadn't said no, so replied how I would love to make her a whole lot more bad than just taking her for a coffee. After a few more texts she agreed to meet.

When I picked her up from her part time job she smiled and asked where were we going. I suggested we go back to hers. She looked at me and replied that sounds perfect. I couldn't drive the 10 mins to her house quick enough!

When we got in she said that she would go and get showered and that i should make the tea. I made the tea and thought i would chance my luck. I called out to her and she told me to come in her bedroom. As I did she was stood there in a towel and just looked at me and smiled.

I put the mugs down and walked up and put my hands on her hips as i lent in and kissed her. she put her arms around my shoulders as I moved my hands up the front of her towel releasing its knot on her chest and let it fall to the floor. She opened her eyes and looked at me and i moved my hand up to her hair and took a tight grip as i kissed her and lifted my other hand to take her firm but small breast in my hand.

She tugged at the belt of my trousers and her cold small hand found its way inside my shorts to my already hard cock. is there a better feeling than a cold hand on your hot hard cock......

We carried on kissing and exploring each others bodies and she sat down on the bed as i fully undressed. I pushed her back onto the bed and pushed her legs open as i kissed up her thighs until i tasted her sweet and very wet pussy. she was trying to wriggle away but i had my arms under her thighs and hand my hands grip her hips so as I felt her pussy release a wave of juices i got to taste them all. She was soaking.

I then moved up her body kissing her and sucking hard on her nipples on the way. she let out a great gasp as i moved up to kiss her mouth again. As i kissed her mouth i had the tip of my cock against her wet pussy and was slowly rubbing it against her to make the tip all wet to ease in. She told me that she wasn't on the pill and did i have any condoms. i said no and i wasn't going to be using any as i was going to make her as bad as she could be. I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she shook her head, with that i forced my whole length inside her with one hard push. She gasped and screamed out as i filled her tight pussy.

I fucked her so hard and frantic that we were both dripping in sweat. I turned her over and took her from behind and her little arse looked so good with red hand prints on it where i slapped her as she buried her face into the pillow.

When i was close to coming she told me that she wanted to suck me. So i stopped and stood by the edge of here bed and watched as she greedily took the whole length in her mouth. Not many girls can truly deep throat but she could and liked it to the hilt.

I told her i wanted to come in her pussy and that shed have to get the morning after pill and laid her back on the bed whilst i stood there. lifting her legs up and hooking her ankles over my shoulders i fucked her as hard and deep as i could, she was moaning with pleasure and told me to fill her up, and fill her up i did.

After we had finished she asked me when i could next do it again as she had never been fucked liked that and had never cum by intercourse before.

i carried on seeing her every couple of weeks but then it fizzled out as she moved in with her new guy so i didn't hear from her as sh wanted to settle down with him. However about 2 years later i got a text, she had caught him texting another girl and wanted to get her revenge and own back and asked me if i would be willing to help.

needless to say i text back and if you're interested will explain how bad i managed to get this girl to become..