Written by ellen

13 Jun 2009

i am 25years old,and been with my partner for yrs,living together for the last 3.so really everything was still good between us,he has a very good job,and i also worked,so we had no money worries whatsoever,at the begining of march due to the downturn,my boss had to lay me off,i knew he did not want to but fully understood,and he made it clear as soon as things picked up,if i was not settled elsewhere i could go back,as i said we had no money worries so i was not really in that much of a hurry to find another job,and thought i would live the easy life for a while,what i did not take into account was the boredom factor,and i found myself more and more going into the chatrooms,it seemed i was going into the black4whitefems room more and more,it was not as i fancied black guys,in fact i was not out to fancy any guys,but this was such a friendly room,obviously i checked out the pics,and well do so yourself,some of these guys were lets say large,sometimes the chats became raunchy,in fact a bit of a turn on,but again it was just for fun and to pass the time,i found myself talking to one guy more and more,the reason being he was funny,plus he told me in a jokey way,that he was not intrested in me that way,as the only white girls he wanted were slags,as he was in a group of 10,and we were to be shagged and passed round,so a white girl,like me was no good to him whatsoevr,also he was 50yrs old,and could not be bothered to break a new slut in,again this was said in a jokey way,but as time went on i was gradualy being drawn to him,i had no pics on my profile as well it was just to pass the time,but obviously he kept asking me to send him one,in the end i thought oh what the hell and sent him one,just to shut him up,his reply and i qoute was "thats a waste of time,at least get your tits out"i dont know why but it worked,before i really realised i had taken my top off and sent him a pic,but again it was done in a jokey type of way,as we spoke more he said he thinks we should meet for a coffee was going to break me into the world of black cock,i told him how much i would love that,and maybe he coukld arrange for a few of his friends to be there,as if he was going to pass me on why hang about,and thought no more of it,so for the life of me,i dont know why a cple of weeks later,i was arranging to meet him for coffee.we made the date but i dont think either of us expected the other to turn up,in fact i had no intention of turning up,but when the day arrived i had time on my hands,and lets be fair he was as old as my dad,and it was only coffee,and more out of curiousiy,i went.to my surprise he was there,i honestly cant remember when i had laughed so much,after about an hour he said quite brazenly okay its decision time,do i go back to his flat for my initiation or do i go home,it was just like that,i said lets go to his flat,i had somehow just agreed to go back and fuck him,it was surreal,i had only met him in person an hour before.as soon as we got there,it was like we both knew what was going to happen so lets do it,we both stripped naked and i dont think we even kissed,but suddenly i found myself sucking on his cock,i can clearly remember how tight his hairs were around his groin area and the blackness of his skin,it was a real turn on,he pulled away and move down so he could kiss and suck my pussy,soon i was begging him to enter me,which he duly did,i thought my heart was going to give out as he thrust into me,the rest of that afternoon was really just a blur,as he took me in several positions,and each time coming deep inside me,at no time did i even think of the risks,this was just pure sex,nsa,and i was in heaven,before i even realised it was gone six,and i should have been home,i had to call my b/f,and make out i was with a friend,when in fact i was laying in bed with a black guy,old enough to be my dad,we fucked one more time before i had to leave,and he said as i went he will have to pass me on now,as its what they do,an offer i declined,but he said you will be back,as now i had tasted the black cock,i wont stop,up until now i have proved that statement not to be true,but in my heart i dont think that will last,as i will admit as i have to him,it was the best sex i had ever had,i dont know if there is a few friends,and if they do share,but i think before long i may be finding out,the whole thing is still a bit of a shock that it happened,but you cant turn back time,and even if you could,i dont think i would change that part of it,so will i become a slut to black cock,you decide